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Ramblings at 4 Weeks Out

I feel empowered now that there are a mere 26 days.  Time will fly by. I’ve got to keep my eyes open – learn all that I can and have FUN while I am racing to the finish line.

Now that I have more cardio and am training harder (because I am training more days with my trainer to make sure of it) I am feeling a lot more fatigued.  Need sleep!

Food calls to me, but  I tell it to wait and sometimes I don’t answer.  The switch has flipped – several times this weekend I stared at food and almost caved, then realized it was time for my next meal. Even though asparagus did not sound better than those snacks, I ate it and then jumped on the cardio. I won that battle!

I need to make sure that the efforts to increase my relationship with God is not distracted by my need to focus on prep.  Prep is seemingly easier (for now). Time to remind myself of where my heart should be.


Appreciating Natural Beauty….or Am I Just Lazy?

My morning routine has gotten faster and faster.  After cardio its scrubbin time then LOTION because all this showering (and aging) leaves my skin feeling a bit more dry than my early 20’s.  Next is the makeup and hair.  I have dwindled down to blow dry with a round brush (and lightly iron/curl if I have 10 minutes) and then a quick flick of powder and power-lifting MASCARA.  Mascara makes everything better.  Donning gloss (while I’m driving to work) polishes it off so I don’t look like a vagabond.

Am I being lazy? Ha! At this point in prep with so much on my mind I really don’t think I care.  On a day when I have time (and always on date night) I’ll go back to adding eyeliner and bronzer.

I shave my legs for the husband, but if I have some bristlies when I hit the gym I seriously don’t frickin care who sees my legs.

Call me lazy or a fitness frump I don’t care…I just want to save my time for eating (or thinking about eating).  ^_^

Can I Just Smell Your Food?

Image - cat begging Please let me smell your food - Faith Keith

I do this to my husband daily 😛

“Can I Just Smell Your Food?” How many of you have asked that question? hahaha

It’s funny and a non-dieter would never understand that we truly get satisfaction from smelling warm donuts or smelling your enchiladas or that juicy cheeseburger.

Becca from ihearteggs talked about this too so I KNOW I am not alone haha

Ah…sweet dieting…  The dieting and mental resolve that this sport demands is the most difficult thing about this process.  It is definitely one of the most difficult things I have ever done.  I am so glad to be doing this – I have so much more respect for the women on stage.  I used to think of some of them as “Barbies” and maybe even “ditz”, but now I know otherwise.  Those girls are TOUGH. BEASTS. MACHINES. and the most dedicated people you will ever meet.  Can I hear an Amen?!

It Finally Happened… The Breakdown

I had my first real emotional breakdown of the figure training life.

After an amazing trip of snowboarding, I was talking about obsession which immediately backfired.  I was so shocked at the comments everyone was making about how obsessed I am about my fitness journey.  It hurt because not only have I been trying hard to NOT be obsessed (but focus on my walk with the Lord and just try to keep up), but I also had been terribly struggling with the diet and fitness lifestyle.  I’ve been wanting to quit for weeks! But the sheer disdain I have against quitting has kept me from throwing in the towel.

This life is hard.  I don’t like having my food dictate when or how I can party or have my leg day dictate when I can rock climb, or “no, I can’t go mountain biking, because I need to lift heavy tomorrow on shoulders”.  I don’t like NOT eating Pansit (one of my favorite Filipino dishes) on Sunday afternoon with the family.  I don’t enjoy going out to eat and having to be the pickiest person at the table.

This is a solo sport…but golly…who can do this alone? Not me.

I finally lost it.  Husband to the rescue.  Knowing that he is proud of me and even said he is in awe at what I am doing just makes this whole thing bearable.

“I don’t think anyone is more determined and tenacious than my wife”, thanks babe…I needed that.

Still praying for wisdom on how to continue (and how to hold it together 🙂 )

Vacation with Dieting and Fitness

Taking a vacation during In-Season…Tips from my first experience.

Our River Run Village condo in Keystone, Colorado made it possible to cook and prep all my meals.  I can’t wait to go back – now I know it is doable to vacation while in-season.



Image by caribb via Flickr

Only dilemma: Airline security will not allow you to bring liquids more than 3 ozs


  • Money for water or bring your jug and fill at water fountain after security
  • Food in disposable tupperware and ziplocs.  Nothing worse than grossing everyone out with empty tuna-smelling tupperware
  • Splenda + cinnamon

On the Road with Friends 

road trip - Faith Keith

image from europeword.com

Dilemma: friends may snack the entire trip


  • Sugar free gum (there are tons of yummy dessert like flavors)
  • Thermos for coffee
  • Crystal light drink mix on the go for your 8 oz water bottles
  • Healthy, portioned snacks. (you can still binge on healthy foods, so portion it out ahead)

Staying Sane During High-Altitude Activities 

Allie Snowboarding

Image by VancityAllie via Flickr

Dilemma: in-season diet plus high-altitude in the Colorado mountains makes for weak energy

What to do:

  • Check with trainer before changing your nutrition plan, they may have better suggestions or tell you to wait a day to acclimate
  • It WILL throw you off schedule, but make time to eat when you can.  Don’t go more than 4 hours without eating
  • Drink LOTS of water
  • Turn your meals into snack like munchies! I cut up my evening yam into small pieces and treated it like the chips and queso everyone else was eating, dipping the pieces of yam into splenda and cayenne pepper
  • Schedule your fitness plan – if you can’t be SURE that you will have the will power to hit the gym during the day while on vacation, then wake up and get it in first thing in the morning to get it out of the way
  • MENTION your fitness endeavor.  Don’t talk their ear off (no one likes a person who is obsessive), but do mention it or make everyone aware in some way that you are sticking to a meal plan – this will help you stick to it because you can’t let them see you fail.  They will respect your efforts and might even be an encouragement to you.

If you have “been there done that” and have tips – please share!!

Rinsing Tuna

My trainer, Susan, changed my diet again.  In the diet I now have tuna.  She noted “tuna, rinsed”.  I wondered why on earth I would have to rinse my tuna, especially if it is already in water.  Instead of asking her right away, I thought I would google it.  I instantly found my answer – reduces sodium!  It is especially helpful when you will be consuming a lot of tuna – rinsing helps cut back on the sodium intake.  Good to know!


Every first Sunday of the month my church has a potluck lunch.  I cooked a Canadian Stew to share, but weighed and measured my 5oz turkey+2Cups Spinach+1Tbsp Apple cider Vinegar+1Tbsp Olive oil for MY personal meal.

After church everyone lined up and was already going through the food line, while I made my way to the fridge to pull out my measured meal. All smiles because it is one of my FAVORITE meals of the day.

Enter fridge…no meal to be found….I tried to stay calm but I began to panic.  I scanned the buffet table….OH MY GOSH!!! IT WAS ON THE TABLE NEXT TO THE SALADS!!! Someone had already taken some of it (they must have been adventurous because it looked disgusting).  Nooooooo!!!!!

I had to laugh at myself for being panicky about losing 1 ounce of turkey and maybe a half cup of spinach.  Oh the life of a figure athlete…

Next time I will clearly label it 🙂

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