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Sometimes, You Just Gotta Show Up

faith keith - yawning at gym
When I walked in to my gym, one of the trainers who knows me said “you look tiiiired. but you’re here – get it done” – he gave me the burst of energy I needed to make it to the locker room.  As I stepped out of the locker room that energy had died off *sigh*, but I ran into my fitness freak Uncle Ken *zing!* He reminded me that I had said on my blog before, “sometimes, you just gotta show up”.

I LOVE training, but there are days when I don’t want to go to the gym. On those days I choose not to think, I just get in my car mindlessly and go. Then once I’m there I try my best to make it count.

On days like yesterday it is really really really hard to give it anything because I was just so freaking tired! I had no idea growing a human life form would be this energy zapping.  I resorted to cardio and put off my back workout to be combined with chest the next day. And wouldn’t ya know… I ran a solid 3 miles on my “so freaking tired day”.

Let this go down in the books for future reference – when Faith think’s she’s tired, she can still squeeze out a few miles. If I ever complain again, slap me in the face and say “run 3 miles!”. What can you do on your “so freaking tired day”?

September Makeover: Day 15

Be a Dream CATCHER

I can hardly contain myself! My husband is PUBLISHED!!! A long time coming! He has been working hard to break into the graphic novel/comic industry and he finally got his break!! Oh, I am so proud of him!!! Thank you, Lord, for this incredible blessing!

A teaser:

He’s on twitter: @lukekeith

There are Dream Chasers. And there are Dream Catchers. My husband is a Dream Catcher. He reminds me, by example, that dreams don’t happen to us, we MAKE them. His tenacity and spirit is inspiring. There is nothing he does with just half his heart – he strives for excellence in all areas of his life. This wasn’t meant to brag (but hey, I think he’s pretty remarkable, so I’ll admit it’s totally cheap), I wanted to share this so we can be encouraged and motivated to work hard and with excellence no matter what we’re doing.

Let’s catch those dreams! Want to be on stage?! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

Luke Keith and thefinalseven seven percent proofs

So proud of this guy. He's my everything.

Take Action

How many times do you catch yourself saying “ugh I’m so out of shape”? What’s stopping you? Believe it or not, it might simply be that you just don’t know HOW to reach your fitness goals!  It’s easy to grab a fitness mag and a bottle of fat burners and say “ok, I’m gonna make it happen”, but without proper guidance you won’t get anywhere but a plateau.

For just one month…

  • Invest in a trainer and nutrition plan   –You’ll learn so much even in one month!and/or
  • Train with people who know what they’re doing  –it will be motivational and fitness people love sharing what they’ve learned 🙂

This can be your season. Reach those goals! You can do it. Just decide to and do it.


Need some fitness encouragement? Check out these fabulous peeps tweets – their tweets will spur you on:








Crisis Evaded!

I have been quite sick all week. Miserable with a capital M! I had zero appetite the first couple of days, but forced myself to eat something every 3-4 hours.

Then today my appetite came back! yay! I also have the energy to hold myself up which is another plus. I was working on my home computer at the kitchen table for the ease of refilling my water bottle, but this also made me close to the fridge and pantry. I didn’t realize my appetite was back till I noticed my thoughts wandering to food items. Quickly without thinking I made myself a protein shake and gulped away. I was not going to allow myself the chance to think about what goodies might be lurking in the fridge or pantry.

Crisis evaded!

Faith Keith

Hot herbal tea to soothe the soul (and throat)

» » Do it HARD, don’t hardly do it!


Talk about motivation! Sometimes you have to hit the gym without it, but nothing beats seeing a picture, hearing a compliment, or reading that perfect article that puts the fire to the fuel.

» » Do it HARD, don’t hardly do it!.

Click the above link to read the Fighter Diet blog post and tell me you don’t feel empowered to go strong and make change happen.


This post is courtesy of my friend Michelle.  This girl pushes herself in all areas of life. She doesn’t let motivation or lack of motivation stop her from doing what needs to be done. Hard work is an understatement. This girl is making serious fitness happen.  Follow her on Twitter @fit_michelle.

