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Lower-Body Plyometric Workout (Office or Home workout!)

15 Weeks - Faith Keith

15 Weeks!

I couldn’t leave the office today for the gym (well..I could but then I would only have 15 minutes before having to turn right back around)  So, duty calls and this was my workout today behind closed doors. I feel like a ninja – no one knows what I’m doing back here…

Do this as a circuit. 20 reps each exercise then repeat 4 times through:

  • Squat jumps or deep squats for speed – [jumping during pregnancy]
  • Lunge with high knee (20R on left, then switch legs)
  • Single-leg bench squat (using office chair; 20R on left, then switch legs)
  • Bench bridge/hip lift
  • Calf jumps (I converted this to calf raises and increased the reps because l was light headed going from laying down for bridge then straight to jumps)

Do whatcha gotta do – and get ‘er done!

Deb’s 100 Day Body Weight Squat Challenge

My friend Deb Simms inspired me with her personal challenge of 100 body-weight squats a day. Motivated by Trish Stratus, Deb challenged me and all the current members of the Bikini or Bust challenge to 100 squats a day for the next 100 days.

The way I do it: Squat deep, butt below the knees, hands in front. I do my reps all in one sitting and I do them fast. all the way down and nearly all the way up. (Come all the way up but not to the point where your knees lock). Stay tight! Body weight squats are a great chance for me to concentrate on my posture and keeping my tummy tight because you do so many.

How fun is this?! Join me! Are you up to the challenge?

I might turn this into 10 sets of 10 one-legged squats and then 4 sets of 25 one-legged squats. Go buns!

By the way, Bikini or Bust is currently accepting new members! Click here for more info!

1, 2, Buckle My Shoe

You know you worked your legs HARD when your hip cramps as you reach to buckle your heels! OW! At first I tried to quickly lift my foot and buckle really fast *1, 2, BUCKLE!!!!* but was not so successful.  I ended up having to sit on the floor with my legs extended to get my heels on haha! Greatness!

My favorites of the day:

  • jumping Hack Squats
  • straight leg deadlifts
  • Squat jumps across

Course Correction

Project All-I-Want-For-Christmas (AKA Project Booty) is in effect.


Last week, I crammed 4 cardio sessions in 2 days because I had not been diligent, but was determined to stick to my commitment.

I will be diligent this week! That was insane!


I then started looking at my diet log.  Not doin’ so hot. I thought I was doing better than I am.  Logging tells it like it is.  So I had my cheat meal last night and decided that I am going to focus hard and wait 10 days (instead of 7) to have my next cheat meal. December 16th is my next cheat meal!


Yesterday I forgot my gym bag, so I had to go home.  I was terrified…I KNEW that once I got home I was not going to have any desire to go back out in the cold to do gym.  Donloree told me not to even take off my coat or anything and just get back in my car.  Autopilot! This was the best advice for me last night.

Now I need to work on my sleep, per my commitment.

Stay the course, Faith Keith…steady. 16.5 weeks.


The routine I accomplished…

5 minutes warm up

Adductors 4S) 10R each: #70, #90 #80 #80 + ProjectBooty set: Drop set – 10R 80#, 10R 70, 10R 60, 10R 50, 30R 40

Seated curls 5S) 10R each:  #50, 90, 90, 85, 85 + ProjectBooty set: 15R 85#(broken into 7R+5R+3R)

Seated Leg press 5S)  10R #180, 8R #240, #240, #240 + ProjectBooty set: 8R #240 (barely made it!)

Plie Squat 4S) 10R each: #45, 50, 50, 50 + ProjectBooty set: 50#

+ ProjectBooty 3S Plyo: Squat – Negatives with 20#each hand

+ ProjectBooty 3S Plyo: hamstring curl with swiss ball (not really a plyo, but I needed another ham exercise)

I Am Gym

Today will be a rest day for me unless I can squeeze in a 30 min cardio session somewhere between getting ready to leave for Thanksgiving in the fantastic boondocks of Oklahoma (the Oklahoma part is not so fantastic. Hook ’em! ).TEXAS

Which means I will need to come strong tomorrow!

Super Sonic Week Continues!

While I have no access to a gym…



Thursday morning will be an early morning jog 🙂 I wish you could see the silly grin on my face as I write this. I love nature. I love early mornings. I love early morning jogs – it gives me time alone to think and pray and just enjoy God’s creation. *still grinning wide*

I will also go on a walk probably every evening with a few willing family members.


Upper body

My husband does pushups for 1-2 hours. He does around 80 reps, then rests for 3 minutes, then repeat.  He likes to do this while we watch a movie. Nerd.  Over thanksgiving, he will definitely be doing this, so I will *gulp* join him!! I will probably have to keep my reps low.  This will be my upper body workout.



