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Fit Pregnancy: Month 4

Welp, that wraps up month 4!  I’m up eight pounds and feeling amazing. Gym and the local running trails have been really great to me, but my doc did have to tell me to scrub back a bit on intensity.  I have the wonderful privilege of having a doctor who is VERY familiar with the bodybuilding world because her husband competes!  I am very open with her about my workouts and diet because I want to do what’s best for my baby.  This week apparently I pushed too hard. (I guess blacking out should have been my sign to stop, but…like an idiot, I kept going.)

Nutrition. My doc advised that I have a small meal/snack before my workout to help with dizziness, but ALSO told me that post-workout I should replace some calories burned.  So cottage cheese + apple slices have been a new go-to.


Getting Serious

My husband and I are fitness fanatics, but we are about to improve our mentality with a bit more seriousness.  This past weekend we were in Arkansas – how can you not be fitness-crazed when you’re in Arkansas? All those lovely hills of death to bike and run and the lakes to kayak across…not to mention the National Strongman competition that we attended while we were there.  Yes, we were quite inspired.  So inspired, in fact, that our drive home sparked great conversations about setting new goals and how we would accomplish them.

My desire is to be in the most ridiculous shape of my life, but of course my goal needs to be something measurable. One of my goals is still to run a marathon, but I would love to be qualified for figure competition.  Should I pursue? I think so!  Its kind of a scary goal because it would dramatically change my lifestyle – can we say no free time?  Still contemplating.  For now, I am going to dedicate time to educating myself on what it will take and training accordingly.  I have friends in the BB world that I can learn much from – time to take advantage!

Have you set any new goals? Reach high. Accomplish much.

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