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That’s What She Said! Making 2-a-day Workouts Happen

Faith asks the famous Donloree Hoffman from Bikini or Bust about making the competition training schedule happen while working a full time job, cooking all your meals, and living a “normal” life.

Faith Asks:

Faith KeithI really want to get my cardio in, but since I workout after work it puts me home late as it is.  I was remembering how you had two-a-day workouts and I know you have a career, so I was wondering how you made it work for you.  What was your schedule like?

Donloree Says:

“The two a day work outs are definitely a hard thing to work in. You have to give up something to be able to do them.

My schedule during contest prep looked like this:

5:00 wake up and breakfast
6:30 gym
8:30 work
5:00 cardio
6:00 leave gym and do the evening stuff
10:00 sleepy time

Sleep! “If you are going to move to two a day workouts, you have to get enough sleep otherwise you’ll be dragging!”

Do or Dont? “If you don’t have to go to two a day workouts, then don’t! 🙂 ”

Tacking it on. “Something I do after my training in the mornings is 15 minutes of HARD cardio.  I will run for 2 minutes at 6 mph and then do 30 second sprints at 8.5 or 9 mph on the treadmill. I just hop on and off at the 30 second marks. It looks funny, but its effective to get the metabolism jumping. ”

“The other thing you can do is join a team or run some races or meet friends for running and walking dates.  I love combining exercise and friends.  My best friend and I went for an 1.5 hour walk twice a week in the summer and ended with coffee.  We would just meet at the coffee shop, head out for the walk, and then have coffee when we were done.  Lots of fun and a good workout.  My husband and I try to do the same kinds of things, but he’s all over the place so that makes it hard!”

Thanks for your insight, Donloree!  It’s great getting tips from someone who’s been there. 🙂


Warning! Two-A-Days have advantages, but make sure you know that it is not for long term use.  Be sure to understand the basics of how to train this way including nutrition.
There are always ripple affects, so remember that your body will demand a different supply of energy and therefore will need to be fueled differently as well.  Read more in this great article from bodybuilding.com by James Wilson: The Advantages of Two-A-Days

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