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21 Day Challenge: Day 1

Shakin things up with Michelle’s challenge:  I exchanged my 30-40 minutes of cardio for an evening 5K on one of the prettiest trails in Dallas, Texas.  It was perfect running weather and the crowd was lively – what a great decision!

Faith Keith and sister - Michelob Ultra Katy Trail 5k

the finish line!

Faith Keith and friends - Michelob Ultra Katy Trail 5k

we love cardio!

Join Michelle’s 21 Day Challenge to Success! It’s about breaking or making habits to get back on an active lifestyle and reach your goals with enjoyment! Michelle shakes it up with her challenge…read more

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Don’t Be Too Good Of A Workout Partner Or 24Hour Fitness Might Threaten To Take Your Membership Away

FUNNIEST thing happened to me last night at 24 Hour Fitness Allen, TX.  I was working out with my aunt Kim, who I work out with about twice a week – she’s a nurse so sometimes we miss each other at the gym.  She’s a great workout partner because she’s always willing to push herself so we make a great team as we push each other to go further.

While we were resting between a set, I was approached by the manager and another personal trainer who said

>>”hey…you can’t train here…it’s against 24 Hour policy to blah blah blah…we will take your membership away

>>*shock* I reply “ok…I’m not training anyone though…”

>>He said that apparently they’ve seen me with 3 or 4 other girlsso I’m not allowed to have friends at the gym?? and he said I correct them [their form]what good workout partner doesnt??

>>I interjected and said “I only workout with my aunt. And I’m not trying to back talk or be disrespectful, but …then how do you want me to be a motivating partner?  I mean, I’m clearly not a trainer (as I squeeze the fat on my inner thigh)”

>>He did laugh, but I could tell he was uncomfortable with the conversation and holding to the accusation.  He said that “people” have made complaints and he then repeated that I could cause the district manager to get involved and they would revoke my membership.

>>I answered with a “thanks for the heads up” and “I’ll try to …work on the appearance of it…”

I understand that if I WAS a trainer, that he was required to approach me.  BUT did he have to threaten me twice about revoking membership?  I think this was very poorly handled. I’m just trying to workout here…  Next time they should take the time to observe me before they accuse me.  I’m thinking I must have ticked off some other trainer – maybe I crowded them in a workout station.

Just the day prior I saw two overweight girls working out together.  One of them turns to the other and says, “Now what do I do?” and the other girl replies “I want you to do this….” *demonstrates*.  Girl #1 begins and girl #2 corrects her form, “No, I need you to keep your arms straight and really concentrate on THESE muscles”.

So apparently there are guidelines to what kind of a workout partner you can be at 24 Hour Fitness Allen:

  • You need to be equal in fitness status
  • You would be better off being fat so that people know you are just working out
  • You can’t shout things like “We are here to work, not cheat! Now dig deep!”  or things like “Keep your shoulders back, come on, you got this” or “No way, you can definitely do 10 more”
  • You’re better off not talking about your routine with your partner – because if you talk too intelligently then they might think you’re a trainer

I am not angry, though I do think it was poorly handled. After I clearly identified myself as not a trainer and that Kim was my workout PARTNER, he should not have threatened me about taking my membership.  But…if I am approached again…I WILL RAISE CAIN. Because a paying member should not be threatened like this when they are committing no actual offense.   🙂 Cheers

But for now…I’ll take it as a compliment that they thought I was a trainer – HA!

Get Nasty!

the Nasty Tshirt Relay: Participants run in teams for the nastiest relay made of mud and food

I love getting people excited about being active and I love social events that involve being active, so…my brain coughed this up: The Nasty T-Shirt Relay. This is a gross relay involving mud and food wherein the team members race each leg in the same shirt! The first runner empties a full factory sealed can of aerosol whipped cream into their shirt *SMASH*, then runs the first leg. At tag station for Runner #2, the tshirt is removed from Runner #1 and given to Runner #2 to run the next leg where he/she will meet a slip & slide of mud and seeweed. On to the next tag station, the tshirt is again removed and passed to Runenr #3 who has to run the final stretch after being attacked by spaghetti and meatballs.

Winners will be judged in 2 categories: Fastest and Nastiest

I always did have a thing for food fights. This will be like a dream 😛 I can’t wait!

Date is TBA and more details to follow.

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