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EASY Nutrition Tracking

I always write down everything I eat and, typically, I do it on my computer.  Right now I am using Calorie Count to track my nutrition. I love it because it gives me an analysis of my nutrition where I can EASILY see what I am lacking and what it will take to get there.  This site also already has SO many pre-entered items—random ones too!  So I can easily select “Fage Total 0%” and it is already in the database (I don’t have to enter all the nutritional info)! http://caloriecount.about.com

I love it – Helps me track my food, my activity, my weight so I can get excited or re-motivated when I see my chart. For the competing athlete you may have your own nutritional percentage goals you want to meet, but this is an easy way to at least break it out for you.  If you are not competing but are jump starting a new diet, jotting what you eat is key to helping you measure and track progress. Check it out! Maybe you will find it helpful 😀

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