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[Competition Training] Day 30: FINE!

stubborn woman image from onebrightcorner.blogspot.comSo it has come down to the wire…the knees have flared up and I decided to do something about it before it ruins me again. I have called my sports orthopedic and even scheduled an appointment.  I have lined up my therapy center, so that once I get my prescription I can head straight on over.  This is the first time I am taking care of something as a preemptive measure! Well, ok I know it’s not technically preemptive, but what I mean is I haven’t broken a bone or torn a limb off yet.

Are you a glutton for punishment as much as I am?

So per my awesome trainer, Susan Groshek, I will be waiting on her coaching.  Thursday will be upper body instead of legs this week. So today instead of upper body today I will be doing bis and tris. Staying positive.

Let’s DO this.


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