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September Makeover: Day 21

I have been MIA on the blog, but not on my September challenge! I am still rockin it harder or better each day.

My arms are definitely looking more lean and defined, but my eyes are still too criticizing to tell if I am making improvements on my legs and core.

I have finally cleaned up my dinners! Love me some Orange Roughy!

Last night: Orange roughy seasoned with Mrs. Dash Carribbean Citrus and lime juice. Seared on one side, lightly cooked on the other. Ate this with a stack of random veggies piled up as a salad. Easy week day dinner 🙂

Pay More to Eat?

I realized something about myself when it comes to nutrition plans.  I may have the best nutrition plan, but if I don’t like a certain item, I sometimes will avoid and skip! But when I love each meal, I always get it in.  Example: my next meal was a protein shake, but I was out of the good stuff. I grudgingly mixed my shake and took a few sips. I then got back to working with the intention of sipping on the shake. Never happened. I skipped the meal.  So I realized it is better that I keep yummy proteins in stock for the sake of my nutrition.  Do you do this?…

Protein Powder In My Cabinet: 

  • VPX SRO Zero Carb in Graham Cracker flavor, which is delicious even in water, but mach more appetizing when blended with PB just cuz I am used to the creaminess of Beverly International’s UMP. 
  • EAS 100% Whey in Chocolate flavor, not bad! I make my shakes in water, but this one does not have the bad chemical after-taste that some proteins have due to other supps in the stack.
  • Beverly International in Cookies N Creme, by far my favorite. It is creamy and delicious as if I am having a milk shake. I always mix it in water because it is already so creamy. I’m running out… 😦 but I have 3 lbs of other brands that I need to consume before I feel justified in ordering more Beverly. 😦

Diet Killer Series: No Meal Hooky

Diet Killer series based on the “6 Diet Killers” article from Bodybuilding.com

“A lot of people struggle mentally with eating frequently because they think they’re taking in more food than they should. But even skipping one meal can throw your diet off, so even when you’re not hungry, you need to eat. Your body must be constantly fed to keep its metabolism at an elevated rate.”

Portion control and nutrition value is always key, but that’s not what this post is about.  The key is to NOT SKIP MEALS 🙂 I know so many people who try to slim down by cutting meals and that is not how to make it happen (and stick).

Skipping a meal may make you binge on the next – can we say “Sabotage”?? Also, when you skip a meal your body will go into survival by slowing your metabolism – a side affect is you may feel lethargic and tired. Boo!

Eat frequently – every 3-4 hours – and make them good choices!


Talking out loud – 12 Days out!

12 days and counting folks! My very first NPC competition is fast approaching. I anticipate the day with much respect and am showing my respect by eating according to my nutrition plan and working hard. Every bite and every training session counts.

I have begun my grocery list for post comp week.  I will probably go grocery shopping a few days before the show, so that I can have these foods instead of eating whatever is available. I call this intentional cheating 🙂 much better than allowing myself to wing it. BAD HABITS, YOU BEST STAY DEAD!

I have a few foods in the line up:

  • Fish tacos with my hubs – yay, eating on date night instead of cardio-date! What a trooper he is.
  • Monggo (Filipino dish) a la my mom, the amazing chef
  • Greek Gyro with my kid bro
  • Pizza
  • My grandmother’s homemade bread

My sister is a healthy eater, so on HER cheat day, maybe we will grab breakfast at Breadwinners with Dad:)

But other than that, the foods I REALLY want are greek yogurt, oatmeal, turkey burgers, brown rice, tuna salad on whole grain crackers, almonds. And I do plan on scheduling and packing my meals the week after the show, but with fabulous leniency 🙂 (Bagel with those egg whites? I think so!)

I am going to be taking a mental break from STRICT diet and training, but then I am going to jump right back into a good consistent line up.

2011 goal: Maintain optimal fitness – let’s see how well I do in maintaining this year. 🙂

I’m so excited!!!

Is that a mirror? *strikes pose* gotta practice every chance I get.

