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Total Body

Today’s workout was inspired by PsychoGym –

The below is from one of their “at home workout plans” found here, anything in colored italicized font are my additions or comments.

Below is a body weight only workout that you can perform while stuck at home today.  Do each exercise for 30 sec.  try to get in as many rounds as you can in 30 min.

1) pushups

2) squat jumps  – I did not jump my highest 🙂

3) planks

4) burpees – I had to modify my stance for the hip thrust portion to be wider and also chose not to do these with the jump so I could keep good balance and posture the whole time

5) tricep dips – hands on a bench or chair

6) situps – I did these as crunches on the swiss ball

7) Mountain climbers

8) Side plank

9) Side plank

10) Tricep pushups

11) High knees in Place

12) Flutter kicks

13) Tuck Jumps – Jump as high as possible and pull knees into your chest – I did not do tuck jumps 

14 )Spider lunges – Lunge and reach elbow to instep of foot – because of the belly I had to do hand-to-instep instead of elbow

15) jump rope or imaginary jump rope – 1 min

Fantastic workout! Don’t get me wrong, I had to take my pace down a notch several times. I didn’t want to have my baby at the gym – it’s dirty!

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