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H2OMG – Can Water Really Cure A Bad Mood?

The other day I was having a really downer day that was the sum of the previous two days that were also quite rough. My mood was down and out, I could tell I was very tense.  I posted that the last 3 days were rough, then when my friend Donloree asked if I was staying hydrated, it hit me! I broke my water jug 4 days ago!!

I quickly downed the first 24 ounces and already was feeling a world of difference!  I ran for more water…I am still in shock at what a difference water makes.  I am on such a strict diet, that the smallest imbalance is magnified, so it should be no surprise that the dehydration was so largely impacting my well being.

Beginner’s tip: STAY HYDRATED



Mood Swings

Ok so this diet is really getting to my mood.  I noticed that lately I am really tense as it gets closer to my meal time.  I eat every 3 hours ON THE HOUR, so my body knows when to expect food.  I have been way less tolerant. I’ve really been trying to watch it, but I am around SO MANY people and a lot of family ALL the time, so it’s not like I can just keep to myself.  It’s hard to stay focused! I am trying really hard to think before I speak, or try to stay at my desk until I absolutely HAVE to…or avoid people unless I am mentally prepared to smile and breathe.

Makes me sad – I don’t want to be like this, nor do I want people to think I’m just crabby! 😛 How do you combat this?

Susan mentioned St John’s Wart for it’s calming affects.  At this point I want to try anything and everything – I don’t like this mood business! 🙂

  • The brutal diet and saying no to foods I love, I can handle that.
  • The 4am workouts when I just want to sleep, I can handle that.
  • The double workout days even in bad weather, I can handle that.
  • The mood swings negatively affecting the ones I love?….not worth it.  Need a solution, stat.

Gaining Structure

I now have SET rest day that I will treat just as seriously and immovable as my ON days – I know…it’s about time, right?

Sunday – REST

This weekend I will be writing down everything I do in a typical week, then assessing it for things to possibly eliminate.  My trusty friend Michelle gave me wise tips that there is always something to cut out….and you know what she said??…..she flat out told me I don’t get enough sleep! The audacity! haha no jk…She is so right…  She had told me to really try to get more sleep before and I “did”.  I thought increasing my usual 5-6 hours up to 6.5 hours was a great move 😛  Alas….It is not sustaining me.  As proof…my body crashed this week.

So it’s time for change!! Any tips on cutting corners is most welcome, so do share!

Cutting corners in anything…cooking, showering, sleeping…ok just kidding about that last one 🙂

A Slight Case of Scheduling

Last night I was so fatigued that just lifting my purse on my shoulder seemed like a daunting and difficult task. I knew I needed sleep, so despite my urge to “hit the gym no matter what”, I went home to prep for tomorrow and go to bed early.  This morning I woke up and still felt weak, so decided I should sleep an extra hour and plan to do cardio tonight.  I woke up at 5:15 and felt AMAZING!  I feel like a new person!

I obviously need more rest than I’m giving myself, so I’m going to work on that.  Maybe there is an area where I could prepare better and therefore allow more time to sleep or rest.

Do you have any prep tips?

Should I keep my ready gym bag stocked with the week’s worth of panties and socks? Should I utilize dry shampoo? Keep a stock of towels in my back seat?…
I prep my food over the weekend and keep most of my food at my office.  I do cook my dinner dinner at night, but usually only twice on weeknights and I cook enough to last a few days.  this is mostly because the grocer does not keep well enough stocked on my tilapia.  Hmm….any suggestions!! Attack me!! I am open for ANY ADVICE YOU CAN OFFER!

Cheap Protein Vs Expensive Protein

At first, I looked at the stack (the line up of elements in the protein powder) and it seemed pretty much the same for the cheaper proteins compared to the more expensive with exception of a few things more of something here and there.

I know that it is also the ORDER in which the chemists combine the ingredients also makes a difference.

Anyway…I’m like, who cares. It’s protein and I eat a lot so it needs to be cheap.  But it had that chemical taste that I became acutely aware of when I switched to water shakes instead of milk.

Then I decided to give Beverly International’s protein a try at the recommendation of both my trainer and friend @fit_Michelle.

The verdict….


Faith Keith - image - I heart Beverly Protein

Look how happy I am!



In case you were interested: I tried Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey in vanilla and CVS Whey in “cookies and cream”.  I switched to yummalicious Beverly International Ultimate Protein in cookies & creme (aptly spelled as “creme” because it is truly decadent compared to the “cream” of the other protein.

[REVIEW] Beverly International Ultimate Protein in cookies & creme

Creamy, not overly sweet, yummy bits of cookie, 1g sugar per scoop, absolutely a treat.

Eating Out Without Outing Yourself « Bikini or Bust!

So, you’re trying to eat CLEAN, but you’re invited out to eat. Do you blow your diet for the sake of fun or even for the conflict in restaurant - image from bigstockphoto.comsake of avoiding ridicule and mockery?

A few weeks ago I went out to eat with 9 other people.  When it came my turn to order, I asked about how much chicken was given on the salad (because I might want to order double the order).  Our waitress was an irritating and terrible waiter anyway, but she gave me this look of disdain and said “um, how am I supposed to know”.  Whatever… My whole ordering process was painful as I tried to sort out what was good and exchange out what was not. EVERYONE was looking at me and I know they just thought I was being complicated. (except my husband of course since he knew why I was asking my questions).

I wish I read this post by Donloree ahead of time.  Now I know…

You have to read this post: Eating Out Without Outing Yourself « Bikini or Bust!. I highly recommend this! You CAN eat out and eat right – stay true to your diet! It’s go time!

Stellar Choices

I am maxing the capacity of my schedule more than before, but I feel alive, refreshed, and even relaxed.  Funny how ironic life can be.

While planning the family reunion for my dad’s mom’s side of the family I am finalizing the last bits of our snowboarding trip and trying to find “the” suit for my competition. Yippee! 🙂 Obviously time is of the essence, BUT since my schedule has exploded I have found it EASIER to tackle my todo list!…??? I feel empowered.  Donloree, you could say I feel “fabulous”.

And really?…It all started with the 4:00am cardio and @Fit_Michelle‘s tips on preparing the night before.  Yeah…that’s right, now I’m a super hero.  If you want to be a super hero too you can follow @fit_michelle on twittah 🙂

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