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LiveFit @home – Phase 1: Day 16 Back/Bis

Oooo I had fun with the variations on this one!

Day 16


Hammer Strength Lat Pull: Threw my resistance band over the top of my door, then using the hammer motion I did beautifully executed lat pull downs. Note…Be sure it is not near the edge of the door where it can snap off and hit you haha…*cough* learned by experience *cough*

Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown
: Same concept as the Hammer Lat Pulls except you open up your arms wide and palm away grip (versus hammer – grips facing in).

Seated Narrow Grip Cable Rows: Door open and perpendicular to your body, hook the resistance band around both sides of the door knob. Sit in a chair and voila! Low row set up.

T-Bar Row: Holding a heavy single dumbbell, I bent over at a near-90 and pulled up for the row.

Back Extensions: I knelt on my couch facing the arm of the couch. Arms crossed over my chest I let my body bend and hang over the side of the couch, then flexed up for the extension. I was surprised how well this worked!

Incline Dumbbell Curl: This one was tough. I tried to lean my chair back against the wall in a carpeted room (so as not to slip). This worked ok, but the back of my chair was wider than me so my arms did not have that free-range that they would on a real bench. This exercise made me want to invest in an adjustable bench.

ENERGY!!!! [full week of workout routines]

Rawr. Workout like a pregnant lady, what! ^__^ This was/is my week of workouts this week.  16 weeks and it feels SO. GREAT. to be back at the gym and killing it. My diet is pretty awesome too now that I have less food aversions. Sa-weeeeet!

Monday – Legs
Smith machine warm up squats light weight or no weight. 2 x50.
3×15 squats medium weight
3×15 leg extensions superset with standing lunges 15 ea. side.
3×20 Seated leg curls
3×20 leg extensions
3×15 bench step ups with weight..15 each leg.
5 x30 calves (raises)
Do 10 minutes of abs after the end of workout utilizing machines and crunches.
Total of 250 reps.

Tuesday – Shoulders, back and chest
Circuit 1: 3×15 Smith machine shoulder press (1 set light for warm up)
Pull ups 3×15 (assisted)
Push ups 3×20
Bent over dbell fliees 4x 20
Circuit 2:
Lateral dbell raise 3×15
Wide grip pull downs 3×15
Upright row 3×15
Rear delt rope pulls 3×20
End of workout do 50 pushups

Wednesday – Arms
Circuit 1: dbell curls drop set 12lbs. for 15 reps, 10lbs. for 15 reps then 8lbs for 25 reps. right into dbell skull crushers 3×20 superset with bench dips 3×30. repeat these 3x through.
Circuit 2: Triceps cable push downs 4×15 Bicep curls 4×15
Crossover pushups 4x 10 each way

Thursday – Legs
Stationary squats 50 reps
Walking lunges 3×60 steps regular, diagnol and double.
Bench Step ups 3×15
Lateral side squats 3×15
Lunges with back foot on bench 3×30.
Straight leg dead lifts 3×25
Leg curls 3×25

Friday: Total body day!

Saturday: 5k Race

Sunday: REST, oh sweet, blessed rest day! 😀

165lbs, New to Fitness. Where do I start?

Sarah Asks:

I’m just a beginner, & I’m at 165lbs. I’ve lost 30 on my own.THIS is where I get confused. Since I’m starting off with a lot of body fat to lose, do I need to get some of that off (by eating clean & inc cardio) BEFORE I try to build muscle? I don’t want to inc calories on top of the fat I already have, right ? I’m already eating very clean, lifting *heavy* and doing a lot of cardio. I think I’m overdoing it.

Fitness Model/Writer Jamie Eason Responds:

Sarah – be careful not to overtrain because then you can’t maximize your workouts anyway. When you start with a high amount of excess bodyfat, the focus should be clean eating first and foremost (like you are doing) and a workout geared mo…re toward overall body training. You can get away with a general workout split of chest with tris, back with bis and legs on their own day. For about 4 days a week, you can incoporate a medium intensity cardio and a few days of abs just to strengthen your core. As for food, I want you to think of calories in terms of energy. You need to provide enough energy for your body to get through these workouts. When you switch to clean foods, you should still be able to eat a decent portion because clean foods typically have fewer overall calories than processed foods. Don’t be afraid to eat the good stuff because as you stay consistent, your body will trust that it is going to get fed the proper amount of enegy and will release more fat for fuel.

Can you relate to this woman? Do you still have unanswered questions?

Read the original post

8 Minutes To Sexy Legs (times 22)


verb \di-ˈstrȯi, dē-\

: to ruin the structure, organic existence, or condition of <destroyed the files>; also : to ruin as if by tearing to shreds <her muscles were destroyed>

My friend was going to try out 24hour fitness with me today (leg day). She is a new runner as of Spring 2010, so cross-training had not yet made it in to her routine.  That being said, I thought I would get my workout started before she got there. She had trouble finding the gym so she was an hour late.  That means I had been there for 1.75 hours already.  By the time I left I had been at the gym for just under 3 hours.

This is what I did.

