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Getting Back After Falling off the Wagon on to the Horse and on to the Ground

April 2:   Competition

post show:
    I started out strong – I kept working out HARD and ate semi-good

May:      Then I ate BAD

June:     Then I got back with my trainer and did about 60% diet

July:      Then I fell off the wagon and with momentum I hit every rock in the road for several miles.

Aug 1:    Well. I’m done being “fat”.  I miss putting on my clothes and NOT having to check the mirror to make sure it looks ok.  And if any of you know me by now, you know I will not allow myself to complain unless I am actively doing something. Sooooooooo…..

My goals over the next 3 weeks

  • Stick to my nutrition plan
  • 4 days cardio minimum
  • 5 days weights
  • 5 lbs down

I’m teaming up with my friend @fit_michelle. We, of course, would love your encouragement as we reach for our 3-week goals! Sunday is our weigh in day so I will let you know if I reached my goal for the week (or if I failed!). If you want to join us – come on! The more the merrier! I’d love to cheer you on and help you reach your goals as well!


One of my favorite things about not being in prep is I get a play day (something active and fun – like biking or kayaking or volleyball etc)! Saturday the hubs and I went paddleboarding – SO FUN!!

Luke Keith and Faith Keith - Day on WhiterockLuke Keith and Faith Keith - Day on Whiterock Lake

*Paddleboarding is done standing up (like surfing), but you paddle with a single paddle (like canoeing). We are sitting here just enjoying the breeze. Yes, Texas Lakes are dirty, but we still love our lakes!  Check out whiterockpaddle.com for watercraft rentals like these 🙂

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