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LiveFit @home – Phase 1: Day 1: Chest/Tris

Hey any of you out there tryin’ to get a groove for gym time when you can’t leave the house on a consistent schedule or just don’t feel you have the time?  Word up! I am a new mom so adjustment has been crrrraaazy! I am ALL about NO EXCUSES, so I am not even letting myself off the hook.  So if your problem is something like I mentioned above and are tired of feeling flabNdrab, then follow my 12 week journey and be encouraged that there is a way!

Day 1 Workout

Since I am working out at home and do not have all the equipment I will be noting what alternative exercises I do, but…FYI nothing beats the variety you can get at the gym.  The variety, diet and your consistency is what gets you the results the team claim.


Diet.  The diet is the most important part! I am not using their diet because I wanted a personalized diet (nothing beats that 🙂 ). So I hired my amazing trainer, Susan Groshek, IFBB pro (who helped me win at the Ronnie Coleman Classic 2011), to write my diet.  She can write one for you too! Check her out

Exercise.  The only exercise variation I had to make: Tricep Pushdown
Tricep Pushdown alternative: bent over tricep kick backs

What you need:

  • graduating dumbbells
  • Resistance bands / stretchy cables (I got mine at Academy Sports and Target)

ENERGY!!!! [full week of workout routines]

Rawr. Workout like a pregnant lady, what! ^__^ This was/is my week of workouts this week.  16 weeks and it feels SO. GREAT. to be back at the gym and killing it. My diet is pretty awesome too now that I have less food aversions. Sa-weeeeet!

Monday – Legs
Smith machine warm up squats light weight or no weight. 2 x50.
3×15 squats medium weight
3×15 leg extensions superset with standing lunges 15 ea. side.
3×20 Seated leg curls
3×20 leg extensions
3×15 bench step ups with weight..15 each leg.
5 x30 calves (raises)
Do 10 minutes of abs after the end of workout utilizing machines and crunches.
Total of 250 reps.

Tuesday – Shoulders, back and chest
Circuit 1: 3×15 Smith machine shoulder press (1 set light for warm up)
Pull ups 3×15 (assisted)
Push ups 3×20
Bent over dbell fliees 4x 20
Circuit 2:
Lateral dbell raise 3×15
Wide grip pull downs 3×15
Upright row 3×15
Rear delt rope pulls 3×20
End of workout do 50 pushups

Wednesday – Arms
Circuit 1: dbell curls drop set 12lbs. for 15 reps, 10lbs. for 15 reps then 8lbs for 25 reps. right into dbell skull crushers 3×20 superset with bench dips 3×30. repeat these 3x through.
Circuit 2: Triceps cable push downs 4×15 Bicep curls 4×15
Crossover pushups 4x 10 each way

Thursday – Legs
Stationary squats 50 reps
Walking lunges 3×60 steps regular, diagnol and double.
Bench Step ups 3×15
Lateral side squats 3×15
Lunges with back foot on bench 3×30.
Straight leg dead lifts 3×25
Leg curls 3×25

Friday: Total body day!

Saturday: 5k Race

Sunday: REST, oh sweet, blessed rest day! 😀

Upper Body Smash Down

14 weeks and I think I’m finally at the point where I have energy again! I have run a 5k on Saturday for the past 2 weekends and plan to do it again this Saturday!

Today I went to the gym for the first time in almost a month. It felt SO good to be back!

[Upper Body Smash Down Workout]

  • Barbell bent over row 12R x 4s
  • Barbell shoulder press 12R x 4s
  • Barbell bench press 12R x 4s
  • (giant-set’d the 1st 3 exercises)
  • Dumbbell Lateral Raise 15R x 4s
  • Seated Low Row 15R x 4s
  • Dumbbell Bicep curl 20R x 4s
  • Tricep Pushdown  20R x 3s, then 4th set till failure

Oh yeah, baby. Pregnant ladies are not wusses! “Lifting for two”! 😀

Eh, Suck it Up Snap Fairy!

