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FUNNBAR Protein Candy Chews

bpi sports funnbarFairly new to the shelf, these sugar free, gluten free, protein candies by BPI sports got me so excited! Who doesn’t love supplement chewies?

I expected the consistency of glutamine chewies (starburst like, with a powdery finish), but these were more like protein powder with a dabble of water. They were hard at first, then paste like. While I was scraping the paste from my teeth I took the time to admire how it did have a delicious flavor, but, with that distinct protein texture and taste, I would rather just drink the dissolved protein powder than try to eat these 1.5g protein chewies again.

It was a fun new way to enjoy protein…maybe if I ate these regularly I could come up with a better way to enjoy them where they didn’t stick to my teeth.


Tropical Berry
Orange Cream

If you’ve tried this, what did YOU think?

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