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LiveFit @home – Phase 2: Day 36 Back+Cardio

Day 36


These variations were the same as Day 29

Seated Cable Rows: I had to use a resistance band for all cable exercises. My trick is to perform the exercise until I feel a burn, THEN I start counting the required reps. This is not equal to doing them with the cable machine, but when you don’t have a choice, this a great alternative. Another option is to perform (more) bent over mid rows with this superset.

Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown: Same concept as the Hammer Lat Pulls except you open up your arms wide and palm away grip (versus hammer – grips facing in).

Hammer Strength Lat Pull: Threw my resistance band over the top of my door, then using the hammer motion I did beautifully executed lat pull downs. Note…Be sure it is not near the edge of the door where it can snap off and hit you haha…*cough* learned by experience *cough*

Hyperextensions/ Back Extensions: I knelt on my couch facing the arm of the couch. Arms crossed over my chest I let my body bend and hang over the side of the couch, then flexed up for the extension. I was surprised how well this worked!

What You Will Need:

  • Pull up bar
  • Barbell (optional since you can do this with dumbbells)
  • Dumbbells
  • Resistance band

LiveFit @home – Phase 2: Day 35 REST

Rest day! Much deserved! Be sure to check out the LiveFit Trainer’s tips of the day: Day 35

I enjoyed some fun park time with my little man 🙂 It was his first time on a swing.  He was not sure what to think when I set him in it, but as soon as I gave it a little push he lit up!  Too fun!

Eat well and don’t let up! Rest is for your mind and body, but don’t sabotage all your hard work with bad food choices. This isn’t about restriction, it’s about creating a new, healthy lifestyle!


LiveFit @home – Phase 2: Day 34 Legs

I had to do a ton of variations :(. The sad face is because I really love gym equipment so much. But I am happy to present some great alternatives to those of us at home!! Here we go!

Day 34


Seated Leg Curl: Swiss ball bridge. Lying on your back, put your heals on the swiss ball. Then keeping your feet in place, roll the ball towards you, lifting your pelvis towards the ceiling. The key is to get your butt all the way up so that from knee to shoulder your body is flat.

Leg Extensions: I did fast body weight squats or jump squats for these. Shoulder-width stance.

Abductor Machine: I have a sports resistance band designed for the legs – it is a really tough tubing band with straps on each end to velcro around your ankles. I strapped them to my ankles and, seated, I did the abductor motion (fully flexed = open; starting position = closed knees).

Lying Leg Curls: I did the same exercise as the Seated Leg Curl above. This worked perfectly since it was supersetted with Adductors (see below)

Adductor Machine: Lying on back, put swissball between knees and SQUEEZE.

Leg Press: Wide stance barbell squats. Drop set to failure.

Seated and Standing Calf Raises: Hold weights on knees for seated and on shoulders for standing.

LiveFit @home – Phase 2: Day 33 Shoulders+Cardio

“Shoulders say strong, proud and sexy. Let’s train ours to speak loudly.” —Day 33

Day 33


Smith Machine Military Press: This is hard to get the full benefit of the military press, but if you have a barbell you can come close. If you do not have a barbell, then use dumbbells. They key is to keep your grips stationary and controlled so that they are not pulling in or out as you perform the rep.

Incline Bench Front Dumbbell Delt Raises: I sat on the edge of my couch, put a pillow behind me and leaned all the way back. I then tried this using my ironing board as a bench – leaned it against my couch.

Rear Delt Cable Flyes: Seated, I put my feet on the center of my cable and executed these. I did not get enough resistance so ended up shortening the band and doing single-arm flyes. On the last set I did these standing, bent over cable flyes and liked that a bit better.

LiveFit @home – Phase 2: Day 32 Arms+Cardio

Sleeveless shirts? Yes, please. 🙂

I had so much fun with this workout! Really tried to push myself with how much weight I was using and making sure I maintained excellent form.

Day 32


Barbell Curl: If you don’t have a barbell, use dumbbells. The key, however, is to keep your grips stationary so that they do not pull inward or outward motion during the entire execution.

Overhead Cable Curl: I am short so this worked perfectly for me – I hooked one end of my resistance band to the stationary grip of my elliptical machine. Then I stood far enough back to get good resistance and performed single-arm overhead curls.

Cable Hammer Curls: Since the LiveFit Trainer uses the rope attachment, this variation worked excellently – I stood, with one foot, on the center of my resistance band, then with grips in hammer position, I performed the curls. Flawless!

Triceps Pushdown – Rope Attachment: I hooked my resistance band around the top of my elliptical machine. Kneeling down gave me enough resistance to perform this exercise.

Hanging Leg Raise (or roman chair): I sat at the edge of my firm leather coffee table. Starting with my heels touching the ground, my legs straight. Not bending my legs, I raised my legs till my feet were at least shoulder height.

LiveFit @home – Phase 2: Day 31 Legs

Inserting the cardio the past couple days has been fun! My legs are feeling the difference and whooo-weee it burns! 😀

Day 31


Leg Extensions: Oh sad day. I LOVE leg extensions. Now that we are in muscle building phase the resistance band idea doesn’t seem enough so I decided to make these body weight squats at shoulder width stance. I dipped low and executed them fast. I might turn these into a jump squat next time…

Leg Press: one of my FAVORITE exercises! *sigh* I did squats at shoulder-width stance, as indicated by the LiveFit Trainer. Use a barbell or hold dumbbells on your shoulders for the weight. I went heavy.

