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Commence Annual Rant On New Year’s Resolutionists

So every year we, committed folk, must endure the initial 6-7 weeks of our gym overcrowded by New Year’s Resolutionists who THIS year, they swear, they will get into shape.  We practice the skill of tongue-biting when we really just want to say, “get off my machine”.

Even how frustrating it is when I have to wait longer for my 50lbs dumbbells from the man who really should have done one more set and even how frustrating it is when I have to wait 6 minutes for one of the women to reach their “whew that was a good workout” point on the treadmill…I still am so proud of them.  Even if they lack the commitment, I am proud that they had the umption to come and the desire at all to get in shape. We all start somewhere, no?

For those of us that make it happen year round, let’s be an encouragement to the newbies at our gym! (and not partake in those that grumble about the noobs) 🙂

Looking forward to hearing everyone’s New Year’s Resolutions! Still working on mine…this list is going to be a fun one. I love goal setting!

Fly On The Wall Report

Eating the same thing every day is sometimes hard when you really really really just want a burger today, but most days I can go through the day’s food fairly mindlessly.

Faith Keith - Thinking of Twisted Root burgers

Working out consistently has become the norm, but cardio bleh…if it is a cardio-only day I have a tough time getting out the door.  Sweat pants are my cryptonite along with pizza.  Once I put on sweat pants…I’m begging anyone who will listen to tell me it’s ok to stay home.  Pizza I found out is the one food that I cannot resist.

Faith Keith - Sweat pants and pizza

Things I worry about

  • I worry that I will become over obsessed with practicing my smile or my stance in the mirror
  • donning a bikini for my trainer, Susan Groshek, so she can tell me how much I need to bust my butt in the final weeks
  • rebounding badly after my show
  • that my legs won’t trim out like they need to
  • being the fattest one on stage

Morning After

I trained legs with the awesome Susan Groshek yesterday and was REALLY excited! After all, project All-I-Want-for-Christmas-is-a-tight-booty needs all the help it can get!

She…pushed me….hard….to describe this I decided to draw you a picture.

This was me on my way to the gym…

Faith Keith

This is me later in the day…

Faith Keith

This is me waking up this morning…

Faith Keith

I think for Christmas I just want Glutamine and Mass amino acids.

Excitement and Perseverance

The new year is fast approaching.  I love new year’s resolutions.  I just love the excuse to set new goals  ^___^ The wheels are spinning…

Meanwhile, Christmas is just around the bend.  I have enjoyed knocking out most of my shopping online, lots of free shipping deals! woot! I love sitting down with a cup of coffee, pen at my cheek , eyes upward and thinking about what the recipients would like.  For some the answers came swiftly…others were super hard.  How do you sneakily ask them what they want for Christmas? I have a few tactics, but I do enjoy bonking my head till I spring a leak of creativity.

All I want for Christmas is a killer booty and triceps of death! It’s a brutal request that keeps me excited about training and keeps perseverance in my heart.

No doubt, Christmas prep throws “routine” in a blender and spits it back out.  How do you stay motivated during the rush of Christmas preparations? 🙂

Husbands Are The Bomb

  • Who else will ask you “What are you made of?” when he sees you looking aimlessly in the pantry?
  • Who else will massage your legs after a brutal leg day?
  • Who else will call ahead to verify menu options?
  • Who else will back you up when people (who don’t understand) question your figure athlete endeavor?
  • When you voice your goals or concerns, who else will say, “You’ve got this. You’re almost there! Keep doin’ it”
  • Who else will help you out of your workout clothes after upper body day and you can’t raise your own arms?
  • And when you say, “Today was leg day…you know what that means?!?! EEE!!!” will answer you, “brown rice!” ’cause he knows…it’s that important 🙂

I stinkin’ love my husband.  What would I do without him…

What things do you appreciate about the way your husband supports you? Tell me!

Glass Jar

I am a glass jar.  What ever I am consumed with people will be able to see it.

Julia Nash wrote a great honest post on balance that stopped me in my tracks.  Her post really made me pause and reflect on how I am conducting myself. Do I have balance? Am I allowing my life to be consumed by the training and the transformation? Am I allowing it to dampen my pursuit of God? Am I annoying or negatively affecting those around me?

I have 5 life strivings (goals).  Every Friday a pop up on my computer is scheduled to remind me of these goals.  But maybe I need to take every day at a time.  Each day asking, am I doing these things?  Where is my focus today?

My goals:

  • To know God
  • To keep myself in optimum shape.
  • To continue to meet life’s challenges with excitement and perseverance.
  • To always give thanks, acknowledging Job 2:12
  • To support, encourage and fiercely love my husband

Competing is just something I am doing to make myself a better person (and to have fun:) ) – strengthening my mind to persevere, sculpting my body into a strong machine – but it is not life.  When people look at me, will they merely see one dimension? The fitness dimension?

Read more of Julia Nash at

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, folks, I am off to Thanksgiving weekend in the sticks of Oklahoma, then I will traveling down to the Gulf of Mexico to see my dear Maudzy (grandmother) till next Wednesday! Both places have sparse connectivity to the internet, so if you notice I drop off twitter/blog/facebook/email/texting…I am probably not dead, just suffering from nature’s greatness 🙂

I will be sticking to my goals along with my Bikini or Bust friends. If you want to keep up with us during super sonic week, go to my list and follow us on twitter :).

I wish everyone a super happy thanksgiving in the US and a happy super sonic week to my pals outside the US borders. May you all enjoy family, friends, food, and FITNESS!

Find your balance between strictness and pleasure this season. (ie stay sane! I expect to find y’all all in one piece when I return)

Much love and with thanksgiving,


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