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Being Sick SUCKS!

I lost a whole week of valuable training because I got sick. I do not even know what I had. Probably just a cold. It wasn’t too bad, but it knocked me off my game. I started feeling sick on Tuesday night, woke up Wednesday feeling it coming on strong, but went for a run that evening anyway (only made it 3 miles because I was feeling pretty weak and didnt want to risk injury). Thursday and Friday I pushed through work, but crashed on Saturday. Sunday felt MUCH better, but played it safe and just rested.

Last night (Monday) was my first day back on the treadmill and I pushed through 4 miles with ease.

The weather is gorgeous…if I can get off RIGHT at 5, maybe I will have time to run OUTDOORS before it gets dark!! FUN!!!

Weight Report: 119
I think I might have hit a plateau at 119, which would be awesome. I’ll give it till next week to see. If it is a plateau that would be awesome, that means just a little tweak here and a little tweak there and progress will be in sight!!

Flying the Coup!

Wow…I didn’t lose any weight. That’s ok. I am proud of myself that I didn’t gain any in the midst of the 3 birthday celebrations. That means my workouts are solid. My diet is pretty clean and I make a few exceptions here and there. I am totally loving life and not feeling restricted by diet goals at all!

I missed last night’s workout because I was carless. My husband took my car to work (to work again after dinner) and he took both cars’ keys with him! haha! I couldn’t even run outside because you need a key fob to get back in the building! I tried to do the house work with lots of squatting, deadlift style bending to pick things up, oblique rotations to reach things and all with quick movements to make an almost-cardio out of it. Gotta get it in SOMEhow!!!

I was up till midnight doing laundry and trying to get the place ready for us to leave. I don’t want anything growing in my sink or fridge while I’m gone.

My diet will change while I’m in the Philippines just because of what is available (and NOT available). So, starting today, I am going to start prepping my body for the diet change. I am drinking tons of water and eating mostly fruits and fiber with protein here and there. Why prep? My body will be doing a lot of adjusting when we get there – time zone, bad water, weather, dust, humidity… Even though I know the body can handle it, I want to give my body an easy transition, so that I can stay strong and avoid getting sick!

With one day left before we leave I am FINALLY getting excited.

Weight Report: 122.2

I Haven’t Reached My Goals

Phase 1: Motivated and going gangbusters
Phase 2: Slippery Slope
Phase 3: Making up for lost time
Phase 4: Lost sight of goals
Phase 5: Back to Square 1

I think I am in Phase 3, but I FEEL like I am in phase 5. I need to revamp my goals. I have been really bad about reassessing my goals every few weeks. I let life get in the way. There is always something that will fill your schedule unexpectedly, so you have to learn to work with what you’ve got and make it work WELL.

I have been keeping a log of my diet, workouts, days I miss, etc. and I have discovered this: On average I workout out 4 days a week, I eat well for about 5 of 7 days. Every week something comes up – birthday, family get together, wedding out of town, paintball rally….SOMETHING.

Long term goal: [December 2009]
Reach goal weight of 115lbs
Sleep a consistent number of hours every night
Run in the morning 4 times a week
Learn to eat cottage cheese

Short term goal: [10 days – today through 9/5]
Lose 2 lbs before Philippine trip
Tactical Plan
Cut major starches and obvious carbs (Bagels, bread, pretzels)
Run 3 miles daily
Lessen emphasis on weight training

I Don’t Condone Alien Lifeforms in My Fridge

Tonight I plan on taking everything out of my fridge that I know will not be eaten or that is on the verge of death. Lately I have focusing on maintaining a well-kept refrigerator and pantry. We have been busy entertaining and going out of town lately so I feel the need to take a deeper peek just to make sure I am still on track. I anticipate being pleased.

I love keeping my house clean. I was not always life this. When we were moving out of our old place we spent MONTHS throwing things away, taking things to good-will, handing items down to family, giving stuff away, or selling on craig’s list. Now we are in our new place and only have what we want and need. No excess! It feels great!! It is SOOO much easier to get organized!

I am so frugal, I love living out of plastic drawer bins that I got from Walmart, but my husband shakes his head and says we need a dresser. *sigh* I’ll have to take a picture of my closets and fridge to post here ^_^.

Cheers and happy weigh-in day!

Weight report: 122.4

Diet and Traveling

This past weekend I went on a road trip with Luke and Steve. Being guys, I knew they would be eating a lot along the way, so I packed some healthy snacks to keep me away from their foods. I also brought some low cal, no-sugar munchies that are not too unhealthy for those moments when I would REALLY be tempted by their chex mix or bag of Cheezits.

