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Bring it on

I work full-time and honestly…it’s with the intent to one day own my business. I want to earn my way up. Now that I’m not in prep, I have the capacity to get back to that career-focus. But…what about a hot body? I want to maintain optimal fitness.

It can be done!

During prep I easily made the workouts and food prep happen at the expense of my work with the excuse that this was short lived.  My next vendetta is to make it work (gym/food-prep) over the spring/summer.

I’m going to try 4am again, then maybe 6pm workouts. I’ll start with 5-6 days a week and then maybe change it down depending.  My goal is to get my body into it’s optimal state – no yoyo-ing – and maintain it.  There is priority order though that I need to keep in check. I will find the balance! Fitness might not always win in a battle of time – we shall see!

Measurable: I think I can stand to drop back down 5-6 lbs

I can learn how to run a business and maintain fitness and still have a life –  Watch me!  Trial and error here I come! Hoping to pick up a few tricks from other career women/men who make it happen! Bring on the advice/tips/thoughts!

Quarterly Review

At the beginning of the year I set my New Year’s Resolutions with gusto! I set a few more than usual and I am definitely thinking I should have stuck to my usual 5-7 rule because whew this is a lot!

Not that this is of any interest, but publicly announcing my goals makes it easier for me to stay accountable.

Though I have new resolutions each year, there are 5 that remain my life goals.  I have a reminder on my computer pop up with this list each week to help me stay in check.

My goals:

To know God
To keep myself in optimum shape
To continue to meet life’s challenges with excitement and perseverance
To always give thanks, acknowledging Job 2:12
To support, encourage and fiercely love my husband

What am I doing to meet these goals?  I have a fresh tank of motivation rearing to pursue my goals!

I have post it notes all over my house and pop-ups on my computer – how do you keep focused?!

You can read my list of goals on my “2011 Goals” page


Just when I really was thinking that I had not made any progress in the past month and a half (and was beating myself up for not trying harder) I decided to get the fat calipers out.

My husband did the measuring and …SWEET LONE STAR OF TEXAS I WAS AT 13%!  That’s down from the last measurement of 17%! Rock on!

I’m staying clear of chocolate, goldfish and pretzels but it’s been tough.

A Cheater’s Trick:

I cut up a protein bar into small morsels – a couple times on Sunday I wanted chocolate so bad, so I ate one of those cubes of the protein bar.  Though it still technically is a cheat, it was still not the sugar and carbs I would have gotten out of a Godiva.

As I told my friends Lisa and Michelle…I can’t believe I’ve stayed clear of the goldfish though!! This is amazing…really!

Meanwhile…Check out my snowball!!

Giant Snowball _Luke Keith Faith Keith

[Competition Training] Day 22: Labor Day Solo Round

There was a bit of a misunderstanding and I found myself parked in front of Jerome’s gym staring at the big sign “CLOSED”.  Bummer! Bummer?…I texted Susan (my trainer) and determined, with her permission, that I would not take the day off and instead workout on my own at 24 hour fitness.

I wanted to see if I could challenge and push myself even on a holiday.


I wrote out my workout plan with reps and weight notated and split it into 2 circuits.


I completed everything just like I would with Susan! I pushed through an entire hour! After my heart rate calmed down and I was nearly home, I was reflecting on my workout and realized that I could have squeezed in a few more exercises that I forgot to include. Doh!

What I learned from this:

I can push myself to complete any challenge, but I HAVE to write it out ahead of time – determine it in my heart that this is what I will do – THEN I can have a very productive workout (with no regrets that I could have done more 🙂 ).

The Workout:

  • Double lunges (up and back)

Circuit 1 (repeat 3 times):

  • jump squats (30 seconds)
  • 20R Lying leg curl (35lb)
  • 30R Squats on platform with dumbbell(25lb)
  • 50R Pushup position alt. leg jump

Circuit 2 (repeat 3 times):

  • 20R Roman dead lifts
  • 10/10 Single-leg step up with bench


  • 2 minute plank hold
  • plank with knee-up (30 sec)
  • 20R sit-up with leg raise

[Competition Training] Day 18: My Defining Moment

Warm up

Walking Lunges

Walking Double lunges

Circuit 1 – all circuits repeat 3 times

20R squat on platform (drop weight lower than platform) (25#)

10R Lunge-squat set each leg (front lunge, back lunge, wide squat; 10R then switch legs)

50R “lateral knee-ups” (get in push up position, staying in push up position jump right leg up so that your knee is now near your head and foot at your right hand, then jump the right leg back while simultaneously jumping left leg up so that left foot is by left hand –so you always have one leg out keeping you in push-up stance and one leg by your hand)

