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LiveFit @home – Phase 1: Day 26 Shoulders/Abs

Day 26 and the LAST workout day before Phase 2! I am so pumped! Ready to build and sculpt, baby!


The only variations were with cables and then the Roman chair leg lifts (just like Day 19)

Rear delt cable flies. I stood on my resistance band and did single arm rear delt flies to get the full range of motion.

Roman chair leg lifts. For those I did a bench version. I sat on the edge of my firm leather coffee table, hands gripping slightly behind me, held my legs up out in front of me like a leg raise then pulled my legs to my chest.

More than ever, start focusing on that diet. Your body will need the right fuel to build beautiful muscle (the muscle that will reward you by burning extra calories for you when you’re just sitting there! #win)

LiveFit @home – Phase 1: Day 11: Shoulders/Abs

Boulder shoulders!! Lets go!!

Day 11

No variations needed!

For the abs section: I performed the exercise, no counting till I felt the burn, then I did all 3 sets back to back. I did this method for both exercises 3 times through.

What you need:

  • dumbbells
  • swiss ball

16 weeks out: Shoulders

Killer shoulder workout by Kattie Fleece of Fleece Fitness and Momma on the Move blog!  I LOVE shoulder day and love getting shoulder workouts from people who love the muscle group – they usually go nuts with it (which is exactly what I want!).

Below is my version of her workout


Do 3 sets of each exercise with minimal breaks in between.  12-15 reps each.

  • Shoulder Press on Smith Machine @ 30 lbs.
  • Arnold Press @ 20 lbs.
  • Front Plate Raises @ 25 lbs.
  • Shrug to Shoulder Press @ 15 lbs. dumbbells
  • Upright Rows with Barbell @ 40 lbs.
  • Rear Delt Cable Pull @ 55 lbs.

“End with SUPERSETS to really feel the burn”

  • First Set (repeat 3-4 times)
    • -Reverse Grip Lat Pulldown @ 85 lbs./12 reps
    • -Shoulder Press with Dumbells @ 25 lbs./10 reps
  • Second Set (repeat 3-4 times)
    • -Seated Rows on cables @ 85 lbs./12 reps
    • -Lat Raises @ 10 lbs./12 reps

Woot! Great workout.  Afterwards I rewarded myself with fresh spinach and green beans dropped, at the last cooking-minute, into my boiling chicken (and homemade stock).

Keepin’ it mean at the gym and clean in the kitchen! Rawr.

ENERGY!!!! [full week of workout routines]

Rawr. Workout like a pregnant lady, what! ^__^ This was/is my week of workouts this week.  16 weeks and it feels SO. GREAT. to be back at the gym and killing it. My diet is pretty awesome too now that I have less food aversions. Sa-weeeeet!

Monday – Legs
Smith machine warm up squats light weight or no weight. 2 x50.
3×15 squats medium weight
3×15 leg extensions superset with standing lunges 15 ea. side.
3×20 Seated leg curls
3×20 leg extensions
3×15 bench step ups with weight..15 each leg.
5 x30 calves (raises)
Do 10 minutes of abs after the end of workout utilizing machines and crunches.
Total of 250 reps.

Tuesday – Shoulders, back and chest
Circuit 1: 3×15 Smith machine shoulder press (1 set light for warm up)
Pull ups 3×15 (assisted)
Push ups 3×20
Bent over dbell fliees 4x 20
Circuit 2:
Lateral dbell raise 3×15
Wide grip pull downs 3×15
Upright row 3×15
Rear delt rope pulls 3×20
End of workout do 50 pushups

Wednesday – Arms
Circuit 1: dbell curls drop set 12lbs. for 15 reps, 10lbs. for 15 reps then 8lbs for 25 reps. right into dbell skull crushers 3×20 superset with bench dips 3×30. repeat these 3x through.
Circuit 2: Triceps cable push downs 4×15 Bicep curls 4×15
Crossover pushups 4x 10 each way

Thursday – Legs
Stationary squats 50 reps
Walking lunges 3×60 steps regular, diagnol and double.
Bench Step ups 3×15
Lateral side squats 3×15
Lunges with back foot on bench 3×30.
Straight leg dead lifts 3×25
Leg curls 3×25

Friday: Total body day!

Saturday: 5k Race

Sunday: REST, oh sweet, blessed rest day! 😀

Upper Body Smash Down

14 weeks and I think I’m finally at the point where I have energy again! I have run a 5k on Saturday for the past 2 weekends and plan to do it again this Saturday!

Today I went to the gym for the first time in almost a month. It felt SO good to be back!

[Upper Body Smash Down Workout]

  • Barbell bent over row 12R x 4s
  • Barbell shoulder press 12R x 4s
  • Barbell bench press 12R x 4s
  • (giant-set’d the 1st 3 exercises)
  • Dumbbell Lateral Raise 15R x 4s
  • Seated Low Row 15R x 4s
  • Dumbbell Bicep curl 20R x 4s
  • Tricep Pushdown  20R x 3s, then 4th set till failure

Oh yeah, baby. Pregnant ladies are not wusses! “Lifting for two”! 😀

Eh, Suck it Up Snap Fairy!

I am switching things up a bit. Hitting more muscle groups each session.  I am having off and on “morning sickness” so this ensures I still hit everything regardless if I go to the gym 3 times this week or 6.  What happened last week was a lot of muscles got left behind.  I need to find some tricks to combat nausea! Not sure if this is typical, but when I get nauseous every food sounds gross and makes it worse to even think about it.  As my grandma would say, “suck it up snap fairy!” just get over it 😛

The Upper Body Workout

Workout from: Fitness RX Feb 2012 issue; Pg 54; Jamie Eason’s 30-Day Knockout

  • Seated DB shoulder press (shoulders/tris) 3 x 10 ;15lbs
  • Super set: Skull crushers + narrow grip bench press (tris/chest) 3 x 10 ;35lb EZ bar
  • DB lateral raise (shoulders) 3 x 10 ;10lbs
  • Cable chest flys 3 x 10 ;40lbs
  • Rear delt cable flys (shoulders/back) 3 x 10 ;15lbs
  • Wide grip lat pulldown (back/biceps) 3 x 10 ;70lbs
  • Reverse grip pulldown (back/biceps) 3 x 10 ;55lbs
  • Super set: Alternating DB curl (biceps) 3 x 10 ;15lbs with
  • Bench reverse crunches 3 x 25

Today I executed this workout, but had to keep taking breaks – not used to that.  My cousin (college student and fitness buff) worked out with me and we both left feeling like we got our workout in – awesome.  She killed it – she was able to keep her pace a little higher than mine.

We completed this workout in 45 minutes. How bout them apples.

21 Day Challenge: Day 2

I asked on twitter and facebook for people to share their favorite shoulder exercise/super-set/circuits – and as a result, I had an incredible shoulder workout.

Special thanks to Jada and Tiffany for their influence in my workout!  Grow shoulders, grow!

Warm up: 30 pushups

Circuit – 4S 15R:

Upright rows

Side lateral raise

Bent over flys – rear delts

4S 50R crossed cable lateral pull

4S 15R, 15, 12, 10 Smith Machine – Military shoulder press

4S 30R Rear delt machine

4S 10R Front-to-side, Side-to-front – lateral raise

Continuing Michelle’s 21 day challenge

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