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11 Days till the Ronnie Coleman Classic!

With a mere 11 days ahead I press on with excitement, perseverance…and…extreme fatigue 😛

No Matter What!

This was our Sunday…it was snowing when we got out of church, so I quickly packed up my flute and collaborated with my mom about soup for lunch!  So fun! Texas does not see snow much, so when it snows its a big deal around here.  My hubs noted that it was a perfect day for a board game or movie – ooooh we were excited!  On the way home we looked at each other, listed all those wonderful things again and then said simultaneously…”and gym”.

and then this is what we did after the gym….

THEN we watched a movie with my favorite cheat meal, pizza from Papa Murphy’s (the make it fresh and you bake it at home). Dedication pays off!

I hope all my fellow Texans are enjoying this bit of snow! To those in the arctic…In honor of you I started my run outdoors and could NOT feel my legs – wow!! You guys are TOUGH.

I Am Gym

Today will be a rest day for me unless I can squeeze in a 30 min cardio session somewhere between getting ready to leave for Thanksgiving in the fantastic boondocks of Oklahoma (the Oklahoma part is not so fantastic. Hook ’em! ).TEXAS

Which means I will need to come strong tomorrow!

Super Sonic Week Continues!

While I have no access to a gym…



Thursday morning will be an early morning jog 🙂 I wish you could see the silly grin on my face as I write this. I love nature. I love early mornings. I love early morning jogs – it gives me time alone to think and pray and just enjoy God’s creation. *still grinning wide*

I will also go on a walk probably every evening with a few willing family members.


Upper body

My husband does pushups for 1-2 hours. He does around 80 reps, then rests for 3 minutes, then repeat.  He likes to do this while we watch a movie. Nerd.  Over thanksgiving, he will definitely be doing this, so I will *gulp* join him!! I will probably have to keep my reps low.  This will be my upper body workout.



I feel a little helpless here. 20S of 50R Dips – that should wear me out! If not, I’ll do more 🙂  What else can I do for Bis or tris?



Plyometric my brains out! Can’t stop this progress! Which reminds me…I need to find my swiss ball so I can use it for lying hamstring curls.

It will probably look something like this (and I will look for a good hill to do these on!):

  • Walking lunges
  • Walking double lunges
  • Lateral walking squats (stay low, you don’t actually come up from the squat)
  • 4S 30R Jump squats
  • 2S 50R Mountain climbers
  • 30R in place lunge, then switch legs
  • 2S 70R plie squat
  • 3S 30 second sprints

Or Jamie Eason’s Playing card routine.

Want to print the exercise? My blog post with a list of the exercises:

Watch her video:

Jamie Eason – Plyometric Routine with Playing Cards

In a interview, Jamie Eason tells you how to get a great workout even on those days you can’t get out to the gym. All you need is a deck of cards!

How It Works:

Joker = 1 rep or 11 reps depending on your ambition level

  1. Flip over 3 cards. The sum of the cards = the number of reps you will do of the 1st exercise.
  2. Flip over 3 more cards.  Sum = the number of reps of 2nd exercise.
  3. Continue till you complete all the exercises, then start over until you finish the deck of cards
  4. Once you finish the deck of cards, you can go again.  Jamie said she will do this a few times a day OR do 3 decks in a row.

The Exerciseswild-joker-in-a-deck-of-cards - image from istockphoto

Squat Jumps

Jumping jacks

Jumping Lunges

High Knees

Mountain Climbers

Butt Kicks

Push ups

Jumping Jacks

Bicycles or Crunches

Watch Jamie Eason do this exercise

Let Your Yes Be Yes

“…let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No'” Matthew 5:37

I did not want to go workout yesterday. I was overloaded at work, stressed about wrapping everything up while the Company’s President is out of the country AND thinking about wanting to stock the house with “guest-ready” foods, packing, prepping for going out of town, training, subbing at the piano for church (and PRACTICING)….how will I fit it all in??  I just did not feel like going to the gym at ALL.  But I said that I would.

But I did.

And I am so happy because that really is a milestone for progress. Going when you don’t want to. Watch out world…this is a champ in the making!

I owe this workout to Michelle – who motivated me to get my arse out the door!

Super Sonic Thanksgiving Week CONTINUES ON!

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