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Working Out When Nauseous. Go or No?

IMG: Faith Keith - Pregnant, riding bikeIf nausea has you down in your first trimester (and beyond) the first thing to try is a brisk walk outdoors.  Speed is something you can control and chances are the fresh air will make you feel better.  After about 15 minutes your nausea will probably subside.  Here is some science behind that (as confirmed by a doctor as well): Nausea, as you know is hormones and a lot of other things (the smell of unwanted food, etc), but did you know that it intensifies when you are immobile?  When everything in your body is still and stomach fluids and bile is just settled it causes nausea in most women.  The term “Morning Sickness” actually came about because women usually experienced it in the morning after laying down all night.  That being said, usually taking it easy and propping your feet up is the worst thing you could do for nausea. Surprised? I was!  No wonder, when I would break from my computer to do some pop squats and lunges my nausea would subside after 10-15 minutes.

To combat my nausea I take to the bike, elliptical, outdoor trail or my home gym equipment for a lifting session.  During the work day I will periodically stop and do lunges or just walk to get some tea or to a co-worker’s office to keep myself moving.  Working out while nauseous seems MISERABLE at first and the will power it takes to get your walking shoes on I KNOW is just practically non-existent, but you will be glad you did.

Just remember to stay well hydrated and have a healthy snack in your belly before (and possibly again after) your little exercise.  Apples are my g0-to pre-workout food if I am in between meals but need some energy.

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