Circuit 2

10R Single leg step up with bench (when you come down, don’t put weight down, just touch)

30 bench sit ups (lay on bench with legs out stretched in the air so that you are horizontal with floor, fold body and legs in for crunch)

20R Roman dead lifts (30#)

Core – 15R ab-dolly (front, left, right = 1R)

Today was great because I confirmed to myself that I can push myself on my own. [This is very reassuring since in a week I will be working out mostly on my own!] During the “lateral knee ups” I set out to do 50 the first set, but I knew in my head that was too tough, so I ended up failing (probably prematurely) at 20 and then continuing a few at a time till I finished.  The second circuit around I told myself to at least get to 25 without stopping…well…I made it to 30!! I was so proud of myself! I had to finish it in sets of 5s and 10.  Then…the defining moment…Last circuit I decided to do 35 – really do 35.  I ended up failing at 32, but not because of will power! I was then able to do the next 20 without stopping! then I finished strong with the last 8 but was dead after that.  Point of that is…I pushed myself!! That was not my trainer making those goals, that was ME! THANK YOU LORD FOR THE STRENGTH AND SUCCESS!!

PS…cheat meal today – fried shrimp po’boy at Rockfish yummm…but next time I think I’ll just do blackened shrimp.  I was just so excited about my cheat meal haha, but the fried part really wasn’t that worth it.  I think I would have been just as satisfied with grilled or blackened. #liveandlearn

[Figure Training] Day 9: What Is This “Limit” You Speak Of?

day 9 - Amateur Bikini Competition Training30 minutes of running and then upper body.  Can we say major fatigue?

I love training! It feels so great to be working towards a goal.  While I was busting my butt during a set, my trainer said “just think about strutting that butt on stage in front of eeeeeeveryone to see. [walks as if on stage and turns to strut] Now come on! dig!”

Sometimes she’s nice to me, but she ALWAYS pushes me.  I have learned so much about my body and its capacity.  I have now pushed my body beyond where I thought my limit was and still had more to give.  I would have never discovered that without Susan.

My new mentality about my limit or “my done point” is…collapsing. If I have not yet collapsed or I can still grip or still push the weight, then I still have more to give.

Pressing on with excitement and perseverance.

[Figure Training] Day 1: Legs


Today was my first day training with Susan Groshek! I came very close to death.  We started out with about 5 minutes of fast walking for a warm up on the tread mill (approx 3.5mph) then walking lunges across the gym then double walking lunges coming back (each lunge comes up and then back down twice before taking another step), then 20 squats, then 20 leg raises, then 30 jumping lunges (the last 15 I did as jumping squats).  All this at a HIGH pace with no rest. That was one circuit and I was due 3! I almost blacked out on her and a quarter of the way through the second circuit I was very confident that I was going to vomit across Jerome’s gym.  I couldn’t see where the women’s locker room was, so she had to take me.  Susan of course encouraged me saying that the first day is the hardest and legs are the worst and also added that everyone goes through this the first time.

She gave me a meal plan that includes my vitamins, supps, and even the amount of water to drink.  I will be following it to the T. I don’t want to stay at this condition level. Eek.  The meals are intense –I took one look and thought “Day one’s meals could feed me for a week!!”

My first day was awesome.  Brutal, but exactly what I wanted.

This is going to be a fun ride 🙂

Meeting Susan Groshek

As I mentioned in my recent post, I want to strive further in my fitness – push myself to new heights.  In addition to my desires to run a marathon, I also mentioned wanting to get myself in ridiculous shape. Technical terms people.  I have been hunting the www for fitness pros in my area that are experienced with figure competition training/prep. I stumbled on a few sites and read the background story on “Susan Groshek” and so as I navigated to various sites, it stood out to me that I saw her again and again. Lo and behold! She’s in Dallas!

I contacted her via email from her site  She was fast to respond and provided a 4-page questionnaire to complete and also immediately asked when I was available to meet.  We emailed back and forth to coordinate and her quick responsiveness was reassuring that she would give me the time of day.

Then I met her…

And she couldn’t be more exactly fitted to what I had hoped for! Energetic, aggressive, and honest!  I met her at Jerome’s Gym in Richardson, TX (cool, HUGE, serious gym by the way). We spent about an hour talking – she gave me the full run down on what it takes to compete and what she does to get someone there.  I love this: “My time is limited, so I only take people that are serious.  You could be a 200lbs woman, but if you are willing and dedicated to do the work and aggressively go after it [without letting up], then I’ll take you, but if you’re not willing to do the work, then you are a waste of my time.”