I feel a little helpless here. 20S of 50R Dips – that should wear me out! If not, I’ll do more 🙂  What else can I do for Bis or tris?



Plyometric my brains out! Can’t stop this progress! Which reminds me…I need to find my swiss ball so I can use it for lying hamstring curls.

It will probably look something like this (and I will look for a good hill to do these on!):

  • Walking lunges
  • Walking double lunges
  • Lateral walking squats (stay low, you don’t actually come up from the squat)
  • 4S 30R Jump squats
  • 2S 50R Mountain climbers
  • 30R in place lunge, then switch legs
  • 2S 70R plie squat
  • 3S 30 second sprints

Or Jamie Eason’s Playing card routine.

Want to print the exercise? My blog post with a list of the exercises:

Watch her video:

Jamie Eason – Plyometric Routine with Playing Cards

In a interview, Jamie Eason tells you how to get a great workout even on those days you can’t get out to the gym. All you need is a deck of cards!

How It Works:

Joker = 1 rep or 11 reps depending on your ambition level

  1. Flip over 3 cards. The sum of the cards = the number of reps you will do of the 1st exercise.
  2. Flip over 3 more cards.  Sum = the number of reps of 2nd exercise.
  3. Continue till you complete all the exercises, then start over until you finish the deck of cards
  4. Once you finish the deck of cards, you can go again.  Jamie said she will do this a few times a day OR do 3 decks in a row.

The Exerciseswild-joker-in-a-deck-of-cards - image from istockphoto

Squat Jumps

Jumping jacks

Jumping Lunges

High Knees

Mountain Climbers

Butt Kicks

Push ups

Jumping Jacks

Bicycles or Crunches

Watch Jamie Eason do this exercise

8 Minutes To Sexy Legs (times 22)


verb \di-ˈstrȯi, dē-\

: to ruin the structure, organic existence, or condition of <destroyed the files>; also : to ruin as if by tearing to shreds <her muscles were destroyed>

My friend was going to try out 24hour fitness with me today (leg day). She is a new runner as of Spring 2010, so cross-training had not yet made it in to her routine.  That being said, I thought I would get my workout started before she got there. She had trouble finding the gym so she was an hour late.  That means I had been there for 1.75 hours already.  By the time I left I had been at the gym for just under 3 hours.

This is what I did.

10 min warm up – elliptical

4s 20R Seated leg press
4S 20R Seated hamstring curls
4S 12R Leg extension
4S 20R Romanian deadlifts
4s 20R Leg press

3S Super set:
20R one leg bridge on bench
20R hip extension (10/10 right left)

100 crunches

4S Super set:
20R Adductor 70#
30R Jump squats

10 min treadmill 6% incline

3S Super set:
30 sec lunges, quick pace
15 sec jump squats

30 seconds 3.5 @ 6%
30 seconds 6.0 @ 6%
30 seconds 3.5 @ 6%
30 seconds 6.5 @ 4.5%
30 seconds 3.5 @ 4.5%
30 seconds 7.0 @ 4.5%
30 seconds @ level 7
1 minute @ level 7, keeping RPM above 100
30 seconds @ level 9
1 minute @ level 9, keeping RPM above 100
30 seconds @ level 11
1 minute @ level 11, keeping RPM above 100
30 seconds @ level 13
1 minute @ level 13, keeping RPM above 100

2S 50R crunches
5:16:00 plank hold

50R swiss ball crunch
30R Swiss ball ham curls

I kept my pace pretty high with very little rests (walking to the next exercise was my rest), so I accomplished a lot and was very exhausted by the end. (obviously)

[Competition Training: 74 Days in / 22 weeks out]

[Competition Training] Day 15: Evil Has A New Name, Plyometrics

warm up sprints

2 levels platforms jump squats (20, 10; 10, 10; 10, 10)

single leg press (90#,65)

leg raise

platforms jump squats (20, 20, 20)

jump squats (50, 30, 30)

pop squats (30, 30, 30)

single leg squat (10, 10, 10)

The headache is still getting to me…it could be that I am just not yet conditioned for the vigorous workouts, but we are going to try to rule things out. She tweaked my pre-workout meal and I am going to belly-up on water.  We will see if that helps today.

What I think about Plyometrics

Plyos are fantastic. I love them because I can feel myself working hard. My whole body gets in on the action. They are brutal though because human instinct says “hey, I’m exhausting myself you better stop or you won’t be able to function”.  My trainer, Susan, is good about reminding me “its all in your head, you can do this”.

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