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Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, folks, I am off to Thanksgiving weekend in the sticks of Oklahoma, then I will traveling down to the Gulf of Mexico to see my dear Maudzy (grandmother) till next Wednesday! Both places have sparse connectivity to the internet, so if you notice I drop off twitter/blog/facebook/email/texting…I am probably not dead, just suffering from nature’s greatness 🙂

I will be sticking to my goals along with my Bikini or Bust friends. If you want to keep up with us during super sonic week, go to my list and follow us on twitter :).

I wish everyone a super happy thanksgiving in the US and a happy super sonic week to my pals outside the US borders. May you all enjoy family, friends, food, and FITNESS!

Find your balance between strictness and pleasure this season. (ie stay sane! I expect to find y’all all in one piece when I return)

Much love and with thanksgiving,


I Am Gym

Today will be a rest day for me unless I can squeeze in a 30 min cardio session somewhere between getting ready to leave for Thanksgiving in the fantastic boondocks of Oklahoma (the Oklahoma part is not so fantastic. Hook ’em! ).TEXAS

Which means I will need to come strong tomorrow!

Super Sonic Week Continues!

While I have no access to a gym…



Thursday morning will be an early morning jog 🙂 I wish you could see the silly grin on my face as I write this. I love nature. I love early mornings. I love early morning jogs – it gives me time alone to think and pray and just enjoy God’s creation. *still grinning wide*

I will also go on a walk probably every evening with a few willing family members.


Upper body

My husband does pushups for 1-2 hours. He does around 80 reps, then rests for 3 minutes, then repeat.  He likes to do this while we watch a movie. Nerd.  Over thanksgiving, he will definitely be doing this, so I will *gulp* join him!! I will probably have to keep my reps low.  This will be my upper body workout.



I feel a little helpless here. 20S of 50R Dips – that should wear me out! If not, I’ll do more 🙂  What else can I do for Bis or tris?



Plyometric my brains out! Can’t stop this progress! Which reminds me…I need to find my swiss ball so I can use it for lying hamstring curls.

It will probably look something like this (and I will look for a good hill to do these on!):

  • Walking lunges
  • Walking double lunges
  • Lateral walking squats (stay low, you don’t actually come up from the squat)
  • 4S 30R Jump squats
  • 2S 50R Mountain climbers
  • 30R in place lunge, then switch legs
  • 2S 70R plie squat
  • 3S 30 second sprints

Or Jamie Eason’s Playing card routine.

Want to print the exercise? My blog post with a list of the exercises: http://wp.me/pHJ1m-qr

Watch her video:

Super Sonic Thanksgiving

I decided to challenge myself in 2 ways:wonder-woman - image from gamespot.com

  1. For the next 10 days I will be in Super-Sonic mode (immaculate diet, roaring motivation at the gym. if I don’t have the gusto, I will MAKE the gusto)
  2. Over Thanksgiving, I will commit to making 2 workout sessions happen daily (which prob means early AM and afternoon while everyone naps, so that I don’t miss anything). Basically I will go into turbo mode over Thanksgiving.  I will post and tweet about routines that I will do away from home, so stay tuned!

Will you be staying true and continuing to pursue health and fitness?  How will you unleash the beast this holiday season? Show me what you’re made of.

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