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What’s That Smell? It’s 5 A.M

I decided to start running short runs in the morning before work.  I love short runs because it means I can exert more energy into speed instead of pacing myself. I shaved 2 minutes off my mile this morning.  That pace felt great.  Running in the morning, even if it is short, really sets the tone for my day (and it makes me feel like I did something).

woman runningThis week: shoot for getting 8 hrs of sleep every night, eating well, and starting a run schedule.

Next week: Let the half training begin!


Let’s Get Back to That Half

Now that the C25K is under your belt, shake things up with a new goal! Maybe it is another 5k that you want to run next month, so get back to training and pat yourself on the back – you are a runner! Or perhaps you are ready to face a new challenge…give yourself a pep talk and train for a 10k, a 15k, 25k?…half marathon?

Prior to breaking my tailbone I was training for a half marathon. The C25K really helped me slowly get my body to adjust back to the movement of running. My body feels ready to begin again, so of course I will start back up on the training! =) Assuming I do not have any set backs, I will strive to be race ready by 10/10/2010. When training, nothing can ever be set in stone; so, as a runner, you need to learn to be flexible and adapt to any changes.

Went kayaking after work followed by a 20 minute bout on the elliptical. Great cross day! Lord-willing my back will hold up after dancing this weekend at my cousin’s wedding – if so, I’ll be running 4 miles on Sunday and then begin a “Half” schedule. Awesome.

Run strong!

PS. Today is my birthday ^_^ I am totally loving life and praising God for my incredible husband, without his support I would not survive this world.

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