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I FINALLY listened to my trainer (Susan Groshek) and got the supps she recommended. This was after the flabbergasted *GASP* I got from Michelle when she found out I wasn’t taking them haha! She whipped me in shape fast!

What I’m taking:

  • Beverly Int’l Ultra 40s
  • Beverly Int’l Mass Aminos

I have learned that they help speed recovery. I can DEFINITELY tell the difference.  I’m a believer!! I am also a believer of listening to my trainer. Ha!

“Massage in a bottle”, eh Michelle?! 😉


My Christmas Wish Is Kickin My Butt

I asked for some smokin buns for Christmas and committed myself to some serious craziness.

I’m now on week 2 and desperately crying for recovery time!

Sunday: Rest

Monday: Legs

Tuesday: Bis and killer cardio

Today/Wednesday: ow…ow…ow…my legs…my arms….help me!

So at the suggestion of Michelle, I finally buckled and ordered my aminos that my trainer recommended.  I also found these glutamine power chews, by GNC.  I battled with whether or not to get them. They sounded so yummy and exciting.  After bouncing my “eipc issue” off Donloree (AKA voice of reason) it became clear that I should stick to powder form. No corn syrup, no sugar, no additives, just glutamine.

Once again I have to thank Donloree and Michelle – without them I don’t know where I would be!

PS I have added to my Christmas list these biceps: Jamie Eason biceps

Jamie Eason, fitness model.  Idol of pretty much everyone.

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