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Keeping New Habits

While I was training for my competition…

  • I ate at regular intervals,
  • no snacking in between and
  • I didn’t eat till I was stuffed
  • My food was portioned and
  • going back for seconds was not an option.

Now post-comp, the world became a giant buffet table. I was allowed to eat as I pleased. Unrestricted. I didn’t gorge, but hey, nothing was off-limits. I ate till I was satisfied and recently noticed that I have picked up the habit of hovering in front of the pantry. Nothing appealing to me I walk away, but the problem is that I was hovering in the first place.

I need to remember my new rules and habits and not let myself forget them! If I let go, it will be a downward spiral and before I know it I will be looking in the mirror asking how I let that happen.

What I learned to tell myself: You worked so hard for those good habits! Post-comp, don’t let go altogether!

I’ll stop those sprouting bad habits in their tracks!  Met with my trainer for a new nutrition game plan – here we go!

What if the Hokey-Pokey IS what it’s all about… [Lost feeling Post-comp]

I felt unshackled after my competition – I could make my OWN choices! I could wake up when I wanted to, sleep when I wanted to, eat when and what I wanted to eat!

But without the structure of a game plan I actually accomplished LESS in a day even though I had more time…I was confused about what I should do now…how am I supposed to eat…I felt pointless. Happy, but pointless. (I’m totally laughing at myself out loud as I write this)

After 2 weeks of stumbling around an awkward schedule and helter-skelter nutrition “plan”, I finally put my pen to paper and laid out a schedule.  Ahhh…sweet freedom! How I miss you sweet structure!

This is me 2 weeks post-comp – as you can see I’m “swollen” from the yummy sodium I’ve been ingesting along with Donloree Hoffman and Susan Dowse size splooshes of milk in my coffee.  Nonetheless, you can see on my face how happy I am – I love the added calories!

Faith Keith and sister

SECRET: One day while I was having a snack I was worried that my husband would think to himself “she probably should not be eating that”, but then he opened his mouth and said almost in laughter, “I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see you eating! You’re always in such a good mood and when I see you eat I think to myself ‘it’s gonna be a great day!’ ” haha welp…we all know..prep will kill ya (and your partner too).

Dealing with the Bloating, The Golden Rule

I realized last weekend that I was not drinking enough water. Started guzzling as much as I could but was not getting in as much water as usual. Over the week I was consuming about 1/2 gallon daily and every day increasing by a little.  I’m now up to a gallon a day so this is right where I wanted to be with water intake. The bloating has continued to decrease and I’m seeing my body normalize – hooray! Took about 2 weeks, which seems to be pretty standard because most of my friends have mentioned 1.5-2 weeks for them as well this season.

The Golden Rule:Drink water! Eek!

2 things I learned in my post-comp weeks:
  1. Water is mondo importante. It is so worth it to indulge just remember to drink lots and lots of water!
  2. Pace yourself. I learned to tell myself “The food will be there, it’s not going to run away or become unavailable”, so I don’t need to feel like I have to gorge all in one sitting.

Fading Glory: Tips on Spray Tan After-Math

video during my lunch break yesterday and finally got my iphone to post it to youtube!

About that spray tan…

Things I did right:

  • I exfoliated for over a week before the tan, the tan absorbed right up into my skin as a result! And it stayed even and flawless looking throughout the day whereas I noticed a lot of girls were already quite splotchy by the night show.  Side note, I exfoliate on a regular basis as part of my normal routine (1-2 times per week with a body scrub; daily (mild) with a loofah and body wash) – so if you are not already doing this, then maybe start exfoliating every other day 10-14 days out.
  • I continued exfoliating after the show AND applying lotion. The tan continued to fade very gracefully….except…the next area where I tend to be more gentle. Ew. Don’t know if you can tell in the vid, but I look like I have a disease. Good thing I’m short and shadows and my long hair will hide the splotchy-ness.
  • I applied baby oil or light sesame body oil immediately after each shower.  This helps your skin lock in moisture (so that it doesn’t flake off causing a splotchy appearance).  Also, baby oil in particular apparently helps the tan fade (read this the other day on ehow)!

I Feel Fat


Faith Keith - 2011-04-12

Being bloated is awkward!

I know it sounds silly, since I JUST competed only 1 week ago, but I feel FAT!! Last week I had 3 bad days followed by some 50%-80% clean days, then I went to my grandmas and all hell broke loose.  Let me simply say: homemade bread, chocolate cakies (old-fashioned cake like cookies), wine, little-to-no water.

I swelled up like a balloon! By the end of the day I was so puffy it was hurting my ankles to even walk. How gross is that?! I took dandelion root and put my feet up. Then next day it had gone down a little, but not much.

Swelling came down 2 mornings later, but I am still bloated. You can bet that motivated me to pack my meals! I’m back to protein and veggies (which is what works for my body) and a little bit of complex carbs (like oats in the morning or sweet potato at night). My goal is to get my body back by the end of the week. And hopefully connect with Susan, my trainer, to make sure I’m eating good portions.


Faith Keith - 2011-04-12

Trying to ignore the adjustment phase and tell myself everything will be fine...

On top of all this, I have allergies – but they aren’t like normal people allergies, I feel flu like – head congestion. And it is suppressing my appetite and causing me to forget to drink water.  Double whammy!

Can’t wait for my body to readjust and calm the heck down!

“This is my treat? Feeling like death and tight pants? Time to get some new treats!” –Donloree Hoffman, Bikiniorbust

I Can Have A Latte!

As soon as the competition over, the food door flew wide open! The funny thing? I loved the idea of the door, but I didn’t really want to go through it.  I found myself eating things I didn’t really even have an appetite for, but ate it because I knew how excited everyone was to see me enjoy myself.

It took 2 days for the bloating to set in and I felt icky.  Sooo anxious to get back to healthy eating and working out.  I wish I was able to let go and enjoy the food!

Tuesday I began packing my meals again. I ate clean, except for the promised Greek lunch with my brother and dad that we were ALL looking forward to :). And THAT I DID enjoy. Not because I love lamb gyro meat, but because I had eaten clean all day and felt deserving.  I didn’t feel gross afterward OR bloated.

Maybe now that everything is permissible I don’t feel the same desire for it. Maybe I only wanted it because it was forbidden.

Faith Keith

This is my determined face! Sprouting bad habits, be squelched!!

Today I started super fresh. I did have half of a gluten free chocolate muffin with my breakfast, but that is my treat for the day. I’m ready to get back.

Meals packed and I’m rockin and rollin. I actually woke up and did legs at 4:30am – Loved it!  Can’t wait for tomorrow!

Excitement. Perseverance. Let’s do this.

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