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Vacation with Dieting and Fitness

Taking a vacation during In-Season…Tips from my first experience.

Our River Run Village condo in Keystone, Colorado made it possible to cook and prep all my meals.  I can’t wait to go back – now I know it is doable to vacation while in-season.



Image by caribb via Flickr

Only dilemma: Airline security will not allow you to bring liquids more than 3 ozs


  • Money for water or bring your jug and fill at water fountain after security
  • Food in disposable tupperware and ziplocs.  Nothing worse than grossing everyone out with empty tuna-smelling tupperware
  • Splenda + cinnamon

On the Road with Friends 

road trip - Faith Keith

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Dilemma: friends may snack the entire trip


  • Sugar free gum (there are tons of yummy dessert like flavors)
  • Thermos for coffee
  • Crystal light drink mix on the go for your 8 oz water bottles
  • Healthy, portioned snacks. (you can still binge on healthy foods, so portion it out ahead)

Staying Sane During High-Altitude Activities 

Allie Snowboarding

Image by VancityAllie via Flickr

Dilemma: in-season diet plus high-altitude in the Colorado mountains makes for weak energy

What to do:

  • Check with trainer before changing your nutrition plan, they may have better suggestions or tell you to wait a day to acclimate
  • It WILL throw you off schedule, but make time to eat when you can.  Don’t go more than 4 hours without eating
  • Drink LOTS of water
  • Turn your meals into snack like munchies! I cut up my evening yam into small pieces and treated it like the chips and queso everyone else was eating, dipping the pieces of yam into splenda and cayenne pepper
  • Schedule your fitness plan – if you can’t be SURE that you will have the will power to hit the gym during the day while on vacation, then wake up and get it in first thing in the morning to get it out of the way
  • MENTION your fitness endeavor.  Don’t talk their ear off (no one likes a person who is obsessive), but do mention it or make everyone aware in some way that you are sticking to a meal plan – this will help you stick to it because you can’t let them see you fail.  They will respect your efforts and might even be an encouragement to you.

If you have “been there done that” and have tips – please share!!



Every first Sunday of the month my church has a potluck lunch.  I cooked a Canadian Stew to share, but weighed and measured my 5oz turkey+2Cups Spinach+1Tbsp Apple cider Vinegar+1Tbsp Olive oil for MY personal meal.

After church everyone lined up and was already going through the food line, while I made my way to the fridge to pull out my measured meal. All smiles because it is one of my FAVORITE meals of the day.

Enter fridge…no meal to be found….I tried to stay calm but I began to panic.  I scanned the buffet table….OH MY GOSH!!! IT WAS ON THE TABLE NEXT TO THE SALADS!!! Someone had already taken some of it (they must have been adventurous because it looked disgusting).  Nooooooo!!!!!

I had to laugh at myself for being panicky about losing 1 ounce of turkey and maybe a half cup of spinach.  Oh the life of a figure athlete…

Next time I will clearly label it 🙂

H2OMG – Can Water Really Cure A Bad Mood?

The other day I was having a really downer day that was the sum of the previous two days that were also quite rough. My mood was down and out, I could tell I was very tense.  I posted that the last 3 days were rough, then when my friend Donloree asked if I was staying hydrated, it hit me! I broke my water jug 4 days ago!!

I quickly downed the first 24 ounces and already was feeling a world of difference!  I ran for more water…I am still in shock at what a difference water makes.  I am on such a strict diet, that the smallest imbalance is magnified, so it should be no surprise that the dehydration was so largely impacting my well being.

Beginner’s tip: STAY HYDRATED


Eating Out Without Outing Yourself « Bikini or Bust!

So, you’re trying to eat CLEAN, but you’re invited out to eat. Do you blow your diet for the sake of fun or even for the conflict in restaurant - image from bigstockphoto.comsake of avoiding ridicule and mockery?

A few weeks ago I went out to eat with 9 other people.  When it came my turn to order, I asked about how much chicken was given on the salad (because I might want to order double the order).  Our waitress was an irritating and terrible waiter anyway, but she gave me this look of disdain and said “um, how am I supposed to know”.  Whatever… My whole ordering process was painful as I tried to sort out what was good and exchange out what was not. EVERYONE was looking at me and I know they just thought I was being complicated. (except my husband of course since he knew why I was asking my questions).

I wish I read this post by Donloree ahead of time.  Now I know…

You have to read this post: Eating Out Without Outing Yourself « Bikini or Bust!. I highly recommend this! You CAN eat out and eat right – stay true to your diet! It’s go time!

Protein Oatmeal

I am officially IN SEASON!! Contest prep began this week so of course my diet has changed dramatically.  One of the changes is that breakfast is now oatmeal with protein.  1 scoop of vanilla protein makes it taste like cake batter…with the consistency of oatmeal banana bread….gooey, slimy and clumpy.

If I’m going to be doing this for the next few months I figured I better get creative…FAST. So I came up with a couple recipes of my own and looked across the web for ideas.  I wanted to share these with y’all and if you have other recipes I would LOVE THEM…nay, I beg you for them.

Bon Apetite? (can you even say that about protein oatmeal?)

I found that if you give it a cool name, then it may distract you from the fact that it’s just oats 😛

Groshek ApprovedVanilla Cupcake Oatmeal

Groshek ApprovedAlmond Joy Protein Oatmeal

inspired by Almond Joy Oats –

Groshek ApprovedHawaiian Dream Oatmeal

Do you have any tricks or recipes you can share?!

Meal Plan: Week 6+

New diet started Week 6 of training.

Meal 1:
4 egg whites + 1 yolk
½ cup oatmeal OR 1 whole wheat english muffin

Meal 2:
Celery and all natural pb

Meal 3:
4oz grilled chicken
~2 cups green veggies

Meal 4:
Protein shake

Meal 5:
turkey, fish or chicken
1 Cup Green veggies
[on leg day I add 1/4 C brown rice]

For a compilation of my competition meal plans, go to “Diet” category under “Figure Competition / Body Building”. I will continue to log my diet there. Keep in mind that nutrition plans are specific to a person’s workout routines and body composition, they are not cookie cutter.

Meal Plan: Week 1+

Getting the bio clock on a consistent schedule. Training the ol’ metabolism!

Meal 1:
4 egg whites 1 whole egg
½ cup oatmeal

Meal 2:
1 cup Greek yogurt with ¼ cup berries

Meal 3:
Salad with 5oz grilled chicken with any veggies on it. (No crouton, bacon bits or creamy dressings)
5oz chicken and green veggies

Meal 4:
Protein shake with 1 tbsp PB
3oz. protein and Piece of fruit or 1/2 piece of fruit. Stick with red apples, pears, berries

Meal 5:
5oz white fish (tilapia, orange roughy, cod, and halibut. Salmon can be once a week)
Green veggies
3-4oz sweet potato

Meal 6:
5 egg white omelet
You can have spinach and other veggies in it.

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