10 min warm up – elliptical

4s 20R Seated leg press
4S 20R Seated hamstring curls
4S 12R Leg extension
4S 20R Romanian deadlifts
4s 20R Leg press

3S Super set:
20R one leg bridge on bench
20R hip extension (10/10 right left)

100 crunches

4S Super set:
20R Adductor 70#
30R Jump squats

10 min treadmill 6% incline

3S Super set:
30 sec lunges, quick pace
15 sec jump squats

30 seconds 3.5 @ 6%
30 seconds 6.0 @ 6%
30 seconds 3.5 @ 6%
30 seconds 6.5 @ 4.5%
30 seconds 3.5 @ 4.5%
30 seconds 7.0 @ 4.5%
30 seconds @ level 7
1 minute @ level 7, keeping RPM above 100
30 seconds @ level 9
1 minute @ level 9, keeping RPM above 100
30 seconds @ level 11
1 minute @ level 11, keeping RPM above 100
30 seconds @ level 13
1 minute @ level 13, keeping RPM above 100

2S 50R crunches
5:16:00 plank hold

50R swiss ball crunch
30R Swiss ball ham curls

I kept my pace pretty high with very little rests (walking to the next exercise was my rest), so I accomplished a lot and was very exhausted by the end. (obviously)

[Competition Training: 74 Days in / 22 weeks out]

That’s What She Said! Making 2-a-day Workouts Happen

Faith asks the famous Donloree Hoffman from Bikini or Bust about making the competition training schedule happen while working a full time job, cooking all your meals, and living a “normal” life.

Faith Asks:

Faith KeithI really want to get my cardio in, but since I workout after work it puts me home late as it is.  I was remembering how you had two-a-day workouts and I know you have a career, so I was wondering how you made it work for you.  What was your schedule like?

Donloree Says:

“The two a day work outs are definitely a hard thing to work in. You have to give up something to be able to do them.

My schedule during contest prep looked like this:

5:00 wake up and breakfast
6:30 gym
8:30 work
5:00 cardio
6:00 leave gym and do the evening stuff
10:00 sleepy time

Sleep! “If you are going to move to two a day workouts, you have to get enough sleep otherwise you’ll be dragging!”

Do or Dont? “If you don’t have to go to two a day workouts, then don’t! 🙂 ”

Tacking it on. “Something I do after my training in the mornings is 15 minutes of HARD cardio.  I will run for 2 minutes at 6 mph and then do 30 second sprints at 8.5 or 9 mph on the treadmill. I just hop on and off at the 30 second marks. It looks funny, but its effective to get the metabolism jumping. ”

“The other thing you can do is join a team or run some races or meet friends for running and walking dates.  I love combining exercise and friends.  My best friend and I went for an 1.5 hour walk twice a week in the summer and ended with coffee.  We would just meet at the coffee shop, head out for the walk, and then have coffee when we were done.  Lots of fun and a good workout.  My husband and I try to do the same kinds of things, but he’s all over the place so that makes it hard!”

Thanks for your insight, Donloree!  It’s great getting tips from someone who’s been there. 🙂


Warning! Two-A-Days have advantages, but make sure you know that it is not for long term use.  Be sure to understand the basics of how to train this way including nutrition.
There are always ripple affects, so remember that your body will demand a different supply of energy and therefore will need to be fueled differently as well.  Read more in this great article from by James Wilson: The Advantages of Two-A-Days

[Competition Training] Day 22: Labor Day Solo Round

There was a bit of a misunderstanding and I found myself parked in front of Jerome’s gym staring at the big sign “CLOSED”.  Bummer! Bummer?…I texted Susan (my trainer) and determined, with her permission, that I would not take the day off and instead workout on my own at 24 hour fitness.

I wanted to see if I could challenge and push myself even on a holiday.


I wrote out my workout plan with reps and weight notated and split it into 2 circuits.


I completed everything just like I would with Susan! I pushed through an entire hour! After my heart rate calmed down and I was nearly home, I was reflecting on my workout and realized that I could have squeezed in a few more exercises that I forgot to include. Doh!

What I learned from this:

I can push myself to complete any challenge, but I HAVE to write it out ahead of time – determine it in my heart that this is what I will do – THEN I can have a very productive workout (with no regrets that I could have done more 🙂 ).

The Workout:

  • Double lunges (up and back)

Circuit 1 (repeat 3 times):

  • jump squats (30 seconds)
  • 20R Lying leg curl (35lb)
  • 30R Squats on platform with dumbbell(25lb)
  • 50R Pushup position alt. leg jump

Circuit 2 (repeat 3 times):

  • 20R Roman dead lifts
  • 10/10 Single-leg step up with bench


  • 2 minute plank hold
  • plank with knee-up (30 sec)
  • 20R sit-up with leg raise

Low Calorie Week: Day 7

Today is the last day of low calorie week. FYI – it is important NOT to continue a low calorie diet as a way of life. Your metabolism WILL adjust and then will only require those lower calories and so if you eat more than what it expects, it will store it. People often refer to this as starvation mode, but most dont realize it happens way sooner than they think.

Meal 1: Omelette – mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, salsa, jalepenos
Snack: vanilla protein shake plain
Meal 2: Tuna salad with walnuts, jalepenos, a little jalepeno juice and apples
Snack: SF ActiveLifestyle jello – cranberry green tea
Meal 3 Chicken salad with jalepenos, raisins, romaine lettuce

T: one arm cable pull down
B: hammer rope cable pull
T: kick backs
T: skull crusher
B: one arm cable pull
1 mi jog at 5.4

Happy Monday!! I am SO EXCITED about today’s meal plan and workout routine! This past weekend was rough and stressful…I had a lot on my plate making it tough to stick to the plan, but I’m plowing through! Keep up your motivation! Today will be your healthiest day yet – I will be fit TODAY! ^_^

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