Why do I want this?

I’ll give you the big picture answer – I want to reach a wide range of women, not just the “good housewife” category.  I want to live a life that is so passionate for Christ that it will inspire others to follow hard after Him.  I want to be iron to my friends, as iron sharpens iron, so also do I want to sharpen my friends countenance (pr 27:17).  I want to be someone my husband can respect. I want to be strong, independent, and fit in the midst of the crazy hardships and drama of life because our bodies are also a gift from the Lord to be used with excellent stewardship.  All this, in yet, I want my actions to be clearly pointing heavenward.  I want so much for it to be evident in my life that glorifying God is the reason behind what I do. This is what I want, but I so often fail at truly glorifying Him in my actions. My biggest problem is that I often do things in my own ability and do things that I think are awesome and so draw the attention to myself.  I am praying for wisdom to not be like this – I have a husband who helps keep my mindset in the right focus and I have a very good friend, Val, who also helps me keep my right perspective about our Purpose in life.  They humble me. I am not trying to spiritualize things here, this is really how I feel.

And I also want to do this because I want to look smokin HOT for my husband!!! 🙂

What division do I want to train for?

Definitely not body building.  I am going to check out a show this weekend and hopefully get an idea.  There are a few divisions with varying levels of fitness/bulkiness so the husband and I will check it out and approve the division I will shoot for 🙂

When do I start training?

Monday. And I can’t stinking wait.

But truly, training technically started the moment I walked out of Jerome’s Gym.  I immediately shifted gears and started thinking more strictly about my food (for those of you that know me, I already eat well, so you may wonder how I got more strict, but…there is room…I do have occasional treats. like bread, yum)


  • No distance running. She did tell me that I will have to put a hold on my marathon training till after my first show because running is so intense and will take nutrients my muscles need to grow. Bummer, but not the end of the world.  There are plenty of marathons all the time and she did say that running will be incorporated in my workouts.  Awesome.  She loves to run too, so she understands. Also awesome.
  • Cost. Major expense added here, but my husband is in full support and we will cut corners in other areas as needed. The cost will probably help me stay motivated to never let up too because I won’t want to waste it. Ha! I’m such a stereotypical Asian!
  • My time will now be even more limited. I will have to pray for wisdom as I adjust my lifestyle while not slacking in the important areas.
  • Some people won’t understand. Some people may even give me a hard time about being too absorbed with fitness.  I will have to be thick skinned and constantly remind myself that not everyone will understand and that’s OK.  What matters is that I follow the Lord’s leading that this is a go (but which also includes stopping in my training if I feel that it is no longer something God wants me to do) and also my husband’s opinion/view of me.  Luke and I love fitness.  God, each other, family, fitness.  The top 4 most important things to us. 🙂 the world may be against us, but we love what we love! Right, babe?! 🙂


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Let’s Get Back to That Half

Now that the C25K is under your belt, shake things up with a new goal! Maybe it is another 5k that you want to run next month, so get back to training and pat yourself on the back – you are a runner! Or perhaps you are ready to face a new challenge…give yourself a pep talk and train for a 10k, a 15k, 25k?…half marathon?

Prior to breaking my tailbone I was training for a half marathon. The C25K really helped me slowly get my body to adjust back to the movement of running. My body feels ready to begin again, so of course I will start back up on the training! =) Assuming I do not have any set backs, I will strive to be race ready by 10/10/2010. When training, nothing can ever be set in stone; so, as a runner, you need to learn to be flexible and adapt to any changes.

Went kayaking after work followed by a 20 minute bout on the elliptical. Great cross day! Lord-willing my back will hold up after dancing this weekend at my cousin’s wedding – if so, I’ll be running 4 miles on Sunday and then begin a “Half” schedule. Awesome.

Run strong!

PS. Today is my birthday ^_^ I am totally loving life and praising God for my incredible husband, without his support I would not survive this world.

Couch to 5k: Week 9 FINAL WEEK!

The final week! Stay strong! If you have not already, now is the time to sign up for your first 5k road race! Look for one in your area and register! You can do it!

My favorite race schedule provider:

<<Go to previous week
<<Get Started – Week 1
<<Pick your week

Week Workout 1 Workout 2 Workout 3
9 Brisk five-minute warmup walk, then jog 3 miles (or 30 minutes). Brisk five-minute warmup walk, then jog 3 miles (or 30 minutes). The final workout! Congratulations! Brisk five-minute warmup walk, then jog 3 miles (or 30 minutes).

I am using this C25k schedule for my injury recovery.

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