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Injured In-Season, What’s a Girl To Do?

Faith Keith - snowboarding injury #2
I went snowboarding last week with my husband, sister, and a few friends (and had the time of my life).  On the last day I was on the first run of the morning just relaxing to the swoosh of the powder (and ice).  Then a simple poor decision of a skier up-mountain from me threw my mind into slow motion.  He plowed right through the front of my board and causing my board to turn into his pole and flip.  (for those of you who snow board, I was traversing toe side, I fell, then the guy’s pole flipped me heel side)  OUCH!!! My knee was strained in 3 places.

6 weeks out.  What’s a girl to do.

I can walk fine, but balancing is painful.  Its amazing how much stabilizing your body does when doing simple things like walking up stairs or lunging or squatting.

6 weeks out. What’s a girl to do.

Per my trainer she wants me to rest my legs a week and then reassess.  I know the injury is not too bad.  After talking with her, I am going to try light elliptical or stair master to see what I can handle.  I will be VERY cautious and listen to everything my body says.  Just a few seconds ago I attempted a walking lunge with kickback.  After 10 lunges my knee was already swelling. Ugh…sigh…we shall see, we shall see…

Lord, what do you have in store for me? 🙂

Praying for wisdom to know how to continue training or the wisdom to know to stop.

Thanks for everyone’s support and encouragement!

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