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So you want to compete: Expenses

Before you decide to compete, you should definitely make sure you are prepared for the expenses. It is totally worth it, but don’t go into it uninformed. Everyone agree with me on that one?

I was plugged into a good *fitness community before I started and my trainer was very informative, so I felt very prepared and nothing took me by surprise.

They warn you it will be expensive, but let me break it down for ya…

  • $$$$ Trainer – depending on how often you see your trainer and for how long you train with him/her before your competition this can be up to the thousands.  Estimate between $50-80 per session
  • $$ Posing classes – price varies, usually the cost of a training session or slightly less
  • $$ shampoo and conditioner and exfoliating scrub (so your tan wont get splotchy) and lotion that you will blow through because you will be working out every day and sometimes twice (or more).
  • $20 food scale
  • $ per month you will need an average lifetime supply of ziploc baggies and foil 😛
  • $80-150 per week on food
  • $40 per month on supplements (protein, amino acids, liver, vitamins, glutamine, pre-workout drinks etc)
  • $40-100 Massage
  • $7.99 Half gallon water jug
  • $100-$900 Posing suit – depending on how elaborate your suit
  • $35 5″ clear heels
  • $10-30 Miscellaneous jewelry
  • $150+ Make up and Hair
  • $115-150+ Tanning
  • $45 Manicure/fake nails
  • $25 Pedicure
  • $100 Official NPC card
  • $75+ Competition Entry Fee
  • $100+ Hotel (+applicable taxes/fees) – even if it is local you will probably need to get a hotel unless you live close by, because there is usually a meeting in the evening, then you have to wake up EARLY for final tanning, hair and make up before the prejudging in the morning
  • $20 Resistance bands to pump up back stage (it’s nice to have your own so you don’t have to wait and can even continue pumping while lined up before walking up)
  • $250 Photo shoot (you’re in the best shape of your life, lots of people like to capture that accomplishment)
  • $100-200 photo shoot apparel
  • $10 Body scrub to exfoliate for at least a week before spray tan

Am I missing anything?

*fitness community: (1) Donloree Hoffman blog and community: BikiniorBust.com, (2) Fitness Spectaculars, (3) twitter, (4) Jerome’s gym, (5) Bodybuilding.com

Happy Birthday, Donloree Hoffman!

Monday December 13th is Donloree Hoffman’s birthday! (by the way she loves shoes : ) )

Donloree competed in her first ever figure competition in October 2010.  Along the way she picked up some intrigued readers.  She made us laugh, drop our jaws, experience shock with her when the itsy bitsy bikini arrived in the mail, feel her pain when she had to be thankful for vegetables during Canadian Thanksgiving, cheer with excitement for her when she did not bust, and sympathize with her when her fake tan made it’s not-so-pleasant farewell.

She was featured in the Calgary Herald on sculpting a life worth living and the Edmonton Journal for her mega-drop story.

Being the selfless person she is, after completing her competition, she said, what’s next? And proceeded to establish a league of extraordinary women to journey to THEIR competition together. I give you, the Bikini or Bust Challenge Spring 2011 comprised of 15 women across 4 countries! See the competitors; See the competitors (more)

Donloree continues to be an inspiration to us all!

If you are inspired, wish Donloree a happy birthday here or on twitter! She has done remarkable things and I have no doubt that she will have more up her sleeve. 🙂

Happy Birthday D-Lo!

Follow Donloree on twitter http://twitter.com/bikiniorbust

Read Donloree at bikiniorbust.wordpress.com

My Christmas Wish Is Kickin My Butt

I asked for some smokin buns for Christmas and committed myself to some serious craziness.

I’m now on week 2 and desperately crying for recovery time!

Sunday: Rest

Monday: Legs

Tuesday: Bis and killer cardio

Today/Wednesday: ow…ow…ow…my legs…my arms….help me!

So at the suggestion of Michelle, I finally buckled and ordered my aminos that my trainer recommended.  I also found these glutamine power chews, by GNC.  I battled with whether or not to get them. They sounded so yummy and exciting.  After bouncing my “eipc issue” off Donloree (AKA voice of reason) it became clear that I should stick to powder form. No corn syrup, no sugar, no additives, just glutamine.

