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Tendinitis is your body’s way of telling you that you can’t get away with it anymore

Question: @irunnerblog my running injuries are coming back to haunt me! Tendinitis flaring up. Any recov tips for tendinitis? (http://wp.me/pHJ1m-gF)


Hi Faith,

Below is the response from Marisa, hope it helps!

Yes, its called stop running so much, and get it treated. [Tendinitis] is your body’s way of telling you that you can’t get away with it anymore! Too tight, too tired, too many miles and the health of the tissue is in jeopardy!

Unfortunately, that’s the real deal! If it keeps coming up you aren’t addressing it. You can’t just treat it a bit when hurts, its like taking antibiotics until the jar is done…you have to do a full course of treatment so it goes away for good, and run less so it heals!

It usually means you are doing more than you should 😦

Scott Miles

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// It’s true.  I have never finished a therapy course all the way to the end.  I stop when I feel improvement and “do it on my own”.  I have recovered from this before and I can do it again, but this time I will do it with due diligence.  I will actually create a time plan with routines to strengthen my tendons.  I’ll even call the ortho and talk to a therapist about routines. I’m ready to kick this thing for good!  Thanks irunnerblog team!


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