Bread is the Worst Thing You Can Do When You’re in Prep…

I THOUGHT I knew how to eat healthy and how to improvise, but I proved that idea wrong over the weekend.

I had gained 2 pounds when I was supposed to LOSE 2 pounds.  I really set myself back with only 4 weeks left.

I had to face the music. After informing my trainer she was honest about the implications of my food choices but also told me a lot can happen in the final 4 weeks, but I have to stick to the plan.

Abiding the diet now 100%, but I am kicking myself for what I did. Ok…regroup…what can I do. I absolutely do NOT want to get on stage with thoughts of regret or “I should have done…” or “oh my gosh I should not have…”

The diet is making me feel weak at the gym so I am not pushing myself as far as I used to. I decided I need more time with my trainer or Luke so that I could be pushed or spotted.

I am an action girl – a doer. So here is a list of things that I need to do to help me feel like I am doing EVERYTHING I possibly can to come in strong on April 2nd:

  • GET BETTER SLEEP – I really, really, really need to get serious about sleep
  • Drink all my allotted water
  • Stick 100% perfectly to the nutrition plan Susan designed for me
  • Train more days with Susan to make sure I can get through my workouts
  • Watch my posture

My cardio has increased a bit and am relegated to running or stepmill. Relegated…that is such a negative word…I have been AWARDED the opportunity to still reach my potential! THANK YOU, I’LL TAKE IT!! 😀

This is me about to bust my butt like no body’s business. It can be done. It will be done.


Every first Sunday of the month my church has a potluck lunch.  I cooked a Canadian Stew to share, but weighed and measured my 5oz turkey+2Cups Spinach+1Tbsp Apple cider Vinegar+1Tbsp Olive oil for MY personal meal.

After church everyone lined up and was already going through the food line, while I made my way to the fridge to pull out my measured meal. All smiles because it is one of my FAVORITE meals of the day.

Enter fridge…no meal to be found….I tried to stay calm but I began to panic.  I scanned the buffet table….OH MY GOSH!!! IT WAS ON THE TABLE NEXT TO THE SALADS!!! Someone had already taken some of it (they must have been adventurous because it looked disgusting).  Nooooooo!!!!!

I had to laugh at myself for being panicky about losing 1 ounce of turkey and maybe a half cup of spinach.  Oh the life of a figure athlete…

Next time I will clearly label it 🙂

75 Days: Lisa’s Chocolate Challenge

Lisa, from Bikini or Bust Spring/Summer 2011 Challenge, made a vow to herself.  For the next 75 days she is set on a quest of NO CHOCOLATE.  Don’t get the wrong idea…this is not easy, but she wants to prove to herself that she can do it.  75 days till Saturday, March 19, 2011.

I’m a nibbler and I’m as hardcore-nibbler as they come.

My chocolate challenge will be…

Faith Keith - No Chocolate Challenge

Are you up for the challenge? What will you give up for the next 75 days? Let’s get LEAN!

If you have decided to join the challenge, let me know your twitter or your personal blog – would love to encourage you in your quest!

Check out Lisa’s blog and read about her journey here
Bikini or Bust Creator Donloree, official blog
Also joining Lisa’s Challenge, Susan follow her on twitter @inbalancesortof
Also joining Lisa’s Challenge, Donloree follow her on twitter @bikiniorbust

Couch to 5k: Week 8

Summer has certainly kicked in full speed – Be sure to drink lots of water before and after! If you have noticed your knees are feeling a little achy, start icing them for 15-20 minutes post-run.

Now is not the time to slack on your diet, be sure you continue to balance your meals and get regular good-night’s sleep – your body depends on consistency in order to operate at optimal capacity.

<<Go to previous week
<<Get Started – Week 1

Week Workout 1 Workout 2 Workout 3
8 Brisk five-minute warmup walk, then jog 2.75 miles (or 28 minutes). Brisk five-minute warmup walk, then jog 2.75 miles (or 28 minutes). Brisk five-minute warmup walk, then jog 2.75 miles (or 28 minutes).

I am using this C25k schedule for my injury recovery.

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