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Turkey Vs Beef

Is turkey really healthier than my much loved beef?Worried turkey holding sign "Eat beef"

Here’s the skinny: ground turkey is not always just white meat, it may contain fatty skin and dark meat making it actually a lesser choice than beef!!  When you eat out, be sure to ask if they use all white meat (The restaurant will be proud of the fact so it will be specified on the menu if they do).  If your goal is to buy lean meat and you opt for turkey, be careful when you shop to look out for “extra lean” or “super lean” on the packaging.
Cartoon cow between burger buns

…Whereas ground turkey sounds healthier than ground beef, if the package or label does not specify lean ground turkey breasts, it may contain dark meat and fat-laden skin. In that case, extra lean ground beef may be a slimmer pick. Be a smart consumer and check your food labels. ~WeightWatchers

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