My snack foods:
Sugar free wafers: Vanilla, Chocolate, Mocha
Quaker Rice Cakes
Smart Foods White Popcorn
Sugar free gum
Sugar free Red Bull

Their snack foods:
Traditional Chex Mix
Bold Chex Mix
Diet Dr Pepper

I did pretty good on my eating!! Stayed pretty true to my diet with a few minor exceptions – I had a waffle for breakfast with my cereal on Saturday, a waffle for breakfast with my oatmeal on Sunday, pizza for dinner on Sunday. The last one is NOT minor, but our options were too limited on the way home.

I did not workout the entire weekend, but did dance the night away on Saturday at the wedding. When I dance, I dance straight for hours and I dance HARD. I am a dancer so I LOVE to tear it up. I am usually grossly sweaty half way through the night.

I’m not going to lie to myself. I should get a big spanking for the way I handled the weekend as compared to my goals.

I leave for Asia in 10 days, so I only have 10 days of these modern luxuries. I will be utilizing treadmills like a wild woman.

Getting back in the game,

Short On Time

Saturday I only had a 1.5 hour window before meeting with my in-laws for a celebratory dinner. I spent 5 of those minutes trying to work the math in my head if I had time to hit the gym. It takes me 45 minutes to get ready if I do my normal routine and I don’t rush it (shower, moisturize, wash/exfoliate face, moisturize, blowdry/style, make up, brush teeth). Which left 45 minutes…13 minute drive to gym, 13 minute return, leaving only 19 minutes to squeeze in a workout. ouch. I normally do cardio for 30 min after I’ve been hitting the weights. Ergh.

It didn’t seem to make sense to waste the time. But I went anyway. I actually managed to get there, spend about 7 minutes lifting doing biceps only, then a quick hop on the bike for 20 minutes. That took 7 minutes of get-ready time, but I managed to shave off a few minutes and was looking spiffy in no time. We were only 5 minutes late and– HA! –not because of me! ^_^ the husband couldn’t find his shoes. cute.

I am SO glad I hit the gym. I was so proud of myself that I didn’t let time get in the way of my goals. I will get there. I will be strong. I will reach my goals.

Low Calorie Week: Day 5

Breakfast: Honey Toasted O’s
Snack: apple + nuts
Lunch: Tuna
Snack: 2 bite-size rice cakes + coffee
Dinner: crab and shrimp with lemon and tomatoes

workout skipped…Packing up the house – we move in 2 weeks!


1. I almost ran my “5-6 mile” goal
2. I almost missed a workout

This morning I weighed in at 120.8. so I lost those 2lbs I gained and I’m ready to keep trucking.

I have been trying so pretty awesome proteing recipes…Pumpkin Muffin with protein and protein icing. Super delicious and PACKED with protein. Barely any fat and sugar (if using non fat milk and splenda). Chicken Wild Rice Casserole with protein. Yukon Gratin Potatoes. Low Fat Beef Stroganoff with extra protein. I have been adding protein in a lot of my other recipes now that I have the hang of it.

Saturday I put in a good solid 3+ mile with incredible ease
Sunday I fell asleep after a long day (but it was only 5pm) and I was so sleep deprived (because of my life style of not sleeping) that I slept till Monday morning at 6! So I missed my Sunday workout, but made up for it on Monday.

Monday I ran 4 miles (1-2 miles short of my goal because I wanted to make it in time to take yoga) . Immediately after, I stretched for 10 minutes then ran to the groupx room for some hot yoga. Not a good idea after losing water in a run. I was so dehydrated and fast getting overheated because of it. I quit the class half way through for the sake of my health. This wa smy first taste of true yoga. I have done bits and pieces of yoga movements that were interwoven to other core classes. It certainly forces you to stabalize and really opens up your chest and sholders to have fabulous posture. I had a great back and upper body workout that i was expecting, but to my surprise we had a great lower body workout as well! It was like dance without the cardio. The movements were controlled so you’re thinking “easy…no sweat” but the room was so warm and you feel everything!!! So you really burn those calories with a capital “C”. I do NOT like the spirtual aspects of Yoga…praying to the gods, etc…but most yoga classes I have heard of have been exercise oriented only, no meditation or praying elements. and THAT I can live with ^_^

Today (tuesday) is my off day since I made yesterday my Sunday O_0.


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