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Take Action

How many times do you catch yourself saying “ugh I’m so out of shape”? What’s stopping you? Believe it or not, it might simply be that you just don’t know HOW to reach your fitness goals!  It’s easy to grab a fitness mag and a bottle of fat burners and say “ok, I’m gonna make it happen”, but without proper guidance you won’t get anywhere but a plateau.

For just one month…

  • Invest in a trainer and nutrition plan   –You’ll learn so much even in one month!and/or
  • Train with people who know what they’re doing  –it will be motivational and fitness people love sharing what they’ve learned 🙂

This can be your season. Reach those goals! You can do it. Just decide to and do it.


Need some fitness encouragement? Check out these fabulous peeps tweets – their tweets will spur you on:








Meeting Susan Groshek

As I mentioned in my recent post, I want to strive further in my fitness – push myself to new heights.  In addition to my desires to run a marathon, I also mentioned wanting to get myself in ridiculous shape. Technical terms people.  I have been hunting the www for fitness pros in my area that are experienced with figure competition training/prep. I stumbled on a few sites and read the background story on “Susan Groshek” and so as I navigated to various sites, it stood out to me that I saw her again and again. Lo and behold! She’s in Dallas!

I contacted her via email from her site  She was fast to respond and provided a 4-page questionnaire to complete and also immediately asked when I was available to meet.  We emailed back and forth to coordinate and her quick responsiveness was reassuring that she would give me the time of day.

Then I met her…

And she couldn’t be more exactly fitted to what I had hoped for! Energetic, aggressive, and honest!  I met her at Jerome’s Gym in Richardson, TX (cool, HUGE, serious gym by the way). We spent about an hour talking – she gave me the full run down on what it takes to compete and what she does to get someone there.  I love this: “My time is limited, so I only take people that are serious.  You could be a 200lbs woman, but if you are willing and dedicated to do the work and aggressively go after it [without letting up], then I’ll take you, but if you’re not willing to do the work, then you are a waste of my time.”

Why do I want this?

I’ll give you the big picture answer – I want to reach a wide range of women, not just the “good housewife” category.  I want to live a life that is so passionate for Christ that it will inspire others to follow hard after Him.  I want to be iron to my friends, as iron sharpens iron, so also do I want to sharpen my friends countenance (pr 27:17).  I want to be someone my husband can respect. I want to be strong, independent, and fit in the midst of the crazy hardships and drama of life because our bodies are also a gift from the Lord to be used with excellent stewardship.  All this, in yet, I want my actions to be clearly pointing heavenward.  I want so much for it to be evident in my life that glorifying God is the reason behind what I do. This is what I want, but I so often fail at truly glorifying Him in my actions. My biggest problem is that I often do things in my own ability and do things that I think are awesome and so draw the attention to myself.  I am praying for wisdom to not be like this – I have a husband who helps keep my mindset in the right focus and I have a very good friend, Val, who also helps me keep my right perspective about our Purpose in life.  They humble me. I am not trying to spiritualize things here, this is really how I feel.

And I also want to do this because I want to look smokin HOT for my husband!!! 🙂

What division do I want to train for?

Definitely not body building.  I am going to check out a show this weekend and hopefully get an idea.  There are a few divisions with varying levels of fitness/bulkiness so the husband and I will check it out and approve the division I will shoot for 🙂

When do I start training?

Monday. And I can’t stinking wait.

But truly, training technically started the moment I walked out of Jerome’s Gym.  I immediately shifted gears and started thinking more strictly about my food (for those of you that know me, I already eat well, so you may wonder how I got more strict, but…there is room…I do have occasional treats. like bread, yum)


  • No distance running. She did tell me that I will have to put a hold on my marathon training till after my first show because running is so intense and will take nutrients my muscles need to grow. Bummer, but not the end of the world.  There are plenty of marathons all the time and she did say that running will be incorporated in my workouts.  Awesome.  She loves to run too, so she understands. Also awesome.
  • Cost. Major expense added here, but my husband is in full support and we will cut corners in other areas as needed. The cost will probably help me stay motivated to never let up too because I won’t want to waste it. Ha! I’m such a stereotypical Asian!
  • My time will now be even more limited. I will have to pray for wisdom as I adjust my lifestyle while not slacking in the important areas.
  • Some people won’t understand. Some people may even give me a hard time about being too absorbed with fitness.  I will have to be thick skinned and constantly remind myself that not everyone will understand and that’s OK.  What matters is that I follow the Lord’s leading that this is a go (but which also includes stopping in my training if I feel that it is no longer something God wants me to do) and also my husband’s opinion/view of me.  Luke and I love fitness.  God, each other, family, fitness.  The top 4 most important things to us. 🙂 the world may be against us, but we love what we love! Right, babe?! 🙂


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