This post is in honor of:

All the ladies in the Bikini or Bust 2011 Challenge who I have watched push through the challenges of life in the midst of this challenging sport.

Major props to my friend Carrie who hit a slump in motivation and passion, but allowed herself time and pulled right out of the slump with fiery energy! You can tell in her attitude that this girl has no off-season, her attitude says, “it’s improvement-season”. Follow her on Twitter @girlandcocounut.

I stand in awe at my new friend Kari who is going for her pro card. “There are no cheats in a pro card” Unbelievable tenacity.  Check out her blog ( and videos about how she is making it happen. Root her on as she goes for that pro card and follow her on Twitter @babytatten.

No More Sabotaging My Potential

“How much do you weigh?” that question has NEVER scared me.  Until today.

My trainer asked me how much I weighed in at on Monday.  Monday…the day after I “improvised” for a whole weekend because I was low on groceries.

After I confessed my weight and what I did, she did not say “it’s ok, just pick yourself back up and get back on track”.  She did not say “don’t beat yourself up, you’re doing great” or “you’ve got time”.  She was kind with her choice of words, but there was no doubt she laid it to me straight.

I cannot cheat. 5 weeks will go by quick and I will be standing next to girls who have done this for years…they know what they’re doing. I can’t let myself think I will be up against other newbies.

My mom just left to go back to the Philippines and before she left she said, “Don’t let all your hard work go to waste by binging on a cracker.” 🙂

I want to do this for everyone who believes in me and has supported me. I want to even do this for my trainer, Susan Groshek! Everyone has been cheering me on and I feel like this past week I failed them all by indulging in a series of momentary pleasures. How dare I!  I will honor them and the hard work I’ve invested since Aug 16 and I will be 100%!  A REAL 100%, not the figurative speech kind…the REAL “I-am-giving-it-literally-everything-I’ve-got” 100%.

I feel 100% focused and motivated but mixed with feelings of guilt – I’m having a hard time dealing with the guilt of messing up.  I feel like I have already failed.  But this is a bad attitude. I need to stop looking behind me and press on, but it’s so hard to not hate myself for sabotaging my potential on stage.

Things to keep in check:

  • My walk with God – with all this focus & dedication on the competition I cannot let myself be distracted from my purpose in life.
  • Nutrition Plan – eat my meals timely and perfectly (weigh/measure), no deviations!
  • Vitamins & supps
  • Training – rest less, go heavy
  • Cardio – push myself harder each session
  • Posture
  • Water intake  – get it all in!
  • Sleep – come on girl, 7 hours+. Get it!

Trampled, But Not Squelched

I went on a snowboarding trip during prep and stayed on track! But when I came back I guess I felt like I had it under control and began the “oh just a couple pretzels to keep me sane” thing.

Before I knew it, I had eaten about 5 pretzels every night that week.

Then my trainer changed my diet. Ok, I thought…here is your fresh start.  But I ran out of a couple items and didn’t hit the grocer so I was “improvising” and ended up eating my 4 oz chicken in between 2 slices of wheat bread…or exchanging my one rice cake for 2 pieces of peanut butter toast.

Monday morning was the moment of reckoning. Weigh in. I was mortified at the reading.  Up 2 lbs.

5 weeks out and I am UP 2 lbs when I should have LOST 2 lbs!!!

Nothing can shake me from my diet today. Nothing. The weight of the sheer horror cloaks me. I must stay focused.  It’s like Susan Dowse said, “The whole point is to [take] my body to a place it hasn’t been. To see what I am capable of….. Everything matters.  Both the hunger and the indulging matter.”

I have remembered why I am dieting and training. I have reignited the fire of excellence. My goals are hanging on a plaque around my neck. I am ready to meet the challenge of the final 5 weeks and Lord-willing I WILL finish strong. Excitement and perseverance – Let’s do this.

“Cellulite and Muffin Tops Are Sexy”

Once Upon a Time, on a woman far, far, away….

