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Busy But Gettin Fit

It’s hard to make workouts happen when you are at the mercy of whatever may fly your way from day to day.  If  you are like me, every day is different.  One day you might have time to get in a 1 hour workout and then the next day you can barely brush your teeth without multi-tasking at least one other thing.

I have determined the following things:

  1. If I can get it in. I WILL. No excuses. If I am tired, I will still get it in if the time is there.
  2. If I can’t get it in, I will tell myself it’s ok. Don’t be frustrated.
  3. I will eat/diet like it matters

This is the only way I can stay sane.

7 weeks postpartum:  down 18lbs of the 21! 3 to go, then the vanity 5 🙂 Wee!

21 Day Challenge: Day 3

The spring weather is phenom. After a leg workout with my girlfriend (also a new client of IFBB Fitness pro, Susan Groshek), I took my cardio outdoors again!  My cousin, Paul, is ginormous…12 foot long legs…ok thats a slight exaggeration…but his “jog” was my sprinting! After nearly a quarter mile of sprinting I finally got up the guts to say I might need to take it down a notch haha.  He really pushed me and it was great to have someone to talk to for 3 miles.

Anyone else enjoying spring weather?

Are you doing the 21 Day Challenge? Tell me about it! 🙂

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