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FINE: Freaked-out, Insecure, Neurotic, Emotional


So for 2 weeks I was not doing so good with the diet plan.  Having a cheat here and there and everywhere.  They were all relatively minuscule or even healthy so my brain was not red-flagging me. Then it hit me what I was doing and it made me scared that I wouldn’t be able to pull through when it really mattered. I sent out a scared-helpless sounding email to my trainer confessing what I had done.  She then had me log my food for 1 week.  I did better that week, but still had 4 out of 7 days that were not to plan. 3 of those 4 had a cheat meal or cheat snack in addition to the meal plan.

Susan broke it down for me – right now its muscle building time, later it will be highly critical that I lean out, but until she says  “NO CHEATING”, then I shouldn’t beat myself up because I’m allowed a bad day or even a bad week.  She explained to me that its a hard thing to adapt to and she shared about her initial experience in the sport.  She said it IS hard, but it will get easier.  She made me feel like I could kick this thing 🙂 She made me feel less terrible and more ready to get back on track.

I am indeed back on track! I also saw my bodybuilding.com friend‘s progress pic, who started at about the same time as me, and she looks phenomenal!


Yesterday I took my SuperPump250 and was REVVING!!! I actually did a full hour of bis and tris (usually 40 min) and was ready to do a billion situps and run 3 miles. Unfortunately I had somewhere I needed to be so had to cut it short with only a 1 hour workout.  DEFINITELY going to use it again today for legs. RAWR!

People who have motivated me this week to press on and stay true to the lifestyle:

Luke, my husband

Susan Groshek, my trainer

Donloree, training for her first competition (THIS WEEKEND) and still managed to stay true during Canadian Thanksgiving dinner!

Needless to say, I am going to stay positive.  I will push it hard at the gym realizing that now is the time to stack muscle. I will diet true. If I fail, I will not dwell on it. I will pick myself up and go with gusto into the next moment.  Now is the time.

Let’s do this.

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