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“Cellulite and Muffin Tops Are Sexy”

Once Upon a Time, on a woman far, far, away….

The other day I was sipping coffee with my pal Muffin-top, when I looked down to notice the sad look of our dear friends Cellulite Right and her twin, Cellulite Left.  They were there when I celebrated many birthdays and enjoyed the most scrumptious of pastries.  They were there for my 27th birthday.  They have seen me through hard times.  I have been noticing that they are more distant lately.  Peering out to me only when I am looking for them.  They don’t obnoxiously call out when I make quick glances in the mirror anymore.  This friendship seems to be diminishing. Many a time have I grabbed them with both hands as a reminder to stick to my diet.  Wow, they are such a support for me. What will I do for that motivational prodding once they are gone?  I must say, they are not very good friends though…a good friend would not drag me down.  It will be good for me when they are gone.  They know that I want to get rid of them (shhh, I’m replacing them with new pals Six-pack and Tight-legs).  I don’t talk about Muffy and the Cellu twins, I actually try not to even think about them at all.  I just live my life – I am hitting the gym a lot.  And they just KNOW I am ignoring them.  I think that’s why they are clinging to the friendship for dear life.  I met a counselor, her name is Cardio.  She is a pro at getting out of bad relationships.  I think I will be seeing her 6 times a week.  I’m taking it seriously now.  These relationships are unhealthy.

6 Reasons cellulite and muffin tops are great:

  1. If I did not have dimples on my legs, or chubby on my tummy, I would not be able to stick to my diet in these initial days as I adjust my lifestyle.
  2. It causes me to give more than 120% at the gym.
  3. It makes my “after” pictures look amazing.
  4. If I fall off the treadmill it will make for a softer landing
  5. When people see me working out really hard day in and day out, they will know that I have dedication. I’m not some New Year’s Resolution wimp
  6. When it’s gone, I’ll be able to say, “I’ve been there – it can be done!”
If ever I want to slack at the gym or treat myself when I don’t deserve it, I can just add “because I think cellulite is sexy”.
  • I had a stressful day so I deserve this bowl of Ben and Jerry’s..”because cellulite is super sexy”.
  • I’ll just taste the macaroni and cheese because a little won’t hurt and “cellulite is super sexy”.
  • This is a special occasion so I will allow myself this treat because I think “cellulite is super sexy”.

Give it a try. It adds humor to a [potentially] stressful situation, and keeps you from taking yourself too seriously.

Excerpt from

Getting rid of it! They [whoever “they” is] say it can be done. Will you be the one who is living proof that it can be done?

Your Body Is Strong, Your Mind Is WEAK!

  • “Come on, you can do it. It’s all in your head” – Susan Groshek IFBB Fitness Pro (and my personal trainer)
  • “Your body is strong, your mind is weak” – Luke Keith Fitness guru, Professional Genius and Web Ninja (Programming / Graphic design enthusiast)
  • “Whatever your mind thinks you can do,  your body’s going to find a way to do it” –Jessica Lawrence IFBB Bikini Pro and Amateur Boxer
  • “If we get on the treadmill together, there’s two things. You’re getting off first, or I’m gonna die. It’s really that simple.” –Will Smith on Work Ethics

Be at the place where you are no longer the person giving excuses. Work with or without motivation. Set your game plan and do it.

Work hard. Diet true. That’s just what we do.

“I Will Not Be Out-Worked”

I have been really struggling to keep myself from straying from my meal plan and working HARD at the gym.  I am doing it, but my mind is battling me.

My husband reminded me about my upcoming show (04/02/2011) and asked me what I wanted to look like next to those other girls.  He exhorted me that I need to be in there every day doing something and not allow myself the luxury of swapping gym for a movie.

Every day counts. If I do not seize the day, it WILL sneak up on me.

I am determined to learn how to avoid the junk that my family keeps in the house.  I am determined to stay strong. I am determined to work when I don’t feel like it.  I am determined to overcome my injuries, my headaches, my weakness.

“If we get on the treadmill together, there’s two things. You’re getting off first, or I’m gonna die. It’s really that simple.” Will Smith On Work Ethic & Focus

Finding The Secret Weapon To Triggering Motivation


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I asked my trainer “how did you get yourself to the point where you could really push yourself?” her response was that she was a gymnast since the age of 3, went competitive at about 7 years old – the trainers would push them so hard from day one so it was inbred that this is just how things are.  Bummer. haha what about us mere mortals?


Then, during my 3rd set of 50 push ups I was really starting to fail out.  She asked me in a fast voice , “how many is that”, “37” I managed to blurt.  She then said, “come on, that’s only a couple more to go.  Don’t give up. This is pushing yourself.” …and that, my friends, stuck with me.

Each exercise after that, I intently concentrated on form.  This in turn exhausted me a little sooner in a set, so I called upon the secret weapon “This is pushing yourself”.  And I chanted it with each near-failure rep until I completed the set.

I woke up today incredibly sore in the tiny muscle groups that I had been missing out on due to sub-par form.  I smile at myself knowing that this lesson will stretch me in all other areas of my life, including my pursuit of God.

“This. is pushing yourself.”

What’s your secret weapon?

Transformers Go The Full Range of Motion

[Competition Training Log Day 38]

Wow – I am so motivated. I just think about my competitors and the end result of where I want to be and it drives me to push myself.  As I was leaving the gym yesterday I was thinking, I can’t wait to get back here tomorrow to do this again!

If you’re already at the gym, then push yourself.  If you’ve already got the weight in hand, then do it with good form with the full range of motion.  What’s the point of cheating your workout? You’re there to get stronger and leaner!

I am ready to transform!! No cheating! No slacking!


How do YOU stay motivated?

[Competition Training] Day 20: When You Don’t Feel Like It

I did not want to be at the gym – it was a little earlier than usual and I was just exhausted from the week.  I had really been pushing myself (which is awesome) so mentally I was not all there.  I really tried to focus on the task at hand – it was hard since I was fighting my own will power, but I made it through.

I keep reminding myself…anyone can workout when they’re fresh; It’s those who who workout when they are not at 100% that will reach the goal.

I will go beyond what I have mastered, lest I consider to have not grown at all

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