I am switching things up a bit. Hitting more muscle groups each session.  I am having off and on “morning sickness” so this ensures I still hit everything regardless if I go to the gym 3 times this week or 6.  What happened last week was a lot of muscles got left behind.  I need to find some tricks to combat nausea! Not sure if this is typical, but when I get nauseous every food sounds gross and makes it worse to even think about it.  As my grandma would say, “suck it up snap fairy!” just get over it 😛

The Upper Body Workout

Workout from: Fitness RX Feb 2012 issue; Pg 54; Jamie Eason’s 30-Day Knockout

  • Seated DB shoulder press (shoulders/tris) 3 x 10 ;15lbs
  • Super set: Skull crushers + narrow grip bench press (tris/chest) 3 x 10 ;35lb EZ bar
  • DB lateral raise (shoulders) 3 x 10 ;10lbs
  • Cable chest flys 3 x 10 ;40lbs
  • Rear delt cable flys (shoulders/back) 3 x 10 ;15lbs
  • Wide grip lat pulldown (back/biceps) 3 x 10 ;70lbs
  • Reverse grip pulldown (back/biceps) 3 x 10 ;55lbs
  • Super set: Alternating DB curl (biceps) 3 x 10 ;15lbs with
  • Bench reverse crunches 3 x 25

Today I executed this workout, but had to keep taking breaks – not used to that.  My cousin (college student and fitness buff) worked out with me and we both left feeling like we got our workout in – awesome.  She killed it – she was able to keep her pace a little higher than mine.

We completed this workout in 45 minutes. How bout them apples.

Total Body Workout

I now have a total body workout day that I do on my own.  If you do not go to the gym very regularly, then a total body workout is what you should do each time you go.  If you are hit or miss at the gym, then you don’t want to waste one whole trip on your biceps and then not get a chance to work them again for another week.  (my opinion…but I’m not an IFBB pro, so 😉 ya know…its just an opinion.)

Warm up

Walking Lunges up and back

Double walking lunges up and back

Russian lunges up and back (Russian lunges, you don’t come up from the 90 degree angle)

2S 3min Jump rope  **LOVE JUMPROPE! ITS SO BRUTAL**


the key is to not rest between sets.  I rested only during my walking to begin each super set.

Super set #1 (3 times)

  • 20R Straight leg deadlifts with 25lbs dumbbells
  • 20R Cable squat 80lbs

Super set #2 (3 times)

  • 10/10R 3′ step up box
  • 20R lying hamstring curls 35lbs, fast reps

Super set #3 (3 times)

  • 30R bicep curls with 15lbs, fast reps
  • 60R bench dips, fast reps
  • 50R pushups
  • 20R shoulder press 25lbs dumbbells

Super set #4 (3 times) This set I did not rest at all, go back and forth.  I collapsed several times, but just get right back up and keep going.

  • 25R Vups
  • 25R Hanging leg raises

I kept the pace high and finished the above workout in about 50 minutes.

Then I finished with 45 minutes of cardio. Felt great!!

The Right to Bare Arms

arm workout - Image from

[Competition Training]

Shape those arms and get rid of the jiggle with a mix of cable, dumbbell and body-weight exercises to keep your body guessing.

Warm up

  • 50 push ups
  • 50 crunches on swiss ball

Circuit 1

  • 20R hammer curls with dumbbell (15#, 12.5, 12.5)
  • 50R dips
  • 20R skull crushers (10, 10, 10)
  • 50R drop sets 10/20/20: 15#, 10, 5
  • 30R Jack knife sit ups on bench
  • Note: repeat circuit 3 times with no rest between exercises. Rest 10-30 seconds between sets.

Circuit 2

  • 30R Tri pull down, rope attachment (45#,45,45)
  • 30R Hammer, rope attachment (35#, 25, 25)
  • 20R Tri extensions (50#, 45, 45)
  • 20R Cable curl, straight bar (45#, 45, 45)
  • Note: Repeat circuit 3 times, no rest between exercises, no rest between sets.

Jump rope 1 minute

30R Hanging leg raise – 2 sets

Circuit 3

  • 15R plank tucks with swiss ball (in pushup position with feet on swiss ball, pull ball in bringing knees to your chest, then roll back out into plank/pushup position = 1R)
  • 10R plank on swiss ball rolling to extend arms out and then pull back in (basically the reverse of the above = 1R)
  • Note: repeat circuit 3 times, no rest between sets or exercises

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