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LiveFit @home – Phase 1: Day 2: back/bis

This one was tough to do at home! Definitely far from the same as far as quality goes, but I gave it all I had and more.

Day 2


Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown: reverse pull-ups or pull ups

Seated Cable Rows: bent-over dumbbell rows OR wrap resistance bands/cables behind your flexed feet and grip high enough on the band to get good resistance

Underhand Cable Pulldowns: chin ups

One Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curl: kneeling on my couch, I put one arm over the back of the couch to serve as my preacher bench.  I tried this over the arm of the couch and it seemed to simulate the preacher bench better, but it was difficult finding a kneeling/laying position to get the right angle…it’s a work in progress


LiveFit @home – Phase 1: Day 1: Chest/Tris

Hey any of you out there tryin’ to get a groove for gym time when you can’t leave the house on a consistent schedule or just don’t feel you have the time?  Word up! I am a new mom so adjustment has been crrrraaazy! I am ALL about NO EXCUSES, so I am not even letting myself off the hook.  So if your problem is something like I mentioned above and are tired of feeling flabNdrab, then follow my 12 week journey and be encouraged that there is a way!

Day 1 Workout

Since I am working out at home and do not have all the equipment I will be noting what alternative exercises I do, but…FYI nothing beats the variety you can get at the gym.  The variety, diet and your consistency is what gets you the results the team claim.


Diet.  The diet is the most important part! I am not using their diet because I wanted a personalized diet (nothing beats that 🙂 ). So I hired my amazing trainer, Susan Groshek, IFBB pro (who helped me win at the Ronnie Coleman Classic 2011), to write my diet.  She can write one for you too! Check her out

Exercise.  The only exercise variation I had to make: Tricep Pushdown
Tricep Pushdown alternative: bent over tricep kick backs

What you need:

  • graduating dumbbells
  • Resistance bands / stretchy cables (I got mine at Academy Sports and Target)

Busy But Gettin Fit

It’s hard to make workouts happen when you are at the mercy of whatever may fly your way from day to day.  If  you are like me, every day is different.  One day you might have time to get in a 1 hour workout and then the next day you can barely brush your teeth without multi-tasking at least one other thing.

I have determined the following things:

  1. If I can get it in. I WILL. No excuses. If I am tired, I will still get it in if the time is there.
  2. If I can’t get it in, I will tell myself it’s ok. Don’t be frustrated.
  3. I will eat/diet like it matters

This is the only way I can stay sane.

7 weeks postpartum:  down 18lbs of the 21! 3 to go, then the vanity 5 🙂 Wee!

I think that was a spark

Yesterday I was having moments of self doubt. Today, on my way to the gym, I told myself I was going to make it count. No long 60-second rests or scrambling my brain to decide my next circuit.  I hit legs HARD for 30 minutes, then did 30 minutes of cardio. It was short, but it felt great because I maximized the time!! I didn’t walk to the showers thinking I could have done better.

Today was a spark of a feeling that hey…maybe I CAN make progress and maybe I CAN pursue optimal fitness and still have a life… 🙂

Makin it happen…makin it count…makin it work even when life has me up by my bootstraps…

Let’s do this.

Career Minded

Image of Faith Keith

Bring it on

I work full-time and honestly…it’s with the intent to one day own my business. I want to earn my way up. Now that I’m not in prep, I have the capacity to get back to that career-focus. But…what about a hot body? I want to maintain optimal fitness.

It can be done!

During prep I easily made the workouts and food prep happen at the expense of my work with the excuse that this was short lived.  My next vendetta is to make it work (gym/food-prep) over the spring/summer.

I’m going to try 4am again, then maybe 6pm workouts. I’ll start with 5-6 days a week and then maybe change it down depending.  My goal is to get my body into it’s optimal state – no yoyo-ing – and maintain it.  There is priority order though that I need to keep in check. I will find the balance! Fitness might not always win in a battle of time – we shall see!

Measurable: I think I can stand to drop back down 5-6 lbs

I can learn how to run a business and maintain fitness and still have a life –  Watch me!  Trial and error here I come! Hoping to pick up a few tricks from other career women/men who make it happen! Bring on the advice/tips/thoughts!

Scrambling to get my eggs

Today I had to take my dad to the airport.  Naturally I was thinking days ahead about how I was going to eat my breakfast – food is almost all I think about now. My scheduled breakfast for today was egg whites and spinach. Thanks to the amazing Google, I found a healthy recipe from for little frittata muffins! They look so cute!

I tweaked it to work for my diet and taste buds, but kept pretty close to the original.

French toast flavored coffee, black and 6 of these little babies made me one happy competitor 🙂

Egg white Frittata- Faith Keith

Get my recipe from my kitchen at OR get the ORIGINAL recipe here

Total Body Workout

I now have a total body workout day that I do on my own.  If you do not go to the gym very regularly, then a total body workout is what you should do each time you go.  If you are hit or miss at the gym, then you don’t want to waste one whole trip on your biceps and then not get a chance to work them again for another week.  (my opinion…but I’m not an IFBB pro, so 😉 ya know…its just an opinion.)

Warm up

Walking Lunges up and back

Double walking lunges up and back

Russian lunges up and back (Russian lunges, you don’t come up from the 90 degree angle)

2S 3min Jump rope  **LOVE JUMPROPE! ITS SO BRUTAL**


the key is to not rest between sets.  I rested only during my walking to begin each super set.

Super set #1 (3 times)

  • 20R Straight leg deadlifts with 25lbs dumbbells
  • 20R Cable squat 80lbs

Super set #2 (3 times)

  • 10/10R 3′ step up box
  • 20R lying hamstring curls 35lbs, fast reps

Super set #3 (3 times)

  • 30R bicep curls with 15lbs, fast reps
  • 60R bench dips, fast reps
  • 50R pushups
  • 20R shoulder press 25lbs dumbbells

Super set #4 (3 times) This set I did not rest at all, go back and forth.  I collapsed several times, but just get right back up and keep going.

  • 25R Vups
  • 25R Hanging leg raises

I kept the pace high and finished the above workout in about 50 minutes.

Then I finished with 45 minutes of cardio. Felt great!!

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