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LiveFit @home – Phase 1: Day 23 Back/Bis

Day 23

This was the exact same workout as last week, so the variations here are the same. I really enjoyed this back workout and added an extra set to each exercise just to push a little further.  Never be afraid to push yourself!  I have heard soooo many people tell me that they are scared of getting bulky, to which my bodybuilding friends will always plea, “please, PLEASE tell me how easy it is to put on muscle. I’d really like to know” 🙂 To put on “bulky” muscle you have to eat differently and workout differently and you have to WANT it BAD… So, for those of you worried about the bulky muscle, have no fear! You are safe to just be super fit and toned!


Hammer Strength Lat Pull: Threw my resistance band over the top of my door, then using the hammer motion I did beautifully executed lat pull downs. Note…Be sure it is not near the edge of the door where it can snap off and hit you haha…*cough* learned by experience *cough*

Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown
: Same concept as the Hammer Lat Pulls except you open up your arms wide and palm away grip (versus hammer – grips facing in).

Seated Narrow Grip Cable Rows: Door open and perpendicular to your body, hook the resistance band around both sides of the door knob. Sit in a chair and voila! Low row set up.

T-Bar Row: Holding a heavy single dumbbell, I bent over at a near-90 and pulled up for the row.

Back Extensions: I knelt on my couch facing the arm of the couch. Arms crossed over my chest I let my body bend and hang over the side of the couch, then flexed up for the extension. I was surprised how well this worked!

Incline Dumbbell Curl: This one was tough. I tried to lean my chair back against the wall in a carpeted room (so as not to slip). This worked ok, but the back of my chair was wider than me so my arms did not have that free-range that they would on a real bench. This exercise made me want to invest in an adjustable bench.

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