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Vision Board

GoalsImage of hard working woman "We can do it!"

  • PUSHUP: 50 pushups by 10/15/2010
  • INJ-RECOV: Strengthen my knees so that I can take stairs at work as a way of life
  • LIFESTYLE: avoid daily cheats (and only treat once a week)
  • COMP: Compete in the Ronny-Coleman 2011


Whenever you start something, it’s important to know why you are doing it. Relying less on external factors (like winning a competition) and more on internal things (like feeling better about yourself).  This helps when you’re pushing through the last leg of intensity or pushing past the urge to order the cheesecake, you can remind yourself of why you are “torturing” yourself.

  • To be healthy and strong
  • To KNOW discipline
  • To feel like I can do anything
  • To be a beacon for women
  • To look hot for my husband


COMP: Train 5 days per week:

  1. Monday  – Legs
  2. Tuesday – Bis & Tris
  3. Wednesday – Legs
  4. Thursday – Upper body
  5. Saturday – Total body

COMP: Cardio 4 times per week:

  1. Sunday – Bike day!
  2. Monday
  3. Tuesday
  4. Wednesday

10/04/2010 COMP: Begin 3 week stint of no cheating. No cheating until 10/25/2010

10/05/2010 PUSHUP: Complete 40 pushups without stopping

10/11/2010 PUSHUP: Complete 45 pushups without stopping
10/15/2010 PUSHUP: Complete 45 pushups without stopping
10/18/2010 INJ-RECOV: I will start taking the stairs (up) once a week
11/01/2010 INJ-RECOV: I will start taking the stairs (up) twice a week

How I Will Stay On Track

  • move the gumball machine refill-bag of skittles out of my office
  • use my lunch hour to regroup.  Spend time reading Scripture then spend time intentionally including fitness into my day by reading a magazine for tips on my next workout, writing that evening’s workout plan, stretching, pushups?, relooking at my goals
  • At home: eat my meals immediately, instead of waiting till I am famished causing torture as I cook my food while eyeballing the bag of cheetos or my husband’s lasagna
  • when I feel hungry at night, tell myself happy thoughts like “now your body is eating your fat” or other such sweet nothings
  • I will make a Vision Board (Oxygen’s Collectors Issue: Glutes, Summer 2010, page 114) for my room/bathroom so that I am constantly influenced.
  • I have enlisted a patrol team:
    • husband
    • sister
    • brother
    • friend
    • the most effective of all…I’ve enlisted my mom!

Die Hard, Ye Old Habits!

In case you have not read a few of my previous posts, I have been cheating with my food and it is starting to snow ball into a regular thing.

I am noticing my body being affected.  I have to put a stop to this or I’ll lose everything I’ve worked so hard for up to now.  It takes 21 days to break a habit (or start a new one).  Today marks the beginning of a 3 week period where I will NOT stray from my meal plan. Even on date night.  This will take more than will-power.  It is going to require outside assistance to help remove me from the situation.

So I am enlisting YOUR help, my husband’s help, and the help of a couple good friends to help me stay on track.  Check in with me or e-hand-slap me if you hear any wavering in my posts. I am honest on here, so if I am wavering or even altering, you WILL hear about it.

Let’s get serious now.

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