The other day I was sipping coffee with my pal Muffin-top, when I looked down to notice the sad look of our dear friends Cellulite Right and her twin, Cellulite Left.  They were there when I celebrated many birthdays and enjoyed the most scrumptious of pastries.  They were there for my 27th birthday.  They have seen me through hard times.  I have been noticing that they are more distant lately.  Peering out to me only when I am looking for them.  They don’t obnoxiously call out when I make quick glances in the mirror anymore.  This friendship seems to be diminishing. Many a time have I grabbed them with both hands as a reminder to stick to my diet.  Wow, they are such a support for me. What will I do for that motivational prodding once they are gone?  I must say, they are not very good friends though…a good friend would not drag me down.  It will be good for me when they are gone.  They know that I want to get rid of them (shhh, I’m replacing them with new pals Six-pack and Tight-legs).  I don’t talk about Muffy and the Cellu twins, I actually try not to even think about them at all.  I just live my life – I am hitting the gym a lot.  And they just KNOW I am ignoring them.  I think that’s why they are clinging to the friendship for dear life.  I met a counselor, her name is Cardio.  She is a pro at getting out of bad relationships.  I think I will be seeing her 6 times a week.  I’m taking it seriously now.  These relationships are unhealthy.

6 Reasons cellulite and muffin tops are great:

  1. If I did not have dimples on my legs, or chubby on my tummy, I would not be able to stick to my diet in these initial days as I adjust my lifestyle.
  2. It causes me to give more than 120% at the gym.
  3. It makes my “after” pictures look amazing.
  4. If I fall off the treadmill it will make for a softer landing
  5. When people see me working out really hard day in and day out, they will know that I have dedication. I’m not some New Year’s Resolution wimp
  6. When it’s gone, I’ll be able to say, “I’ve been there – it can be done!”
If ever I want to slack at the gym or treat myself when I don’t deserve it, I can just add “because I think cellulite is sexy”.
  • I had a stressful day so I deserve this bowl of Ben and Jerry’s..”because cellulite is super sexy”.
  • I’ll just taste the macaroni and cheese because a little won’t hurt and “cellulite is super sexy”.
  • This is a special occasion so I will allow myself this treat because I think “cellulite is super sexy”.

Give it a try. It adds humor to a [potentially] stressful situation, and keeps you from taking yourself too seriously.

Excerpt from

Getting rid of it! They [whoever “they” is] say it can be done. Will you be the one who is living proof that it can be done?

Your Body Is Strong, Your Mind Is WEAK!

  • “Come on, you can do it. It’s all in your head” – Susan Groshek IFBB Fitness Pro (and my personal trainer)
  • “Your body is strong, your mind is weak” – Luke Keith Fitness guru, Professional Genius and Web Ninja (Programming / Graphic design enthusiast)
  • “Whatever your mind thinks you can do,  your body’s going to find a way to do it” –Jessica Lawrence IFBB Bikini Pro and Amateur Boxer
  • “If we get on the treadmill together, there’s two things. You’re getting off first, or I’m gonna die. It’s really that simple.” –Will Smith on Work Ethics

Be at the place where you are no longer the person giving excuses. Work with or without motivation. Set your game plan and do it.

Work hard. Diet true. That’s just what we do.

“I Will Not Be Out-Worked”

I have been really struggling to keep myself from straying from my meal plan and working HARD at the gym.  I am doing it, but my mind is battling me.

My husband reminded me about my upcoming show (04/02/2011) and asked me what I wanted to look like next to those other girls.  He exhorted me that I need to be in there every day doing something and not allow myself the luxury of swapping gym for a movie.

Every day counts. If I do not seize the day, it WILL sneak up on me.

I am determined to learn how to avoid the junk that my family keeps in the house.  I am determined to stay strong. I am determined to work when I don’t feel like it.  I am determined to overcome my injuries, my headaches, my weakness.

“If we get on the treadmill together, there’s two things. You’re getting off first, or I’m gonna die. It’s really that simple.” Will Smith On Work Ethic & Focus

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