Calf Raises: Hold the weight on your shoulders and raise away. 🙂

Feel the burn? 😀

LiveFit @home – Phase 2: Day 30 Chest+Cardio

This chest workout was awesome! The variations were not too bad.
Day 30


Wide-Grip Barbell Bench Press: If you do not have a barbell. Hold dumbbells so that your grips are wide and be sure that, as you come up, you do not close the grip and bring your hands together. Keep your hands apart as you lower and then maintain the width as you press. This way you get close to the benefit of the barbell (dumbbells really give you something different, so we have to try to replicate by watching our form closely)

Cable Crossover: This was fun. I simply hooked my resistant band to the stationary handle of my elliptical machine and did cross over one arm at a time. To keep up the intensity I did not rest during this exercise, I merely went back and forth between the 2 arms.

Smith Machine Incline Bench Press: I used my ironing board this time. Leaned it against my couch. This actually worked pretty well because it was narrow enough for me to get a full range of motion with my arms. If you do this on the floor or your coffee table, the flat surface stops your elbows so you kind of get a rest (which is not good).

Knee/Hip Raise On Parallel Bars: I sat at the edge of my firm leather coffee table. Starting with my heels touching the ground, my legs in a slightly bent position. Not bending my legs any further, I raised my knees till my feet were nearly shoulder height.

Cable Crunch: I hooked my resistance band around the top of my elliptical to perform this exercise. It was so high that I got a really good resistance from it!

I hope these variations are helpful to you as you train at home! 🙂

4 weeks, 4 days, & energy 4 me!

Just a few days ago I got this amazing burst of energy! I wanted to go for a run, but I didn’t have time…maybe later tonight I can squeeze it in before my childbirth class.

I’m on the last leg so I’ve decided to put a stop to my sugar indulgences for the remainder of my pregnancy. I am SO enjoying my clean meals anyway so my nearly-nightly 1/4 cup of ice cream will hopefully not be missed by the ol’ appetite.

One of my close friends recently started on the Paleo “diet” (which is very very close to what I eat, except I still eat oats occasionally and I do consume dairy), but she looks PHENOMENAL!  She had only been on the new diet for 3 weeks and my gosh she looks so lean!  I must also mention that she is my friend who loves pasta and sweets – so when I saw how lean and tight she looked after only 3 weeks that COMPLETELY motivated me. If my SWEET-TOOTH-PASTA-LOVING friend cut out her sweets, then by-golly I can. I don’t even normally crave sweets in the first place!! I CAN DO THIS EASY, RIGHT?!  Welp. here I go! #easysauce

Be motivated. Find motivation all around you and make your goal happen.

Third Trimester [Meal Plan]

I went to the Philippines at 25-27 weeks to be with my family. For those of you who have been trying to scare me about being pregnant during the heat of a Texas summer (I’m due in August), well…the Philippines is like a SAUNA. I think those 2 weeks was a great prep for me to face the rest of the summer. Thankfully, in Texas, we have AC. 🙂

Unfortunately, when I got back to the states I came down with a virus that has knocked me off my feet for almost 4 weeks now! Apparently there is not much you can do for a virus while preggers, so I just have to ride it out.  That being said…Workouts have been non-existent simply due to the fact that I literally could not even sit up without feeling sick or coughing my lungs out. Blech! No fun.

I accidentally lost 6 pounds in the process of being sick :(, so my doc told me to eat ice cream and nuts to get some calories back in me. Ha! Kinda cool…

My appetite is back though and I am slowly getting better. Here is my 3rd trimester meal plan sample.

[Meal Plan Sample]

  • Meal 1: 1Tbsp PB, 1/2 banana, Chocolate Protein shake
  • Meal 2: 2 C Spinach salad, small apple and herbal tea
  • Meal 3: Grapefruit with 12 almonds
  • Meal 4: Protein shake
  • Meal 5: 4 oz lean meat (extra lean turkey, chicken, or fish) and 2 cups steamed veggies
  • Herbal tea
  • Meal 6: (only if still hungry) 1-2 boiled egg whites

My Cheat Foods when I just “have to”: a piece of dark chocolate, or sugar free dark chocolate jello pudding, or slice of turkey bacon with 1/4 c white rice

My go to nutrition when I have ZERO appetite: Ensure

Can’t wait to get over this virus so I can get back in the gym and the trails! My legs are screaming for attention! 😀

I Will Not Sit Idly By

I really dislike having no plan.  “Healthy pregnancy” just isn’t cutting it for me to fill the term “Plan”.  It is my goal to have a healthy baby, but that is not a plan of action. What is my “plan of action”?

I realize I am eating healthy and going to the gym regularly. But I feel like I’m winging it.

So, today I wrote out my 16 week plan (weeks remaining till due date) – all my workouts are now plotted and written!  Nutrition is pretty “lifestyle” for my hubs and I now, so I did not bother writing a plan.  Ah….much better…now I feel like I’m not being aimless. Might be a mind game, but hey…whatever it takes.

Head is in the game. Initiate #autobeastmode.

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