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Staying Organized

I have yet to encounter a fitness athlete who did not enforce organization in their life. It is simply a must to make it all happen.


Laundry, cooking, dishes, cleaning….and that’s just after a full day’s work, gym, church music practice, QT, meeting up with friends.  I want to make sure I have time to get it all in, but spending time with my husband is my top prio, so sometimes a few or all of these things can take the sidelines.

Of course, the next thing would be to  lecture on “cutting back” or “learning to say ‘No'”, but I am going to skip all that. We’ve heard it before.  We’re down to the bare necessities now, so …the question still stands…HOW DO I MAKE IT ALL WORK LIKE A WELL OILED MACHINE?!

For my personality, “systems” work best. Routines.

The Ready, Set, Go

The Container Store - Tribeca Bins

  • I bought small rectangular baskets for my shelves (to organize bath products, hand towels, toilet paper, everything…)
  • purged my closet of items and put into categories:
    • to be donated
    • to be junked
    • to be stored
  • purged my bathroom and laundry closets
    • expired products that are definitely unusable
    • excess items I don’t need or can be donated
  • purged and re-organized dressers

Stayin’ Alive

Laundry: as soon as it is done, we fold. No more leaving it for later.

Clutter Prevention: If we touch it, we trash it, deal with it, or put it aside with a definite time of when we WILL handle it. This includes mail.

Food prep image from CrossFit FB pageWeek day meals: Food prep is done on the weekends so I can whip any dinner up in about 10-20 minutes tops. Lean enchiladas, Clean stir fry, Pad Thai, ginger soy salmon, stuffed herb chicken, you name it.  Things like boiling chicken in bulk and/or portioning meat (by quantity needed for a meal) help greatly reduce the stress of weeknight cooking.  I keep a couple days worth in the fridge and the rest goes to freezer to be used later in the week.  I only prep a week’s worth at a time so nothing ever gets freezer burn taste PLUS…no sense spending all day in the kitchen prepping a year’s worth of food :P. Take-out? No thank you!

We’ll see how this goes…currently on week 2 of the newly-revised organized Keith household.

How do you stay organized? Any tips you care to share?

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