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My First Time

I LOVE SPORTS! The higher the propensity for disaster, the better! Let me tell ya, mountain biking was nothing short of exhilarating fun! It was my first time out on my new mountain bike AND my very first time actually off-roading. I had the time of my life running into a tree (which saved me from falling down a 5 ft trench), plummeting into a creek, nearly knocking 4 [very, very friendly and understanding] bikers off the trail, and trying to keep up with my kid sister, who is the dare-devil herself. I was a clueless newb trying to stay alive. Now THAT’S sports. Needless to say…I’M HOOKED!!

We road a trail at Rowlett Creek.  Apparently on Wednesdays [at 6:00?] there is a guy who teaches beginner off-roading. DEFinitely check out this trail!

mountain biking for fitness

Me. Pre-doomsday

Train Yourself To Take It Easy

Whatever your sport (running, swimming, lifting, biking, etc) keep in mind form, but also remember to relax.

Runner looking very relaxed

Doesn't this runner look relaxed?

You’d be surprised how much energy you might be exerting in those tightened shoulders while you run or the constant flexed feet or overly tight grip.  Ease up a bit by focusing on using your muscles, not tightening your entire body.  I periodically will check myself especially when I am in the last leg of a long run.  Don’t relax till you lose form, just be aware of what your body is doing and what it needs.  Treat your body well and it will respond well.

Cross-Training, Shmosh-Training

Swim Bike Run - TRIEven though I would still push myself, I used to think of cross-training days as an “easy day” simply because I was not running.   I have changed my tune!  I have recently taken more of an interest in runners who periodically train for triathlons. There are so many benefits including less pain and muscle balance (read: better figure).   I have also been in rah-rah mode since I learned that runners actually have the easiest time training versus an athlete from one of the other 2 sports.  Runners are accustomed to the pounding of the pavement and so we can easily transition from biking to running.  A runner’s cardio is also already conditioned for intense exercise, so runners have the capacity to take on swimming and biking.  A swimmer commented that he had the cardio for the running, but his legs were aching from the pounding of the hard pavement.

A Note for Those Training for a Half/Marathon:

Cross-Train: This is identified simply as “cross.” What form of cross-training works best? It could be swimming, cycling, walking (see below), cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, or even some combination that could include strength training. What cross-training you select depends on your personal preference. But don’t make the mistake of cross-training too vigorously. Cross-training days should be considered easy days that allow you to recover from the running you do the rest of the week

–from Hal Higdon’s adivce to the novice

So, this has inspired me.  I am now taking my cross-training days more seriously and enjoying them! I can’t wait to begin biking and swimming.  (Mental note: find out when traffic is light at the gym’s pool)

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