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Sometimes, You Just Gotta Show Up

faith keith - yawning at gym
When I walked in to my gym, one of the trainers who knows me said “you look tiiiired. but you’re here – get it done” – he gave me the burst of energy I needed to make it to the locker room.  As I stepped out of the locker room that energy had died off *sigh*, but I ran into my fitness freak Uncle Ken *zing!* He reminded me that I had said on my blog before, “sometimes, you just gotta show up”.

I LOVE training, but there are days when I don’t want to go to the gym. On those days I choose not to think, I just get in my car mindlessly and go. Then once I’m there I try my best to make it count.

On days like yesterday it is really really really hard to give it anything because I was just so freaking tired! I had no idea growing a human life form would be this energy zapping.  I resorted to cardio and put off my back workout to be combined with chest the next day. And wouldn’t ya know… I ran a solid 3 miles on my “so freaking tired day”.

Let this go down in the books for future reference – when Faith think’s she’s tired, she can still squeeze out a few miles. If I ever complain again, slap me in the face and say “run 3 miles!”. What can you do on your “so freaking tired day”?

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