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So you want to compete: Expenses

Before you decide to compete, you should definitely make sure you are prepared for the expenses. It is totally worth it, but don’t go into it uninformed. Everyone agree with me on that one?

I was plugged into a good *fitness community before I started and my trainer was very informative, so I felt very prepared and nothing took me by surprise.

They warn you it will be expensive, but let me break it down for ya…

  • $$$$ Trainer – depending on how often you see your trainer and for how long you train with him/her before your competition this can be up to the thousands.  Estimate between $50-80 per session
  • $$ Posing classes – price varies, usually the cost of a training session or slightly less
  • $$ shampoo and conditioner and exfoliating scrub (so your tan wont get splotchy) and lotion that you will blow through because you will be working out every day and sometimes twice (or more).
  • $20 food scale
  • $ per month you will need an average lifetime supply of ziploc baggies and foil 😛
  • $80-150 per week on food
  • $40 per month on supplements (protein, amino acids, liver, vitamins, glutamine, pre-workout drinks etc)
  • $40-100 Massage
  • $7.99 Half gallon water jug
  • $100-$900 Posing suit – depending on how elaborate your suit
  • $35 5″ clear heels
  • $10-30 Miscellaneous jewelry
  • $150+ Make up and Hair
  • $115-150+ Tanning
  • $45 Manicure/fake nails
  • $25 Pedicure
  • $100 Official NPC card
  • $75+ Competition Entry Fee
  • $100+ Hotel (+applicable taxes/fees) – even if it is local you will probably need to get a hotel unless you live close by, because there is usually a meeting in the evening, then you have to wake up EARLY for final tanning, hair and make up before the prejudging in the morning
  • $20 Resistance bands to pump up back stage (it’s nice to have your own so you don’t have to wait and can even continue pumping while lined up before walking up)
  • $250 Photo shoot (you’re in the best shape of your life, lots of people like to capture that accomplishment)
  • $100-200 photo shoot apparel
  • $10 Body scrub to exfoliate for at least a week before spray tan

Am I missing anything?

*fitness community: (1) Donloree Hoffman blog and community: BikiniorBust.com, (2) Fitness Spectaculars, (3) twitter, (4) Jerome’s gym, (5) Bodybuilding.com


Faith Keith - 9 days till the Ronnie Coleman ClassicEveryone around me is cheering me on – THANK YOU!! You have no idea how much I NEED it and how much it really means to me.  Sometimes it’s your “I believe in you” or “you’ve got this” that gets me through the last mile in my morning run, or the last half hour of my workout.

I could not have done this alone. No way.

I already feel like I have accomplished what I set out to do, but I still have the excitement of the stage (and backstage) experience to look forward to!!

I still can’t believe I am doing this.  I set out to compete in a natural bodybuilding event and …I will actually be doing that next weekend??….. O_o Un-stinkin-real.

Black Bean Brownies

I made these a while ago – these are totally not in my current meal plan – its prep baby!! But they will be fun to make again in my off season.

Image of Black bean brownies - Faith Keith

Click here for the recipe

Click HERE for Donloree’s version (the original!)


image of "10" from flickr10 Days till the Ronnie Coleman Classic – I can do this. 10 more days of eating perfectly. 10 more days of ZERO cheats. 10 more days to stay focused. That’s only 8 days and 48 hours 🙂

A week is nothing!

(Hah…for all you competitors, you know a week is not “nothing”, but we can survive, we will survive, and we will succeed!)

The other day on our way to church I was bent over my lap digging in my purse to make sure my chicken was not leaking and my husband got a glimpse of my delts and back muscles through my blouse and exclaimed, “Wow! You’re a monster!” I sat upright quickly and with eyes wide and batting Shirley-Temple-style I raised my hands to my face and said, “oh, thank you!!!” ^__^

Ah, the life of a competitor – what crazy comments are made that we take as compliments! ha! 🙂

11 Days till the Ronnie Coleman Classic!

With a mere 11 days ahead I press on with excitement, perseverance…and…extreme fatigue 😛

75 Days: Lisa’s Chocolate Challenge

Lisa, from Bikini or Bust Spring/Summer 2011 Challenge, made a vow to herself.  For the next 75 days she is set on a quest of NO CHOCOLATE.  Don’t get the wrong idea…this is not easy, but she wants to prove to herself that she can do it.  75 days till Saturday, March 19, 2011.

I’m a nibbler and I’m as hardcore-nibbler as they come.

My chocolate challenge will be…

Faith Keith - No Chocolate Challenge

Are you up for the challenge? What will you give up for the next 75 days? Let’s get LEAN!

If you have decided to join the challenge, let me know your twitter or your personal blog – would love to encourage you in your quest!

Check out Lisa’s blog and read about her journey here
Bikini or Bust Creator Donloree, official blog
Also joining Lisa’s Challenge, Susan follow her on twitter @inbalancesortof
Also joining Lisa’s Challenge, Donloree follow her on twitter @bikiniorbust

Happy Birthday, Donloree Hoffman!

Monday December 13th is Donloree Hoffman’s birthday! (by the way she loves shoes : ) )

Donloree competed in her first ever figure competition in October 2010.  Along the way she picked up some intrigued readers.  She made us laugh, drop our jaws, experience shock with her when the itsy bitsy bikini arrived in the mail, feel her pain when she had to be thankful for vegetables during Canadian Thanksgiving, cheer with excitement for her when she did not bust, and sympathize with her when her fake tan made it’s not-so-pleasant farewell.

She was featured in the Calgary Herald on sculpting a life worth living and the Edmonton Journal for her mega-drop story.

Being the selfless person she is, after completing her competition, she said, what’s next? And proceeded to establish a league of extraordinary women to journey to THEIR competition together. I give you, the Bikini or Bust Challenge Spring 2011 comprised of 15 women across 4 countries! See the competitors; See the competitors (more)

Donloree continues to be an inspiration to us all!

If you are inspired, wish Donloree a happy birthday here or on twitter! She has done remarkable things and I have no doubt that she will have more up her sleeve. 🙂

Happy Birthday D-Lo!

Follow Donloree on twitter http://twitter.com/bikiniorbust

Read Donloree at bikiniorbust.wordpress.com

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