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Just when I really was thinking that I had not made any progress in the past month and a half (and was beating myself up for not trying harder) I decided to get the fat calipers out.

My husband did the measuring and …SWEET LONE STAR OF TEXAS I WAS AT 13%!  That’s down from the last measurement of 17%! Rock on!

I’m staying clear of chocolate, goldfish and pretzels but it’s been tough.

A Cheater’s Trick:

I cut up a protein bar into small morsels – a couple times on Sunday I wanted chocolate so bad, so I ate one of those cubes of the protein bar.  Though it still technically is a cheat, it was still not the sugar and carbs I would have gotten out of a Godiva.

As I told my friends Lisa and Michelle…I can’t believe I’ve stayed clear of the goldfish though!! This is amazing…really!

Meanwhile…Check out my snowball!!

Giant Snowball _Luke Keith Faith Keith

75 Days: Lisa’s Chocolate Challenge

Lisa, from Bikini or Bust Spring/Summer 2011 Challenge, made a vow to herself.  For the next 75 days she is set on a quest of NO CHOCOLATE.  Don’t get the wrong idea…this is not easy, but she wants to prove to herself that she can do it.  75 days till Saturday, March 19, 2011.

I’m a nibbler and I’m as hardcore-nibbler as they come.

My chocolate challenge will be…

Faith Keith - No Chocolate Challenge

Are you up for the challenge? What will you give up for the next 75 days? Let’s get LEAN!

If you have decided to join the challenge, let me know your twitter or your personal blog – would love to encourage you in your quest!

Check out Lisa’s blog and read about her journey here
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Also joining Lisa’s Challenge, Susan follow her on twitter @inbalancesortof
Also joining Lisa’s Challenge, Donloree follow her on twitter @bikiniorbust

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