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Deb’s 100 Day Body Weight Squat Challenge

My friend Deb Simms inspired me with her personal challenge of 100 body-weight squats a day. Motivated by Trish Stratus, Deb challenged me and all the current members of the Bikini or Bust challenge to 100 squats a day for the next 100 days.

The way I do it: Squat deep, butt below the knees, hands in front. I do my reps all in one sitting and I do them fast. all the way down and nearly all the way up. (Come all the way up but not to the point where your knees lock). Stay tight! Body weight squats are a great chance for me to concentrate on my posture and keeping my tummy tight because you do so many.

How fun is this?! Join me! Are you up to the challenge?

I might turn this into 10 sets of 10 one-legged squats and then 4 sets of 25 one-legged squats. Go buns!

By the way, Bikini or Bust is currently accepting new members! Click here for more info!

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