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Breaking the Bond of “All or Nothin’ “

I’m an all-in kinda girl.  When I set my mind to do something I give it everything I’ve got and I don’t let up. I am a force, a fierce hurricane of ambition.  With my baby now trying to walk everywhere and getting into everything and knowing I am only 3 months away from also having an infant in tow it has brought my hurricane to a stagnant stale air.  I have felt fatalist and allowed my mind to think that if I can’t get it in consistently then what’s the point of getting it in at all?  I mean TODAY I have time, but I probably wont again the whole rest of the week, so is it worth the energy?

The answer is…yes!

I am learning to break this bond I have on myself and learn to seize the 1 set of 50 squats and tomorrow a full run and maybe the next day nothing, but maybe a set of pushups or pull ups. Fitness is there for the taking and I am truly the only one stopping me.

I am going to write a challenge for myself, but its the kind that allows me to stop stressing and beating myself just because I can’t be on my previous bodybuilding rampage right now. Life changes…we have to learn to change with it and not against it.

Eventually I know I will have the time to reach all the crazy goals my heart desires, for now, life has me in a different place.

The Breakfast Formula and Guide

Time for a little breakfast myth busting!

Truth or Myth: Breakfast is the most important meal

Truth. Remember being told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Well, that is no wives’ tale.  What you eat for breakfast tells your body what to expect for the remainder of the day.  Piling on sugary cereals, carb-laden bagels or high-sodium fast-food for breakfast can cause your body to look for at LEAST that same amount of sugar allllll dayyyy longggg! WHAT?! YES!  So be careful little mouths what you eat and make healthful, informed choices!

Truth or Myth: Skipping breakfast helps you burn fat longer

Myth. A common misconception is to skip breakfast. Your body is going through a fast while you sleep and some people want to continue that fast, but your body is actually burning through nutrients and “eating” those amazing muscles you’ve been building!  Bust the fear that eating breakfast will dampen your fat-blasting efforts!

Faith Keith's breakfast rule "Protein + Complex Carb"

My general rules is “Protein + Complex Carb”, so think eggs+english muffin or greek yogurt with berries and shredded wheat or cottage cheese and rye bread or protein shake and oatmeal or protein bar and sweet potato hash brown sticks (sweet potato hash brown sticks, you say? Yep! Recipe below and on

Now, Let’s Eat!

Get creative! Here are a few fun “recipes” to shake up your breakfast blues:

Power Oatmeal Pancakes
Vanilla Cupcake Oatmeal
Clean-Eating Power Protein Bars
Egg White Frittata
Oh-My-Gosh Egg-White Omelet
Sweet Potato Hash Brown sticks

Want more nitty-gritty?

Check out The Better Breakfast Guide | FitnessRX for Women it has your do’s and don’ts about what to eat for breakfast.  It is such an excellent guideline because it breaks down the “why’s” in plain terms, so you can make more informed choices.  Happy Breakfast!

Sugar in the Pantry: Purge and Put It to Use

If you’re purging your pantry of sugar, you can put it to awesome use – turn it into a body scrub! Or get ready for some smoochin’ with this sugar+chapstick idea! Yum ^_^

Tosca Reno talks about sugar substitutes – and retracts one that she initially recommended in many of her early books! Check out this recent article from her blog: Tosca Reno: Sugar!.

Do you have any other creative ways to “recycle” unwanted sugar in the pantry?

How to Stay True When You Want the Forbidden…SO BAD

I love to chat with people who are fresh on a new diet or workout goal; they are energized and ramped with motivation. Then we get a week in the new program and our forbidden foods start to call to us.

What do you do when the foods you designated as “off limits today” is taunting you?

I decided to come up with a few ideas for evading those beckoning pantries.

  • Make a list of reasons about WHY you want your goal and read the list. Making a list of the reasons why you want your goal is great because in the heat of the moment we want that brownie way enough to justify it.
  • Tape pictures of fitness role models to the lids or sides of the treats. The visual is almost a sure fire way to keep my hands out of the cookie jar.
  • Time yourself. When you feel the urge to snack (and its not a designated meal/snack time), drink a glass of water (add lemon juice to it or calorie free flavoring) and time yourself for 20 minutes.  Tell yourself you will reassess in 20 minutes. Don’t you remember, as a kid, asking your parents for something and they would say “let me think about it”…eventually you learned they were deferring you to a later time, but hey…it bought them a little extra time.
  • Recall. Recall the last time you cheated and how much you regretted it.
  • Phone a friend. Ask a friend to be your accountability partner (you don’t have to share the same goals or “rules of engagement”) – agree to call each other when you need a pep talk out of something (a good friend can say, “don’t buy those cookies ‘for the kids’, cuz you know its for you to take a nibble”) or a pep talk INto something (“get to the gym”; “eat your spinach”).
  • *my favorite* Punishment by the calorie. For a fun twist, let’s say you let yourself have that treat, BUT, in advance, establish a point system where for every X number of treat calories you consume you must perform X activity. Example: ‘For every 5 calories I will do 500 revolutions of jump rope or 50 push ups’.  That way when you are staring down the fresh baked chocolate chip cookies or bag of chips, you can use your punishment plan as a deterrent. And, hey, if you do cheat, you know you’ll be punished good for it.  🙂
  • Keep a Food Journal. This is a great way to watch what you put in your mouth. Document every bite, all the time. Cheat or no cheat. At the end of the week, post it up on the fridge for all to see.
  • Sudoku. Play a game of sudoku. (the key here is distraction!)

