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Dieting and Nursing

I have been posting my diet on here periodically and letting you guys see exactly what I am doing to get back my body post-baby. I wanted to post about this because I think I am probably not alone in the athlete world where we are so fitness focused we don’t always know the affect when we eat for two!

My doctor had told me that the average person needs about 500 more calories added to their diet when breastfeeding, but that I may need even close to 700 because she knows I eat super lean.

Well…I did not listen. I decided to eat lean and trust my body to produce the perfect formula of milk my baby needs.  My body DID produce the perfect formula, but my milk quantity suffered.  It really became evident after a weekend in Colorado where I ate a high calorie diet – my milk supply was insane! I thought my baby was just demanding more so my body was producing more.  Then I got back home and back on my diet. Milk supply cut in HALF.

Now I know!! You know me…I tend to be a little skeptical taking advice from people who are not in the fitness world. 😛 #shameyshame

For the sake of my baby, I have put more healthy fats into my diet and tried to make a more dense nutrition plan. He is eating great.  Hopefully I will have a good balance of nutrition using only HEALTHY calories so that he can continue to eat well and for my body to shed the weight when the time is right.

My new meal plan looks something like this:

  1. 3-4 eggs (yolks included) with spinach and sprinkle of cheese
  2. protein shake in 2% milk + 1 low-sodium rice cake with 1tbsp PB
  3. shredded chicken salad (light mayo, celery and walnuts) with avocado sliced in 1/2 whole grain pita pocket
  4. protein shake in 2% milk
  5. 1 low-sodium rice cake with 1tbsp PB
  6. 5 oz fish, veggies, and brown rice
  7. protein shake in water if still hungry

Hope you nursing moms won’t make the same dieting mistake I did!

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