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1. I almost ran my “5-6 mile” goal
2. I almost missed a workout

This morning I weighed in at 120.8. so I lost those 2lbs I gained and I’m ready to keep trucking.

I have been trying so pretty awesome proteing recipes…Pumpkin Muffin with protein and protein icing. Super delicious and PACKED with protein. Barely any fat and sugar (if using non fat milk and splenda). Chicken Wild Rice Casserole with protein. Yukon Gratin Potatoes. Low Fat Beef Stroganoff with extra protein. I have been adding protein in a lot of my other recipes now that I have the hang of it.

Saturday I put in a good solid 3+ mile with incredible ease
Sunday I fell asleep after a long day (but it was only 5pm) and I was so sleep deprived (because of my life style of not sleeping) that I slept till Monday morning at 6! So I missed my Sunday workout, but made up for it on Monday.

Monday I ran 4 miles (1-2 miles short of my goal because I wanted to make it in time to take yoga) . Immediately after, I stretched for 10 minutes then ran to the groupx room for some hot yoga. Not a good idea after losing water in a run. I was so dehydrated and fast getting overheated because of it. I quit the class half way through for the sake of my health. This wa smy first taste of true yoga. I have done bits and pieces of yoga movements that were interwoven to other core classes. It certainly forces you to stabalize and really opens up your chest and sholders to have fabulous posture. I had a great back and upper body workout that i was expecting, but to my surprise we had a great lower body workout as well! It was like dance without the cardio. The movements were controlled so you’re thinking “easy…no sweat” but the room was so warm and you feel everything!!! So you really burn those calories with a capital “C”. I do NOT like the spirtual aspects of Yoga…praying to the gods, etc…but most yoga classes I have heard of have been exercise oriented only, no meditation or praying elements. and THAT I can live with ^_^

Today (tuesday) is my off day since I made yesterday my Sunday O_0.


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