Once again I have to thank Donloree and Michelle – without them I don’t know where I would be!

PS I have added to my Christmas list these biceps: Jamie Eason biceps

Jamie Eason, fitness model.  Idol of pretty much everyone.

All I Want For Christmas

Donloree, creator of the Bikini or Bust Challenge Spring 2011 Group (of which I am a proud member) asked us what we want for Christmas.

I want a smokin-tight-Dukes-of-Hazzard-booty for Christmas! Is that too much to ask for?

How I will do it:
  • In the Gym
    • Add an extra set (or drop-set) to each exercise
    • Actively monitor whether I should bump up the weight! (Making sure I am failing at 8-10 reps)
    • Add 3S of 2 plyometric exercises to every leg/glute day, with excellent form
    • Cardio 4 times per week
  • In the Kitchen
    • Make SURE I limit my treats to ONCE per week (like my nutrition plan SAYS) and ENJOY my other meals
  • After Hours
    • Respect my booty: Stretch properly before and after; get great sleep so I can TEAR IT UP at the gym
Project Booty Christmas gift goes into effect starting NOW. 😀

What do YOU want for Christmas?

Read what the other Bikini or Bust Competitors put on their wish list. Click here!

Bikini or Bust Challenge 2011

I am participating in the Bikini or Bust Challenge 2011! My competition is April 2, 2011.  This group of phenomenal women will help me (and I them) reach our competition goals for spring 2011! I am stoked.  The group was established by the radical Donloree Hoffman, owner of the inspiring bikiniorbust blog.  She started blogging as a way of documenting her first time journey to the stage and now continues to blog to help others reach their competition goals!

I, along with at least 15 other women, have agreed to train all naturally, using only diet and exercise to alter physique.

This journey continues to be a fantastic ride, I am so excited to now have others to ride with!

Special shout out to Donloree Hoffman and Michelle – Fabulous and funny and the best cheerleaders – I could not do this without them.

and of course…my husband Luke!  He is my inspiration and my reason for everything!

Perfection’s Saving Grace

I am doing it! I am sticking perfectly to my meal plan for the first time in 3 weeks.  Monday and Tuesday were officially perfect.

People I blame for my success this week:

  • Luke, my husband. For watching a movie with me, or tickling me, or carrying me away over his shoulder every time I said “oh my gosh I’m so hungry”.  “Don’t think about it” he would say 🙂
  • Donloree @bikiniorbust and
  • Michelle @Fit_Michellebecause they always cheer me on and I know they will check up on me HA!

I OWE you guys!  Thanks for helping me make it these last two days!  I’m ready to keep this up. Let’s DO this.

My saving grace at the end of the day is day dreaming about the Smuckers sugar free blackberry jam that I will put on my whole wheat English muffin in the morning. #patheticfaith keith day dreaming about sugar free blackberry jam

A Bullet A Day Keeps the Cheating Away

  • My husband (and family and friends) believes in me – cheating will cause me to let him down
  • We are paying for training (workouts and nutrition) – cheating will make this money go to waste
  • I have always wanted to do this – cheating will put me on stage knowing that I didn’t give it my best shot

These are the bullet points that are keeping me charged up today.


Bikini or Bust!

I had a great time keeping tabs on Donloree Hoffman‘s trek to her first competition.  She shared the ups and downs with great honesty, so when it finally came time for her show, we all cheered her on.  I am sure I speak for all her avid followers that we felt like we were apart of this journey and enjoyed basking in the glory of the day as she continued to tweet photos and status updates. I enjoyed learning from Donloree and was often revved with motivation after reading a post or tweet from her, but she became an inspiration for me when she pushed through the final 2 weeks after about a week of “freaking out” wondering if she could really go through with this competition (or postpone to another).   Had she not put her foot down and say ‘No, I am going to do this no matter what’, I can pretty much guarantee I would allow myself the same luxury come 04/02/2011 when I am supposed to compete in the Ronny Coleman.  But because she pushed on, I know without a doubt that as I approach my competition I WILL go through with it regardless if I feel unprepared.  Thank you, Donloree, for sticking with it! I will definitely be following you on your next journey to 2011!

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