Would any of these work for you? Do you have any personal tricks of the trade to keep you true?

Clean Diet Myth Busters and Cave Man Measurements

Every now and then clean eating comes up in conversation – I think sometimes people feel obligated to confess or provide me with a reason why they can’t eat a certain way (wish people wouldn’t feel pressured around me! 🙂 I am totally not judging! We all live life with different priorities and we must enjoy life how we each see fit)…anyway…–It does always surprise me how many people think that clean eating can be boring, bland, or expensive!

The Discovery: Cave Man Measurements

My Husband is a Total Cave Man (and I love him for it)

Normally I do all the cooking, but since I have been preggers and sick with a virus, my trusty husband has stepped up to the plate.  He has surprised me – really learning his way around the kitchen so fast and picking up tons of tricks along the way.  I’ve been giving him directions using “man-measurements” to help him not feel overwhelmed. For example – instead of having him follow a normal recipe, I’ll have him cook the same thing but use measurements like “handful of this” or “two heaping spoonfuls using an eating spoon”.  Because of these man-tricks I think its making the kitchen much more manageable.  I hate reading recipes anyways, so I can’t imagine what it would be like for a guy who is never in there!

My food blog,, will probably start filling up with more recipes in that “Man-food” category and some might even have those “man-measurements” 😛

Myth Buster: Eating Clean breaks the bank?

Eating clean has been CHEAPER for us. You’d be surprised! Sure, some ingredients will cost you at the beginning (like if you have to replace sugar for stevia – and stevia IS  more expensive than GreatValue sugar), but you can use normal spices, vinegars, and sauces to create amazing meals. Frozen veggies, fruits and meats are your best friend!

Myth Buster: Frozen produce fresher than fresh produce?

YES! Often times, yes it is. Because veggies and fruits are often flash frozen once harvested VERSUS your fresh produce traveling miles to your grocer, then sitting there till you buy it, then again sitting in your fridge till you use it. Ha! Who knew?

Have any other myth busters to share? I am SURE many of you have encountered people with concerns like the ones I described (or maybe these are YOUR concerns?) and unfortunately it is a road block for them from trying out a lifestyle of clean eating.  Hopefully these tips will help if you’re ready to give clean-eating another go! 😀 If you have any questions, ask away!

Fix Your Recipes: 5 ingredients you can switch for clean ones

I love being creative in the kitchen and trying new recipes. The internet and the lovely Tosca Reno, author of The Eat Clean Diet, always have plenty for me to choose from.  Lately, I have been having SO much fun in the kitchen converting potentially “bad” recipes into “clean” ones! <<note my exclamation point…super excited about this.

Here are some conversion ratios I am putting into practice lately (I’ll be posting recipes soon as well):



Replace with
(all are even exchanges unless otherwise noted)
1 C brown sugar 1 C Stevia + 1/4 C mollasses
white flour oats or oat flour
butter coconut oil OR
peanut butter OR
apple sauce
1 egg 2 egg whites
sour cream fat free, plain, greek yogurt

Staying Organized

I have yet to encounter a fitness athlete who did not enforce organization in their life. It is simply a must to make it all happen.


Laundry, cooking, dishes, cleaning….and that’s just after a full day’s work, gym, church music practice, QT, meeting up with friends.  I want to make sure I have time to get it all in, but spending time with my husband is my top prio, so sometimes a few or all of these things can take the sidelines.

Of course, the next thing would be to  lecture on “cutting back” or “learning to say ‘No'”, but I am going to skip all that. We’ve heard it before.  We’re down to the bare necessities now, so …the question still stands…HOW DO I MAKE IT ALL WORK LIKE A WELL OILED MACHINE?!

For my personality, “systems” work best. Routines.

The Ready, Set, Go

The Container Store - Tribeca Bins

  • I bought small rectangular baskets for my shelves (to organize bath products, hand towels, toilet paper, everything…)
  • purged my closet of items and put into categories:
    • to be donated
    • to be junked
    • to be stored
  • purged my bathroom and laundry closets
    • expired products that are definitely unusable
    • excess items I don’t need or can be donated
  • purged and re-organized dressers

Stayin’ Alive

Laundry: as soon as it is done, we fold. No more leaving it for later.

Clutter Prevention: If we touch it, we trash it, deal with it, or put it aside with a definite time of when we WILL handle it. This includes mail.

Food prep image from CrossFit FB pageWeek day meals: Food prep is done on the weekends so I can whip any dinner up in about 10-20 minutes tops. Lean enchiladas, Clean stir fry, Pad Thai, ginger soy salmon, stuffed herb chicken, you name it.  Things like boiling chicken in bulk and/or portioning meat (by quantity needed for a meal) help greatly reduce the stress of weeknight cooking.  I keep a couple days worth in the fridge and the rest goes to freezer to be used later in the week.  I only prep a week’s worth at a time so nothing ever gets freezer burn taste PLUS…no sense spending all day in the kitchen prepping a year’s worth of food :P. Take-out? No thank you!

We’ll see how this goes…currently on week 2 of the newly-revised organized Keith household.

How do you stay organized? Any tips you care to share?

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