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No Excuses Training Streak

I am on Day 20 of my 40 day training streak. “No-excuses Training Streak”**. The habit of not allowing anything to get in my way of my training is formed! I had one of those “I just want to get into my sweat pants” days, but I donned my running shoes without a grunt! What a great feeling.

Two weeks ago or so the half marathon became this daunting cloud of doom, but after Thursday’s run (Day 16 of No-Excuses Training Streak) I felt very confident – I am ready!! Bring it on, Austin,TX!

**A runner I follow on twitter, @libbyruns, inspired me to start a 40 day training streak of no excuses. I really enjoy being on twitter,, and this blogsite because it allows me to connect with other like minded people. Staying connected with like-minded people is one of the key elements to staying motivated.

Stay motivated everyone! Keep your goal in front of you!

Thanksgiving Goals

I really want to push myself and one way I love to accomplish that is….SIGN UP FOR A RACE!

Turkey Trot 2009, baby! Its an Thanksgiving morning annual “fun run” so you can race it or you can run it. You can even jog or walk! Participants register for whatever suits them best. The 5k fun run is for families and runners.

2007 I had a blast running this with my girlfriend. I was still recovering from knee injuries, but we still made pretty good time. She was kind enough to walk a few breaks in between.

I just registered for this year’s run…8 miler, here I come.

5 weeks to train.

I Am a Fitness Professional…I Am a Fitness Professional…

I need to reprogram my brain to think like a fitness professional. I want to be a strong athlete. I need to think of work like sleeping. It is something that has to be done to survive, it eats up time, but it can’t be an excuse for not hitting the gym. I need to think of food as fuel and not as pleasure. (though pleasure is very much a part of enjoying life and I am ok with food occassionally being that “pleasure” item)

I told my muscle-head Unlce Ken that I really want to pursue figure competitions after I get myself on a solid lifestyle. He said “do it” and it could not have been more motivating. I am looking forward to getting my life on track…I just need to learn my body first. This time next year, I think I’ll know what needs to be done, then I can start doing some research and talking to people about how to start training for competitions. Gosh…and don’t forget kids…I’ll be wanting a few at some point, so thats another factor, though NOT a deterrant. One of my idols in that arena is Samantha Harris (DWTS hostess), who after only about 8 months after baby was right back on her original weight. She has been active her whole life, but she works smart and thats the key.

My workout partners are things and people that motivate me. Not all of them are aware that they are my workout partners and I do not actually workout with any of them. In pecking order:
1. Luke (husband)
2. Muscle & Fitness Hers Magazine
3. Jessica Biel (celeb)
4. That woman on that didn’t start working out till she was 38 and now she is a godess of fitness only 8 years later
5. Uncle Ken
6. Samantha Harris (celeb)

Reaching Your Goal By Having Good Friends

My girlfriend, Nicole, and I were arranging lunch plans via text. After confirming time and location I got back to my work. Time was drawing close to that hour of our meeting and the realization hit me like a charging elephant. I texted her back, “I just realized Zenna [the restaurant] is not in the best interest of my weight loss efforts. Can we just do coffee/tea at 12 and I’ll eat my sack lunch when I get back to the office? Sorry to be lame!” To which she replied “Hey if it’s not in your weight loss efforts then neither is it in mine! 🙂 coffee sounds super fantastic. I’ll pick you up at 12”

We both knew that eating thai food would not be great but for the sake of the fellowship we were going to make an exception. Neither one of us really wanted to make that exception. Sometimes it takes one person to keep two on track.

Thanks Nicole for the awesome conversations over sugar-free, non-fat, vanilla lattes. I loved talking about each others lives, struggles, fitness goals, successes and future travel plans. Thanks for letting me stick to my diet, not judging it as an “obsession” and coming along side me by sharing your fitness endeavors. Good luck with your goals!

Upcoming Entry: “Calorie Counting Will Cause Fat Gain”

The Rule of accountability

Fitness is a hard road when you go it alone.

I have enlisted the partnership of my friend Mary. We are super stoked because we both have extremely similar goals. I really believe this will help us reach our goals faster.

FAILURE NOTICE: The past week or so I have struggled with some serious cravings and 80% of the time I caved. I have successfully put on weight because of my bad choices. I weigh in at 124 PM and 122 AM. That means I have about 10-12 pounds to lose by October. Approx 3-4 lbs a month.

Today I will be running this set: 1 mile + 5 1:00 min AI + 1 mile.

If I have time to do pilates this evening I will squeeze that in as well.

In 4 weeks I will be able to run 5 miles without distress and after verifying this for 1.5 weeks I will progress to the “9 weeks to a half” routine:,7120,s6-238-244–6851-2-2X5X8-4,00.html

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