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Truly Honored!

I was floored when Elaine, of Following Augustine blog, nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award! Any kind of recognition is just crazy and always SUCH an honor, but it was very moving to be nominated by someone who I have never met. Elaine shares many of the same goals and beliefs and has a heart for traveling – ah, my sweet spot! I am very grateful to have been chosen by her! Thank you Elaine!

For The Versatile Blog Award:

The 15 Nominees whom I have chosen..well…12

  1. Elizabeth (www.thinkliz.com) – This girl is THE most versatile blogger I follow. Cooking, sewing, organic, fair trade,  crafts, family life…you name it!  Though versatile, you could not at all call her blog chaos – nay, she blogs with a kind of creative expanse on these subjects but keeps you on track with your original reason for reading her. She never leaves you hanging, so if she posts a recipe, you’ll be sure to have her own personal insight on taste, additions, or edits.  Not to mention she is a phenomenal photographer so you can at least entertain yourself with her photos and gorgeous face!
  2. Donloree Hoffman (Bikiniorbust.com) – I started following her when I first started training for MY first competition. She is as inspirational to me today as she was those years ago and I am privileged enough to now call her friend.  Donloree writes about living fit year round but with the kind of casual hilarity that prevents it from being a “do this not that” kind of blog. It’s more like…a compilation of shorts: the hilarious fit life of Donloree.
  3. Rachel Brooke (www.rachelbrookeblog.com) – A natural light photographer that keeps her blog real with real life personal commentary. Sweet as her face, this girl makes you feel like she’s right next door and your long time friend.
  4. Kari: Figure Girl World – You may be able to tell this already, but most of the nominations I made for the Versatile Blogger award are because they are REAL. Kari is one of these spectaculars. She is never fake. Motivation, insightful and inspiring! Not to mention she is published by Fitness RX magazine – check out one of my fav articles here: http://www.fitnessrxmag.com/nutrition/dietrx/1092-how-to-not-sabotage-your-workout.html
  5. Susan Dowse – Her humor always catches me off guard in the way she unfolds her posts/articles. Writer, fitness-junkie, working mom, defender of the universe (part-time). These are her stories about family, fitness, and the attempt to find a life in balance.  Check out her article in the current IMPACT Magazine! And get on board the athlete train…http://ow.ly/8FMQE
  6. Lisa Withrow What I love about Lisa is that she fills you in on DETAILS – so if you ever want to know what she ate or what her work out looked like or if and when and WHY she did a cleanse, you will hear straight from her.  Like Susan (above) She is a mom-wife-extraordinaire! No one tells these ladies that it can’t be done!
  7. Chantelle Enns: Diary of A Procrastinator – Chantelle is as blunt and real as it gets. She does not hold back. If you follow her blog you will know everything you might possibly encounter on the road of competing and insane fitness.  So, instead of being informed, if you like being surprised by constipation due to dieting then don’t read her blog!
  8. Liz Heim: An Ordinary Girl’s Journey to Become A Figure Competitor – I nominated Liz for Versatile Blogger because she is a very versatile person. Her blog is all about fitness, but her life is anything but tunnel vision.  The good, the bad, the profound, the norm…she tweets it all.
  9. Julia Nash: Feminine Fitness (http://www.femfit.co.nz/) – My favorite Kiwi! Check out her blog and her site! She is also a mom-wife-extraordinaire.  What I love about Julia is that she makes it VERY obvious that family comes FIRST, but GOSH…if you look at her body you will think that all she does is workout and eat – phenomenal.
  10. Allison Siemens: Wholesome Fitness – Passionate, wholesome, mom-wife-extraordinaire – This is a fitness source you should absolutely link to no matter what stage of fitness you are.
  11. Becca: I Heart Eggs – I really would like to nominate Becca for most hilarious health and fitness blogger, but Versatile Blogger award will have to suffice.  She is sarcastic and messy and occasionally sadistic which prevents any otherwise boring topic from being…well…boring. She is currently in prep so sarcasm levels are up and I love it!
  12. iRunnerBlog (www.irunnerblog.com)– This blog got me through many an injury. Ok…first of all, I must admit I am very very accident prone. I discovered Scott’s blog only 3 years ago and it encouraged, motivated, inspired and wowed me through my broken tailbone, my left knee tendinitis, my right knee sever strain, my plantar fascitis, and another round of knee injuries. He has a team of fun, witty, super informative, CREDIBLE people. Best running blog I have ever read. Witty and cram-packed full of fantastic information that every runner needs whether you are a novice or a pro.

About the Versatile Blogger Award – from the mouth of Edebock


Try as I might, I haven’t been able to find out anything about the origin of The Versatile Blogger award. I do know that it’s a bit like a chain letter, passed from one blogger to another but unlike the chain letters of old, it doesn’t promise fame or fortune to those who pass it on or threaten doom to those who don’t. It is, in fact, a way to share favourite bits of the blogosphere with our readers and to show appreciation to those whose writing we appreciate.

There are four rules for those who choose to accept The Versatile Blogger award:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you for the award and include a link to their blog.
  2. Select and nominate 15 blogs that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.
  3. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know that you are nominating them for the award.
  4. Share 7 things about yourself.

About me

  1. I love Christ
  2. I love my husband
  3. I love to cook (proof: faithkeith.com)
  4. I love to travel and live life to the fullest (this absolutely includes dancing and extreme sports)
  5. I get stuff done
  6. I do not like commitment, but if I commit, by golly you can count on me to come through.
  7. I am currently on a journey to discovering fitness and health during pregnancy (we are currently pregnant with our first)

And I love questions!! Message me via twitter (@thefaithkeith) or here on my blog anytime 🙂


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