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Get Nasty!

the Nasty Tshirt Relay: Participants run in teams for the nastiest relay made of mud and food

I love getting people excited about being active and I love social events that involve being active, so…my brain coughed this up: The Nasty T-Shirt Relay. This is a gross relay involving mud and food wherein the team members race each leg in the same shirt! The first runner empties a full factory sealed can of aerosol whipped cream into their shirt *SMASH*, then runs the first leg. At tag station for Runner #2, the tshirt is removed from Runner #1 and given to Runner #2 to run the next leg where he/she will meet a slip & slide of mud and seeweed. On to the next tag station, the tshirt is again removed and passed to Runenr #3 who has to run the final stretch after being attacked by spaghetti and meatballs.

Winners will be judged in 2 categories: Fastest and Nastiest

I always did have a thing for food fights. This will be like a dream 😛 I can’t wait!

Date is TBA and more details to follow.

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